Canada Leaves Kyoto Protocol For The Wrong Reasons

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Amir Alwani, Contributing Writer
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Canada recently caused quite a stir when it withdrew from the Kyoto Protocol.  Peter Kent, our environment minister said,

To meet the targets under Kyoto for 2012 would be the equivalent of either removing every car, truck, ATV, tractor, ambulance, police car and vehicle of every kind from Canadian roads or closing down the entire farming and agriculture sector and cutting heat to every home, office, hospital, factory and building in Canada.

When I was initially informed that Canada was pulling out I knew there had to be more to the story.  It sounded too good to be true.

From my extensive research I had long ago come to the conclusion that the threat of what was first called “global warming” and then “climate change” was in fact a non-threat for various reasons which were amply documented on many websites in great detail.  Climategate and the recent Climategate 2.0 represent the tip of the iceberg when it comes these details.  That iceberg, unlike the iceberg in climate-alarmists’ collectivist-fantasy oven, will not melt anytime soon (as long as dictators don’t impede the free flow of information on this sacred Internet).

Unfortunately, one of the major reasons for Canada exiting was that the protocol didn’t cover enough countries.  The exit had absolutely nothing to do with this global warming hoax being shattered.

Maybe I was a fool to ever have a glimmer of hope that our politicians would take some time to seriously investigate something which the entire world has now been being guilt-tripped about for ages.

Toronto film-maker/reporter Dan Dicks’ captured my sentiments about Canada’s exit 100% and gives a great breakdown of the basic method by which totalitarian governments slowly creep into our daily existence.  The key word is slowly:

Global problems cause people to want global solutions, and if you can come up with some crazy scam of a problem to forge onto the consciousness of an innocently unsuspecting population then you have the ignorant public by the balls.

In reality the world loves us, clearly wants us to be able to grow pot almost anywhere, wants us to be able to extract DMT from almost any plant out there, wants to amaze us through dreams when we sleep at night, and wants us to enjoy the heck out all the different wonderful things life has to offer.

Elites seek to keep us separated from each other and from this divine truth, but we are only troubled insofar as we neglect to update our definition of abundance (which means friends, food, shelter, family), and insofar as we allow ourselves to ignore our own experience.

You get what you need, not what you want.   Unfortunately, elites are desperately trying to trick us into believing that we live in an era that does not (or cannot) even get what it needs.  There’s not enough to go around, they say.

Their solution?  Look at the root cause of our problems to discover hidden masters pulling strings?

No.  Actually, their solution is Agenda 21.

If you’ve never heard of Agenda 21, watch this video now:

Sadly, our MP in Halifax either seems to have fallen for this CO2 hoax, or has ulterior motives.  Last week, The Huffington Post reported:

Megan Leslie, a member of Canada’s parliament and a Halifax-based member of the New Democratic Party, told The Huffington Post in an email that Kent and the conservative government of Stephen Harper were exaggerating the impacts of Canada’s participation in Kyoto — and the penalties associated with failing to meet targets. ‘He’s essentially created a Kyoto bogeyman who will come after your cars and bank accounts,’ Leslie said. ‘His spin was reprehensible.’

Reprehensible?  I can’t speak for Peter Kent, but I can say that his take on it seems to be rather tame compared the scenario depicted in a chilling infomercial titled “Planned-Opolis”, which Prison Planet cited was funded by, “Bank of America, the City of London Corporation, PepsiCo UK, Time Warner, and crucially Royal Dutch Shell – which of course is one of the biggest emitters of CO2 on the planet”:

Here’s The Truther Girls elaborating on how insane this infomercial is:

Remember, I’m not saying pollution doesn’t exist, and I’m not saying Peter Kent loves us.  I’m saying that everybody better get acquainted with an age-old trick that should have been taught to all of us in school – problem, reaction, solution.  For activists, truth seekers and awake people this formula is old news.

As Dan Dicks mentioned in the first video above, we should keep a close eye on this situation in the coming weeks.  Don’t be fooled by the drama.  The global warming hoax seems to be alive and well.

We should remain aware that the community is composed of individuals, and that giving up an individual’s rights for the benefit of the community simply does not make any sense at all.  That has not made sense in the past, it doesn’t make sense now, and it will never make sense.

Collectivism amounts to nothing more than a scam.

Amir Alwani is a psychonaut who makes metal, electronic and hip-hop music. He is also the editor of the online independent media outlet known as Potent News.

For more information on Collectivism and Agenda 21, please visit MorphCity.

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