Libya: NATO Enabling War Crimes

Cutting off a city from food & war is a war crime – again the ICC demonstrates its utter worthlessness. 

Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

According to Fox News, a Libyan rebel “spokesman” recently boasted, “in the end, we will get [the city of] Sirte, even if we have to cut water and electricity and let NATO pound it with airstrikes.” Sirte is one of many cities still standing in defiance of NATO’s operations to seize the nation of 6 million people, impose upon them an “internationally approved” government, and begin pilfering their resources under the guise of “economic liberalization.” Rebels have intentionally surrounded Sirte to cut off electricity as well as the flow of supplies including food and cooking gas in a bid to literally “starve the city into submission,” as reported by the London Telegraph. This latest boast by rebels, now operating openly with notorious Al Qaeda members leading their fighters, and still with full military support from NATO, seems to suggests that water will be cut as well.

According to the International Committee of the Red Cross, the denial of humanitarian assistance is a crime under international law. The Red Cross adds that “a massacre is not necessarily committed only with knives.” While many will attempt to portray the premeditated creation of a humanitarian disaster as “more humane” than taking the city of Sirte by force – rebels have in fact already tried to take the city by force and were soundly repelled. NATO airstrikes have apparently proved ineffective and other cities are now bolstering their defenses and rejecting calls by the NATO-backed Al Qaeda fighters to surrender. As the deadline for NATO’s military intervention grows increasingly nearer, their efforts to seize the nation have become increasingly more desperate and in proportion more depraved.

As has been pointed out and now clearly evident in Tripoli, the Benghazi rebels backed by NATO are not motivated by inclinations of “democracy” but rather tribal, ethnic, and viciously racial prejudices. Reuters has recently tried to whitewash what is essentially wholesale genocide being waged against Tripoli’s black population by the Benghazi rebels led by Al Qaeda’s notorious al-Hasidi. The targeting of Tripoli’s black population has been entirely written off by the corporate media as rebels pursuing “suspected mercenaries.” Why then would Sirte, Bani Waled, or any other city still standing soundly in defiance of these rebels and NATO, surrender and subject themselves to ensured genocide?

We are faced with a textbook case of a very real crime against humanity, yet the International Criminal Court is utterly silent, as are the voices in the UN that were vigorously clamoring to authorize war against Libya back in March of 2011. Silent also are the fraudulent George Soros Open Society-funded Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International (page 10) organizations. The ICC and the supporting myriad of contrived rights advocates once again demonstrates they are illegitimate institutions contrived solely to serve Wall Street and London’s interests in a clearly one-sided manner. It is no wonder why the African Union has wholly rejected the International Criminal Court’s decisions made against Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi or why nations across the world exhibit increasing hostility toward “independent” NGOs like Human Rights Watch, Freedom House, and Amnesty International. Nations should not be expected to permit such organizations to operate within their borders when in reality their goal is not defending human rights but finding a predicate for foreign military intervention on behalf of the corporate-financier interests that fund them.

Who Watches the “Watchers?”

So who does the world turn to when the “international community” begins recklessly mass-murdering entire populations, shutting off entire cities from food and water to “starve them into submission,” and “pound” civilian populations with airstrikes? The answer is, we turn to ourselves – the individual – who on a daily basis have facilitated in the first place the corporations and banks of Wall Street and London who are the perpetrators of these horrendous crimes. We have created these world-spanning financial and corporate empires, given them the power to act against entire nation-states with absolute impunity, so it must be we the people who rein back in this terrible power.

Just as we gave them this power by dedicating our time, money, talents, and attention to them, we can take it back by denying them likewise our time, money, talents, and attention. Turn to local alternatives, do without when we can, and entirely replace these corporations with local solutions systematically. If these elitists impose regulations to prevent such activity, take a cue from the brave people of America’s Northeast who have passed local ordinances to cancel out US federal dictates. Ultimately, we must remember that these people are not the progressive, enlightened, caretakers of humanity they attempt to portray themselves as.

The global elite are essentially violent thugs, dressing up their tyranny with the trappings of religion, civilization, political legitimacy,and faux progress. We must be prepared defend ourselves, our communities, and our nation-states intellectually, politically, socially, financially, and physically. Our denial of this terrible and ever-growing tyranny will not spare us when its attention finally shifts toward our homes, families, businesses, and communities. Just as the Soviets or the Nazis worked their way from foreigners, then the fringes of society, before it began cannibalizing its own people, so too will this global Wall Street-London tyranny. It was the Iraqis yesterday, it is the Libyans today, it may be the Syrians tomorrow, but inevitably it will be all of us. Better to stand up now than allow the tragic wheel of history to make yet another predictable revolution.

For a list of many of the corporations responsible for these increasingly egregious crimes against humanity, please see, “Naming Names.”

Tony Cartalucci’s articles have appeared on many alternative media websites, including his own at 
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