Revealed: Doctors Routinely Cheating Exams in Uncovered Scandal

Anthony Gucciardi
Activist Post

Utilizing an extensive data bank of answers recorded by those who have taken the test, radiology doctors around the nation from prestigious and little-known programs alike have been cheating the exam system for a very long time.

With exam officials openly admitting that the cheating has been going on for a ‘long time’, the information sheds light on the fact that many radiology doctors may actually be completely unqualified to be dosing up patients with damaging radiation.

Doctors around the country have setup very complex banks of information known as ‘recalls’, which have been setup by doctors who have previously memorized test questions and shared them for public viewing.

With each question meticulously documented and archived by radiology residents, the answers cover just about every program in the county — including the highly prestigious.

This system makes even the most respected exam completely worthless in determining the knowledge base of the doctors. 

Extensive Cheating Puts Unqualified Doctors in Control of Your Health

The cheating is so widespread that even the executive director of the American Board of Radiology (ABR) has brought the issue to the public eye. As an overseer of the exam that certified the radiologists, Dr. Gary Becker expressed his knowledge of the ongoing cheating process that has existed for years:

‘It’s been going on a long time, I know, but I can’t give you a date,’ said Becker. ‘We would call it cheating, and our exam security policy would call it cheating.’

What’s more is that radiology residents taking the test actually are required to sign a document agreeing not to share material on the test, but the report shows that the document is widely ignored. In fact, when interviewed by CNN dozens of radiology students stated that they promised fellow residents to write down the questions from the tests immediately. These are the doctors that are responsible for dosing up children with ‘safe’ levels of radiation.

The deep corruption inside the mainstream medical industry extends down even to the lowest levels, including potential radiology doctors.

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