Corporate media again admitting Western boots are on the ground in Libya yet delusion still rampant

British SAS troops in training

Madison Ruppert, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

Early in the conflict the British publication the Daily Mail covered the presence of 300+ SAS and SBS troops on the ground in Libya, however most of the mainstream media continued to pretend that there were no Western troops present.

Despite the complete lack of journalistic integrity involved in pushing such a false narrative, the Western media has had no problem acting like the Libyan rebels are acting alone.

However, the Daily Mail has, yet again, revealed that this is far from reality and has flippantly revealed that there are indeed SAS (British Special Forces) troops in Libya participating in the uprising against Muammar al-Gaddafi.

In the article entitled “SAS troops dressed in Arab clothes join hunt for Gaddafi as £1m reward is offered for dictator’s head” the Daily Mail has revealed that British troops are disguising themselves as Arab rebels and assisting in the hunt for the Libyan leader.

The article has also revealed that MI6, England’s equivalent of the American Central Intelligence Agency, is actively monitoring calls for signs of Gaddafi’s whereabouts as well as leveraging contacts on the ground in Tripoli for intelligence.

The Western picture of the so-called revolution in Libya is unraveling by the hour, yet people still seem to be able to delude themselves into thinking that it is a natural and just uprising that will bring peace and democracy to Libya.

A reader made me aware of a comment on a Slate article which perfectly exemplifies this almost laughable level of delusion.

When one reader posted links to various articles, including my article on the “waves of disinformation” now being addressed by the mainstream media, he was quickly attacked by other readers.

The interesting part is not that he was attacked for posting links to controversial opinions (as this is expected), but the wildly misinformed and illogical response he received for posting such links.

The comments were in response to this article by Christopher Hitchens on

The first comment by a user calling himself “Stephen f” read,

Disinformation in the media now admitted by mainstream news and fierce fighting continues

NATO are pushing for a ground invasion, violating UN resolution, bombed civilian targets, power plants, handing over a Sovereign country to Rebels made up of foreign milita, radical islams, al-queada and ex-Special Forces, NATO cutting down civilians in the streets with helicopters

The response, from a reader named Jeff Murray read,

The only thing worse then a wacko wasting space with conspiracy theories is a wacko wasting space with truths of which no one is concerned.

Keep cheering for Qaddafi, Stephen. It makes you appear so brave.

And another from a user calling himself Jim read,

When the mainstream media admits disinformation, it appear in the mainstream media and not a wacko publication that carries water for Gaddafi and Assad.

What’s your real name, Stephen f?

I think these comments are a fantastic microcosmic example of the fallacious thinking that allows the mainstream media to continue to push a thoroughly debunked narrative even while contradictory facts are presented in the mainstream media itself.

The problem is not that people disagree with the content of the links, but instead that people like Jim dismiss any contradictory information out of hand without even reading it.

As someone calling him/herself Jo Smif (likely the reader that pointed me to this article to begin with) points out, the article I wrote was based off of a New York Times article. The problem is that Jim clearly would not even read the article far enough to realize that it was indeed sourced from the New York Times, an unarguably mainstream publication.

It is very easy to perpetuate a completely falsified story (which is proven such on a daily basis) when people are so afraid of the cognitive dissidence created by reading something contradicting everything they hold to be true that they dare not even explore such information.

This essentially does all of the work for the government and media propagandists, as people are so emotionally devoted to their preconceived notions that no amount of fact seems to be able to shake their beliefs.

I must say that this is quite dangerous, as it allows the rebels and NATO to get away with just about anything as long as it follows the previously established rhetoric.

The simple fact is that there are, and have been for some time, Western boots on the ground in Libya. This is, at this point, simply irrefutable.

The Daily Mail article says that, “Soldier [sic] from 22 SAS Regiment were first sent into the north African country several weeks ago by David Cameron and they have remained there to find Gaddafi, according to the Daily Telegraph.”

Several weeks ago is a bit of an understatement, unless they are speaking specifically of this SAS Regiment.

Either way, this turns the false narrative on its head and this must be addressed. The revolution is not solely composed of Libyans as the mainstream media would like us to believe. Since the beginning it has been directed, funded, and assisted by NATO nations and their covert operatives on the ground.

The frightening part of this whole dynamic is that much of the West has had the wool pulled over their eyes in regards to the Libyan rebels. This is further emphasized by the lack of outcry amongst the media in response to the self-declared new Libyan leadership’s statement that democratic elections will not be held for at least 8 months.

This could very well turn out like the Egyptian “revolution” which resulted in a military dictatorship and constantly postponed elections. It is not unreasonable to think that the Libyan rebels, like the military junta in Egypt, will continue to postpone elections in order to hold on to their undemocratic power.

I just sincerely hope this is not the case and the Western propaganda war against Libya will not continue to shroud the truth allowing the rebels to get away with anything and everything.

Madison Ruppert is the Editor and Owner-Operator of the alternative news and analysis database End The Lie and has no affiliation with any NGO, political party, economic school, or other organization/cause. If you have questions, comments, or corrections feel free to contact him at
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