War with Iran? Bank on It!

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Charlie McGrath, Contributing Writer

Witness the selling of war.  It’s not enough that every GOP candidate, with the exception of Ron Paul, is playing the patriotic Commander-in-Chief card, by promising that Iran’s ability to wage all-out nuclear war against the entire planet is imminent, and we got to get in there and stop them; but now the mainstream media is jumping on the “Let’s get them dirty bastards” bandwagon. 

In less than 24 hours, we’ve seen the mainstream drag the usual suspects in front of the camera to scare/sell the hell out of America over Iran.  

John Bolton (former Ambassador to UN) told Fox News that we need military action soon to avoid a nuclear response from Iran (See here).  Oliver North is covering two topics at once in his interview with Newsmax, by playing the red team-blue team game, tossing the Dems under the bus for allowing a potential nuclear Iran (See here).

So we have a rogue Middle-Eastern country, who is for sure a member of the Axis of Evil, producing weapons of mass destruction and will not hesitate to use them? Hmm, sounds familiar, like as in the last decade we’ve been sending blood and treasure to the same region for the same reasons.  

Forget about the fact the CIA director, Panetta, admitted just this month that Iran was not developing a nuke (See here), or the fact that the hype over the IAEA report that some politicians are using as smoking gun to launch this next war has been proven to say no such thing (See here).

Forget the truth, because dang it, they want to come over here and take our freedoms.  The military-industrial complex Ike warned about, along with the band of bankster brothers are running the show, and we have a never-ending bailout, just as we will have never-ending war on terror.  

It’s time to wake up and look at this mess for what it is and to see who and what is behind this next war.  Fact is that when the President signed NDAA 2012 into law on New Year’s Eve, not only did he give the Executive Branch the power to black bag Americans without the benefits of the Constitution, but the same legislation also started a campaign against the Iran central bank, leading to the tension in recent weeks in the Straits of Hormuz (See here)

Fact is our own CIA director says they don’t have a nuke.  Fact is Iran has not invaded a country in a hundred years. Fact is in 2008 Iran warned it would stop trading its oil in dollars, giving exceptions to a few big trading partners who were sitting on large dollar reserves. But as was reported this week the exceptions are now gone, and this war has already begun; because if there is a surefire way to get attacked by the USA, it is to stop using Federal Reserve Notes.  The late Muammar Gaddafi is the latest example of someone who made that mistake (See here).   

We are being fed to yet another meat grinder, under false pretense, in order that many can suffer for the profit of a demented few. 

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Charlie McGrath is the founder of Wide Awake News, an excellent resource for analysis about the economy and world events.

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