How Flu Shots Make You Prone to Disease

Andre Evans
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In the winter months, it’s easier to become susceptible to various diseases, especially the flu.

A lack of sun exposure prevents you from taking in adequate amounts of vitamin D, which has powerful disease prevention properties.

With the onset of colder months, many will consider flu shots in order to prevent them from contracting the seasonal flu. Despite this, they may not only be wasting their time, but possibly making themselves even more susceptible to disease by receiving one of these shots.

How Flu Shots Make You Prone to Disease 

Annual flu shots have been shown to be largely ineffective in preventing the flu. Despite this, flu shots are not scorned, but encouraged. Sadly, intensive ad campaigns and pharmacy convenience will do little to increase their effectiveness.

If that weren’t concerning enough, the validity of this form of medicine is questioned further by the chemical contents within the shots themselves. Vaccine inserts describe in detail the effects of their thimerosal and cell tissue filled products. Injecting foreign bodies and heavy metals into your bloodstream (if it doesn’t maim you outright) would actually serve to weaken your immune system. This undeniably would make you more vulnerable to all forms of disease, including the flu.

What are effective methods for preventing the flu? Start with adequate nutrition. Avoid consuming large quantities of sugar, which offsets your immune system, and eat properly. You can also use supplements to maintain proper levels of nutrition in addition to a healthy diet.

Optimizing vitamin D levels can also slash your flu risk by nearly half. In colder months, the sun features less prominently, and vitamin D cannot be as easily gained by simply exposing yourself to sunlight. Using a form of supplementation for vitamin D can greatly increases your ability to fight off disease, along with its myriad other benefits.

Furthermore, make sure to avoid stressing yourself out. Any level of emotional distress makes a person more susceptible to disease. Exercising regularly also plays a role in preventing disease.

Ultimately, being aware of the gamut of health threats, including those pushed as medicines, is important in your pursuit of health and wellness — vaccines are no exception.

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