War and Serfdom: Is This The World We Really Want to Live In?

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I’m raising three sons in a world that I don’t want them to live in.  A world of hate, deception, war, injustice, and serfdom.  A world that seems out of our control to change.  If given a choice, who would want to live in that world?

Yet, we try to live the change that we want to see. We don’t have TV, we homeschool our boys, and we’ve opted out of the system as much as possible. We eat healthy, don’t use dangerous household chemicals, and shop almost exclusively at the local level.  We grow food, keep chickens, recycle, and live as simply and independently as feasible.  And we’ve taught our children that the principles of peace and love carry more weight than patriotism or any other manufactured beliefs.

But sometimes personal change doesn’t seem to be good enough to counteract a powerful establishment intent on having more war and more power.

The idea of peace doesn’t seem to be strong enough to prevent these engineered conflicts.  What do we tell our children of the absolute destruction of Libya over so-called humanitarian concerns?  When dragging the bloody body of the toppled leader through the streets is being hailed as some sort of victory. This, in the same week that Iraq, after all the tragedy there, was deemed mission accomplished for the umpteenth time.

Any peace-loving person who knows the real score of NATO’s Libya invasion must be incredibly disheartened.


Libya, like everywhere else in the world, was not perfect. Yet, it was a shining example of an independent, prosperous, and secular country in Africa, and it was completely destroyed based on more establishment lies. And there was nothing anyone could have done to stop it.

America and NATO countries claimed there was ;a “humanitarian crisis,” illegally seized Gaddafi’s international assets, and fraudulently sold a “no fly” zone to the United Nations. That no fly zone turned into arming radical Islamic rebels and carpet bombing heavily populated cities and critical infrastructure to remove or kill their popular leader Gaddafi. Immoral war crimes all. And American children are supposed to cheer alongside the television about this “victory”?

Worse yet, all of this was done without any authority by the people or independent oversight by their representatives. Congress was never given a chance to debate or vote on this military action and expenditure. The media was complicit as usual, selling establishment lies about humanitarian intervention to neuter the anti-war crowd. Now, surprise, surprise; NATO is carving up Libya’s vast resources into Western hands as they prepare for their next conquest. There seems to be no force capable of confronting this monster.

The increasingly impotent anti-war protesters who vehemently opposed Bush’s aggressive wars and criminal torture, were suddenly cheering President Obama when he subverted the rule of law for regime change and resource raping. What’s more, the despised Bush doctrine of preemptive war now seems to be the international model for dealing with any real or manufactured threats, or even minor internal concerns of sovereign nations like in the case of Libya.

The success and spoils from the violent overthrows of these countries seems to have intoxicated those on the winning side.  Drunk with power from having gotten away with such obscene murderous crimes and outright plunder, they’re already bragging about Syria being next, while also setting the stage for taking on Iran. It seems they will stop at nothing to conquer the last holdouts to their control.

Consequently, we’re clearly headed for more bloodshed. So who, if anybody, can possibly stop this killing machine?  It seems very unlikely that Western powers will sober up long enough to see the evil of their ways and quit the path of war on their own.  Can other countries like Russia or China with their combined killing machines stop them? If you look close enough, it appears the West is actually trying to bait them into a greater conflict.  Or, perhaps, it’s just a predictable byproduct of empire building. Regardless, it’s clear that a bigger war is approaching.

As my boys rapidly approach draft eligibility age, how do I prepare them for a future surely filled with war when they believe in peace?  I keep telling my kids that if enough people wanted peace, we’ll have peace.  But I’m not sure if that’s true anymore.  I want to believe that simply the idea of peace should be enough to unite the masses, but strangely it isn’t.  Everyone remains afraid of whatever the television tells them to fear, or they’re just distracted by their other hardships.

Nonetheless, it’s difficult to imagine a peaceful world given the apathy to Western aggression.  It appears we have no choice but to surrender to this reality until enough people demand that it stops.  And even then, we appear to face an uphill battle.  It boils down to a simple question; do you want to live in a world of war and serfdom or a world of peace and liberty?  We better make up our mind real quick, otherwise we may have no say in the matter.

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