What’s YOUR Occupation?

Zen Gardner
Before It’s News

Don’t tell me what you believe. Show me what you do, then I’ll know what you believe.

What do you respond to? And how do you respond? When “moved” by something do you really move? Does your life change so as to respond to what you were so “moved” about? Are you respons-able?….able to respond?

What is your body, mind and spirit doing most of the time? Compare what you say you believe to how you live. Then make the two match up. Protest, spread truth, turn off the TV, get out of the banks, boycott the corporate beasts, detach from stuff and don’t participate in the lie any longer.

But spread the word…and act accordingly. You’ll know.

Analysis Paralysis Is Just Another Excuse

That’s one thing that holds people back from doing what they know they should do. It’s really a stalling technique until the conviction of your consciousness wears off and you can go back to your routine.

“After all, what would happen to ME if I tried to do something about the sick state the world is in? I don’t want to get in trouble, never mind risk my reputation or losing my friends and even alienating my own family! Heck, I might get arrested or put on some watch list! And my job! Oh my God, if they found out I went activist and attended or supported one of these Occupations or some other cause and started talking openly about some of these controversial things? I could lose my JOB!”

And die in shame and regret. Wait till your grandkids ask, “What were you doing during the takeover of the world?”

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