A Counter-Culture Thanksgiving

*Note: This article contains excerpts from the forthcoming book Alchemy Of The Modern Renaissance

J.G. Vibes

That time of year is upon us again, when Americans will play along with traditions that have been largely corrupted by an establishment who seeks to propagate a dehumanizing culture of lies.  Those may seem like strong words to describe one of your favorite times of the year, but just bear with me for a minute.  

I’m not suggesting that we do away with Thanksgiving altogether, or any other holiday for that matter.  These are tough times that we are living in and having a day to relax and spend with loved ones is one of the most positive things that we can do.  Especially in this culture where the family unit is demonized and being replaced with various state institutions, it is very important to make time for the people in your life.  However, that doesn’t mean that we have to go along with a lot of the false historical narratives that have infected our most cherished celebrations.

Thanksgiving is by far the most obvious example, so it will probably be the best place to start.

  Since we were children our heads were filled with lies every single Thanksgiving; lies that rationalized and justified the genocide that took place so this country could be colonized.  

Now that we live in the information age, people are a lot less likely to believe the downright fiction that has been passed off as history for generations.  

Unfortunately, there are still way too many people who insist on playing along with these stories for the sake of fitting in or “respecting tradition”.  

Our generation is the first in history to have access to alternative viewpoints, so let’s take the leap and create a culture that is actually empowering to those who adopt it.

Unfortunately the people that are responsible for creating mainstream culture have no interest in our well being.  We are the source of their power, so in order to keep us under their control, they feed us a culture that programs us to operate according to their wishes.   They do this by infecting some of the things that we enjoy the most with their toxic ideas.  This is extremely common with holidays because they are so sacred to so many people.   All that we need to do is remove the specific toxic ideas from contemporary culture and replace them with something that is actually beneficial.

As far as Thanksgiving is concerned, we really need to counteract the nationalistic folklore that has accompanied this holiday throughout our lives.  If anything, it should be a day about preserving the true history of what happened, keeping the native culture alive, and paying respect to the people that were slain at the hands of our oppressors’ ancestors. Notice I didn’t say “my ancestors” or “our ancestors”, because that would not be a true statement.  The people that are truly responsible for imperialism throughout history have progressively handed their power and plans down through their bloodlines.  In other words we are being oppressed by blood descendants of the people who were oppressing our ancestors; the very people who committed and planned this genocide of which I speak. 

To say that there was just one civilization here before colonization began would be a disservice to the diverse culture of the pre-Columbus Americas.  Making the generalization that every tribe in that hemisphere was the same would be like saying that Canada, Mexico and the United States had identical cultures today.  Contrary to the Europeans claims that the Americas were a vast uninhabited wilderness, there was actually a massive native population that numbered in the hundreds of millions.  Traces of this large population seemed easy enough to destroy at first, considering the natives put a great deal of care into making as little an impact on their environment as possible.  However, as time passes archeologists are continuing to uncover evidence that the pre-Columbus civilizations were much more advanced and populated then the historical record has told us thus far. 

That’s not the only thing lied about in our history class.  The ruling classes were also well aware that there were unexplored continents on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.  Many early European civilizations took voyages to the other side of the Atlantic over a thousand years ago; it is even believed that early Irish and Norse cultures actually had trade established with some Native American tribes.  All of this information was hidden from most of the general public; only the nobility who were literate and had a decent understanding of history knew that the world was twice as big as most people believed.  Oppressive warmongering rulers always hide important information from their subjects so they are easier to control and more willing to accept subpar living standards. This situation is no different.  The popular myth that the world was flat was merely propaganda to keep any explorers from traveling west and discovering the new world before they were ready to conquer it for themselves.

Due to lack of resources, and the extensive crusades and inquisitions that were raging in Europe for many centuries, it took the elite until 1492 to make their official move across the Atlantic Ocean. Prior to this, only exploratory voyages were taken to the new world in order to prepare and gather information for future colonization.

When the elite were ready for conquest they sent an inquisitor and mapmaker by the name of Christopher Columbus to begin the Native American genocide and colonization process.  Columbus was not an explorer, but one of the few elite members of society that had access to occult information such as the existence of the Americas.

Two years before Columbus’s first voyage to the Americas in 1490 he created a map which actually showed portions of North America, namely Cape Breton in Nova Scotia.  This proves that Columbus knew exactly where he was going when he set sail across the Atlantic Ocean.  Columbus most likely obtained this knowledge through a secret society he belonged to called “the Knights of Christ” which were apparently a surviving underground order of the knights Templar.  This connection would explain why all three of Columbus’s ships from his famous first voyage were flying the colors of the knights Templar, the Maltese red cross.  Regardless of where Columbus got his information his mission was certain, to harvest natural resources using native slave labor and to claim land for the catholic monarchy.  This colonization would be the start of the most brutal genocide in known human history.

This is sadly the true history of the place that we live in, and while it may be unpleasant there is a lot that can be learned these from historical tragedies.  By continuing to perpetuate the ethnocentric myths about the founding of this country we are ensuring that these lessons from the past will remain hidden.

In the counter-culture it isn’t necessarily our goal to completely eradicate all traces of contemporary culture form our lives, but our goal is simply to create a culture that is our own. Let’s enjoy Thanksgiving with our families without playing along with the traditional misinformation that holds very little value in relation to the true origins and nature of this holiday.

J.G. Vibes – is an author, and artist – with an established record label. In addition to featuring a wide variety of activist information, his website – Good Vibes Promotions hosts electronic dance music events. You can keep up with him and his forthcoming book Alchemy Of the Modern Renaissance, at his Facebook page.

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