[Operation Paranoia] Amplified! – DHS/FEMA Psy-Fi Theater (Satire)

When we leave the safety of our homes we enter the real world. This is a perilous world where anyone can be a terrorist. When you see that man on his cellphone, or the suspicious character with the backpack, you might never expect they are out to destroy America, but the probability that they are up to something is substantial. This is why we as citizens must allow no inch of public space to go without proper scrutiny, and every individual must be scanned by every other individual. 

That seemingly innocuous poet with the notebook appearing to enjoy a cappuccino,..that white van parked in the shade,..that “autistic” person who won’t make eye contact,…the list could go on; but any one of them might be out to get you and the United States of America, and it is up to you to report them to the authorities before they have the chance. 

This necessitates a transformation of social conduct on a scale not seen since Soviet times. It will not be easy. Nothing free is worth having, and the struggle is unanimous, as every one of us share together the dangers of the outdoors (and public indoors). Though our society is traditionally opposed to dynamic thinking, we must trudge forth with great effort and begin exercising paranoia immediately. 

If you love your children, you will no longer fail to lean that extra few inches to see what the stranger beside you is texting on their cellphone. When you see a writer taking notes, it has become your duty to intercept the meaning and report it with haste. Would you have your child’s life ended just because you failed to call CentCom when you saw that man leave his briefcase at the door, or failed to intercept an articulate text-message?

Since the Neo-Cons took over America, threats of terrorism have risen 0.01%, and now pose dangers exceeding 0.02% – quickly approaching 1/1000 that of driving with a fastened seatbelt and 1/10000 that of being Tased by Lightning©! Please remain calm. Though the intelligence agencies will not disclose the following insider information that I am about to disclose to you, there is an insidious danger that most others are unaware of. This terrible danger threatens our freedoms, our SUVs, and our babies. It holds the power to enslave us to Islam, to abandon dependency on oil, to educate people and inform them. It carries the grave risk of common sense, and by no [mis]underestimation could have your children eating organic produce. This danger I shall inform you of to the woe of high confidentiality and secrecy, is the Intellectual, the Eccentric, the Anti-social, the Artist, the Guy who always has something interesting to talk about, the Lady at the bus-stop! In fact, it could be ANYONE!

Do not be alarmed. Everything is under control. As long as you cooperate, everyone will remain safe. You have been given a general idea of your new mission; to leave no public action unhindered by your patriotic interference. Your institutionalized paranoia is NOT schizophrenia. It is now perfectly normal to suspect your friends and family and fellow citizens of terrorism. We saw what people in our own government did on 9/11. Let this be an example of how close the enemy might be lurking. No one would have ever thought Larry Silverstein was a terrorist before he bombed that 42-story building (tower 7). Remember your fascist mathematics friends; 2+2 = 5. Anyone who says otherwise is a either an extremist or terrorist (or has finished kindergarten).

And to ease the shocking effects of this privileged information, I will disclose one more confidential factor: With your help, the US government can finally have the unrestricted authority to eliminate all those pests who get in the way. You see, when you accuse your neighbor of terrorism, there won’t be any need for silly Habeas Corpus, or daft due-process. In fact, they can simply be taken away without any hassle, and you can forget all about them. With your help, we’ll have the purge we’ve been waiting for, and rid society of disobedience and creativity for good. Your children will be safer than ever.

For more secrets and insider information, purchase my new book Citizen’s Field-Guide to Expediting the New World Order for $29.99. Mention this coupon 0100100101001110010100110100000101001110010010010101010001011001 for a free pocket-version of suspicious activities including: Reading, Talking, Stillness, Backpa….BUY NOW, and stop the bad guys from destroying the American Dream! And don’t let our FEMA camps go to waste!

E.I.A Citizen Gestapo Tip of the Day: Next time you hear someone talking about something you either disagree with or don’t understand, report them to FBI or DHS and let trained agents deal with the problem. As the Great Whore of Babylon said: “Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories”.

For an example of what this kind of sloppy propaganda can do, on a serious note, see: Here. While it is an example involving race, such effects are not limited to this, and ultimately this Napolitano Propaganda will create dangers rather than mitigate them. The entire DHS should be put in a sanitarium immediately.

Inspired by Activist Post and an article by Simon Black.

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