Blurring the technological lines between good and evil

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Under the auspices of “tropical forest research,” the Carnegie Institute has developed an airplane equipped with breakthrough technology allowing them to create “detailed, three dimensional pictures of tropical forests – including the [plant] species they contain”.

By flying over a stretch of forest at 7000 feet “deploying a pair of sweeping lasers that sent 400,000 pulses per second toward the ground,” and equipped with sensors to detect the chemical properties of the items below, scientists can recognize even small plants on the forest floor well below dense canopy.


While technologies this advanced certainly have the potential to assist in the proper management of natural resources, the sad reality of our current world tells us well and again that if a philanthropic organization is capable of this type of surveillance, then the military is either already doing this, or already in the process of twisting this technology to serve the purposes of the scientific dictatorship.

Modern satellites can reportedly read the name from a driver’s license on the ground from space, while our local police departments are being equipped and trained on the first generation of domestic attack and surveillance drones for use against the population that pays for the drones.

How long will it be before the FDA in partnership with your local taxing authority sends you detailed photos of your vegetable garden, along with fines for violating a government dictate on what food you are allowed to self-produce? How long before this is “deployed” as a tool to enforce Government regulation, to assist on the battlefield, or to control and monitor an undesirable population?

Humans have demonstrated time and again the misuse of technology. As a cloud of radiation spews over the Northern Hemisphere from Fukushima, people still think they can save themselves from their own stupidity by creating ever more amazing gadgetry.

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