Super Committee Failure: Fire Them All!

Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

The not so “Super Committee Failure” ended with a whimper and finger pointing on Monday without so much as cutting a single penny in the bloated federal budget.

Not only that, but these reckless jokers didn’t even bother to negotiate up to the wire to give a deal their best shot.  They just gave up two full days before the deadline.

I guess getting home for Thanksgiving is more important than fixing a country teetering on calamity.

The words “pompous, self-centered, and arrogant” come to mind.  This boneheaded move is classic party politics.  It puts political gain and posturing above the good of the country.  We have no statesmen, just bag men.

I’ll bet members of the Tea Party who voted for $2.4 trillion in more spending a few months back feel sold-out right now.

With tax receipts falling and employment dropping, some predict the $2.4 billion freshly created cash will not last until November 2012.

Yes, there is a very good chance the country will, once again, run out of money.  That alone will be a coming catastrophe because the “spend now, cut later” cards are now all used up.

Long before that, the country will slide into trouble.  Of that, there is no doubt.

Sure, some of the ratings companies have said they won’t cut U.S. credit ratings, but how long is that going to last with mountains of red ink piling up.

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