The New Era of “All Natural” False Flag Disasters

Disclosed nuclear power plants, with a seismic hazard overlay. (Image)

Zen Gardner
Before It’s News

On 9/11 the premise for explaining the dramatic ritual that unfolded before the world was that steel structures can collapse into dust from jet fuel fires. Never before has a steel structure collapsed from any kind of fire nor has one since, yet that day 3 huge buildings dropped like rocks into their own footprints–one, building 7 that didn’t come down till the afternoon, did it even without jet fuel.

No problem. Buildings fall from fire. We get it.  And the whole world fell for it…or was forced to.

Enter the Nuclear Factor

Nuclear reactors have never before been destroyed or triggered into a mega crisis by floods. Now we have several incidents under way in Japan, with a threat to two more in Nebraska right on their heels. (We’ll get to the fire.)

Easier to swallow now, isn’t it? That’s how you do it–set a spectacular precedent, then run with it.
BTW, you say the tsunami was an exception? Why was their back-up generator put in the basement?
Why are there so many questions surrounding faulty construction, strange equipment malfunctions and explosions at the reactors?

Yet the world believes it was “all natural”…despite the strangeness, non sequiturs and news blackout.

Open the Spigot

No go to explain why the US Army Corps of Engineers and all their resources deliberately flood massive areas near these Nebraska nuclear facilities, but don’t have enough foresight to protect one simple compound housing a massive nuclear arsenal?…never mind the problems incurred at the Cooper reactor downriver in Iowa?

Oh, they put up a rubber berm balloon, but oops, there was an “accident”.

And the world swallows it again. After all, floods trigger reactors, we get it.

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