European Commission head calls NATO bombing of Libyans a “moral duty”

José Manuel Barroso / Wiki Commons

Madison Ruppert, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

For weeks the mainstream media has been calling the uprising in Libya a success, despite any support for their position.

Despite this false narrative, which included the capture of Tripoli from loyalists long before any such thing could be claimed, NATO is saying that they must continue to destroy what’s left of the Libyan infrastructure through their over-the-top bombing campaign.

The NATO operation has resulted in countless civilian deaths in Libya, yet the head of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, characterized the mission as a “moral duty”.

Is it NATO’s “moral duty” to support non-democratically elected, terrorist-linked rebels to the detriment of the people of Libya, even if it means they will die in the process?  If you ask Barroso, then yes, it is definitely NATO’s duty.

Barroso continued to cite unconfirmed and debunked claims that have been used as anti-Gaddafi and pro-NATO propaganda since the beginning of the Western-fomented uprising.

Barroso said that, “Libya is very close to Europe, and when the leader is going to massacre his people, it created indignation”. No consideration is afforded to the indignation created by forcing people of Western nations to pay for regime change in an African nation.

To make matters even worse, the al Qaeda-affiliated, non-democratic rebels who have been put into place by the West despite their unaccountability and highly questionable ties, continue to urge NATO to bomb what is supposedly their nation.

Would you trust a leader who asked a totally foreign alliance to continue to bomb your country and kill civilians in the process?

I can comfortably say that I know for a fact I would never support a leader that urged a foreign body to bomb America.

Why aren’t the Libyans holding their supposed new leaders responsible for every single cent in damages and every single death caused by NATO?

They very well could be but with the controlled picture we receive here in the United States and the total unaccountability of the rebel leadership, we will never know.

These Western airstrikes that continue to be requested by the new Libyan regime are, according to a spokesman for Gaddafi, responsible for over 350 deaths in one of Gaddafi’s remaining strongholds and his birthplace, Sirte.

The spokesman, Moussa Ibrahim, said that the main hotel in Sirte was bombed, leaving 700 injured and 89 missing. This is unconfirmed as the town is currently being besieged by rebel forces with the help of NATO air strikes paid for by the broke nations of the West.

Of course, NATO is denying these allegations as they always do. The chief spokesman for the NATO bombing campaign in Libya, Colonel Roland Lavoie, said that NATO is “aware of these allegations. It is not the first time they have been made.”

However, it would not be the first time that NATO has slaughtered innocent people in Libya. NATO has been denying these deaths for months now.

In June NATO actually admitted that they slaughtered civilians, while claiming that it was the first time, despite all of the contradictory evidence.

I reject the notion that it is my “moral duty” to put my nation into more debt in order to kill civilians and enact regime change in Africa.

In fact, I consider it my “moral duty” to fight such statements with all of my intellectual might. I refuse to be party to murder and I appreciate Barroso outing himself as a corrupt individual who flouts every principle that democracy is based upon while supporting the killing of civilians.

With every day that passes with the rebels unable to take control of Libya the truth presented by much of the alternative media is just further cemented.

While the West continues to pour hundreds of millions of dollars into a totally incompetent rebel force incapable of enacting any real change except plunging their nation into chaos and perpetual conflict, I will stand aside and point out these facts.

If nothing else, this will allow future generations to look back and see what a massive failure international intervention is in domestic affairs.

Furthermore, they will be able to see exactly what Western war crimes covered up by a corrupt and illegitimate organization and the controlled mainstream media looks like.

This can serve as a blueprint of what exactly not to do in the future.

I just hope that the people of Libya will not suffer further and that the illegitimate al Qaeda-affiliated rebels will be ousted as quickly as possible.

The Libyan people need a real government that defends and serves them, not a regime installed by the West which has the sole purpose of raping their nation’s precious resources.

Madison Ruppert is the Editor and Owner-Operator of the alternative news and analysis database End The Lie and has no affiliation with any NGO, political party, economic school, or other organization/cause. If you have questions, comments, or corrections feel free to contact him at

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