Alan Watt Poem: Syria Next, War Brewing – Kinda Think I’m Deja-Vu-ing

Alan Watt
Cutting Through The Matrix

Perpetual War and Constant Conflict,
Don’t Need to Surmise or Predict
Middle Eastern Wars, Falling Dominoes,
Our Brave Troops — Those Nasty Foes,
Once Dust is Settled, People can See
The Oil Cartels, “One fa You, One fa Me”,
Revelation of the Method is then Presented,
‘How We Deceived’ Populations Demented,
By Lies and Deceit Capturing Public Opinion,
Media’s All One in this World Dominion,
For Followers that Aided the Revolution,
Destitution Poverty, Wives in Prostitution

Reprinted with permission from Alan Watt

Alan Watt is a researcher into the forces behind major changes in historical development. His background is that of a renaissance man in three professions, plus having various books published in religions, philosophy, poetry, mainly under pseudonyms. For much of his life he was heavily involved in the music industry; he has played with some of the most well-known artists and groups.  Born in Scotland, he watched the subtleties of politics and media as they guided the population of the U.K. covertly into a European amalgamation. He has been warning the North American people for some years now that the same process of amalgamation is being carried out. With historical documentation, he shows how cultures are created and altered by those in control, always to lead the people like sheep into the next pasture. Learn the true esoteric meanings of mystery religions from one who knows. Learn the science of Religion Creation-Domination. The latest book trilogy (Cutting Through Volumes 1,2,3) attempts to deprogram the reader from his/her indoctrination. These books help stimulate the individual’s mind into a higher, truer perception. 12 Hour MP3’s in history/religions from ancient times to present augment the books.

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Obama Orders Sweeping Sanctions and Regime Change in Syria Without Congress

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