Bankers vs. People

Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

The entire crisis in Greece (and the rest of the world) all comes down to bankers vs. the people.  The bankers made crazy, reckless loans to this tiny country.  If you look back to when the loans were first offered, it’s hard to believe the banks did not know what they were doing.  Did they not know that most people in Greece did not pay taxes?  Did they not know many retired at 50 years old? Did they not know about all the government social programs?  After all, Greece has a socialist government for goodness sakes.

What is going on in Greece is similar to the subprime loan crisis.  Here, people just stopped paying and walked away when the market crashed.  In Greece, the bankers want to turn people into debt slaves for a generation to get their money back.  Heaven forbid any banker writes off the debt and not take a bonus.   David Stockman, who was Director of the Office of Management and Budget in the Reagan Administration, said last week on CNBC that Europeans are going to become tax and debt slaves to continue to pay bankers.  The report said, “In Europe, Stockman raged against a dichotomy of tax and debt slavery created by the EU: “They’re attempting to go turn the prudent Europeans of the north into permanent tax slaves in order to bail out the big banks in France and Germany and elsewhere who don’t deserve a bailout,” he said, adding that, “In order to accomplish that, they will attempt to turn the millions of people who live in southern Europe into permanent debt slaves in order to pay the piper from the guarantees coming from the north.” (Click here for the complete CNBC report.)

There is no wonder why protests in Greece turned violent yesterday.

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