Democracy in Southern Europe: out for the count

Papademos back in his ECB days

Richard Cottrell
End the Lie

How fast things are moving.

In Italy, the new techno-premier installed by the EU, the Trilateralists and the Bilderberg Group, has just effectively suspended parliamentary democracy.

There are no civilian ministers in Prime Minister Mario Monti’s government. All ministerial posts are in the hands of technocrats, soldiers and diplomats.

MP’s have been told they can sit in the wings for the next two years while the new prime minister goes around restoring order.

One glance at the list of ministers was sufficient to convince me that this blatant coup d’état has been in the works for at least the best part of a year.

In Greece, Monti’s lookalike Lukas Papademos has ushered extreme right wing sympathizers with the former Greek military junta (1967-74) back into power.

Just over a week ago I wrote that a Greek military coup had been narrowly averted by the former civilian government headed by Georgios Papandreou summarily sacking the entire general staff.

I suggested that a military putsch had been averted for the time being.

Then, presto, the new head of the defense ministry is Dimitris Avramopoulo, from the right wing New Democracy party which is known for its closeness to the Greek Pentagon and the CIA.

So the Greek military is now effectively underpinning the new government. Something remarkably similar has happened in Italy.

A navy admiral, Giampaolo Di Paola, is now defense minister, thus severing civilian command of the armed forces for the first time since the dictatorship of Benito Mussolini.

We can regard him as NATO’s minister in Rome.

Are the new techno-dictators of Greece and Italy expecting widespread public disorders, real or staged?

It certainly looks that way. Indeed, as I write there are protests breaking out all over Italy. Crowds are gathering in Rome, Milano, Palermo Bari and many other cities protesting the “rape of democracy.”

Italians, of all peoples, know a coup d’état when they see one.

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