F16 Crashes In Wisconsin, Eyewitness Claims Nuclear Weapons On Board As Military Plants Cover Story?

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An F16 crashed in Wisconsin on Tuesday, causing the evacuation of residents within a one mile radius of the downed aircraft.

Shocking eyewitness reports were broadcast live shortly after the crash with one witness claiming that the aircraft carried a nuclear or chemical weapon.

The eyewitness, speaking to ABC affiliate WISN, stated that he saw a different fighter jet flying circles around the crash site and that the crash was much louder than a sonic boom, more like an actual explosion.

He then went on to say that some sort of munitions flew off the downed craft and hit a business close to ten miles away!

The eyewitness, who is a business owner in the area, further claimed that officials were going door to door, ordering evacuations due to the fact that nuclear or chemical weapon was on board.

On Wednesday the military released a statement that did not acknowledge the possibility that nuclear or chemical weapons were on board the aircraft.

The official story now being reported by multiple mainstream news outlets is that a hazardous chemical called hydrazine was what caused the evacuation.

The fact that munitions hit a business ten miles away has also been left out of all new reports after the initial eyewitness testimony.

Was this a quick cover story for some sort of chemical or nuclear accident close call or were multiple eye witnesses completely off base?

What about the possibility of a black op gone wrong?

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