Agenda 21 Indoctrination Going Global at Warp Speed

For those not familiar with Agenda 21 and “sustainable development”, I urge you to take a crash course and visit some of the leading researcher’s on the subject: Michael Shaw at Freedom Advocates, Cassandra Anderson at Morph City, key reports such as “UN Agenda 21 Will Rule the US Waves” from organizations like the Science & Public Policy Institute as well as take a look at the numerous lectures archived by Dr. Stanley Monteith over at Radio Liberty.

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It is time to sound the alarm yet again on Agenda 21. Much of the focus of critical LA21 discussion has centered on its progress in the United States, but it too has been making rapid inroads into México, as to the rest of the planet. 

Background – Regionalization
As we all know (or should be aware of), México is purported ground zero for the testing and total implementation of iris-scanning biometric identification technology according to Hoyos Group (formerly Global Rainmakers), which is set to eventually encompass the globe (their estimate is ten years).[1] Youth here will soon be obligated to receive national biometric ID cards with a view of moving on to the general population. This is all for our safety. Please try to ignore the fact the US agency, ATF, has been arming drug cartels with heavy weaponry.[2] Please also make an attempt to pretend you never heard drug cartels have been moving massive amounts of cocaine and heroin into the U.S. with the oversight of the DOJ, FBI, DEA and ICE.[3]

Harper and Obama’s recent agreement on the common security perimeter has stated the move to work “toward common technical standards for the collection, transmission, and matching of biometrics that enable the sharing of information on travellers in real time.”[4] We know that the 1980 Bilderberg report stated the goal of working toward a “North American common bloc” and that the 1989 US-CAN bilateral trade agreement added México into the mix in 1994 with NAFTA.[5] One can assume that the 2011 US-CAN common security perimeter will eventually add in a bit of Méxican spice to spruce things up. These developments also mirror the 2005 Council on Foreign Relations Task Force objectives.[6]

Agenda 21 Indoctrination

Some private schools south of the border have now begun replacing traditional courses on society and economics with courses on “Environment and Sustainability”. The replacement of the economics social studies course with an environmental course is de facto giveaway to the nature of this new doctrine, one seeking to supplant traditional economic and societal structure. Based on pseudo-science, the green global warming movement seeks to serve as an excuse to restructure society as a whole, establish a (global) centrally planned economy and a political structure (the “planetary regime”) working through regional government. Remember, the failed 2010 Cancun UN Climate Change Conference stated the possibility of forced relocation of endangered parts of the Méxican population, based on UN dictate to be executed by the national government, as part of the environmental agenda.[7]

It is humorous how they changed the name from global warming to “climate change”, because the planet may not be warming after all and nobody can deny that the climate…changes. The climate changes just as the sun rises. “Fighting” climate change would be like fighting the rising of the sun. Maybe we should nuke the sun?

In this new course, the topics include: “ecosystems, environment, society, development and sustainability.” If focuses heavily on the importance of the environment and understanding it from a “global perspective”, not beginning from a local perspective!

Furthermore, there is a heavy focus on resource availability, demand and population growth. The underlying thread of the eugenics nature of the environmental movement and their utter obsession with human population and the eradication of the cancer known as man is clearly evident here.

Under the final topic of “sustainable development”, students examine the concept “economically, socially, environmentally, politically and technologically”. If this isn’t a viewpoint of totally restructuring our society, I don’t know what is. Finally, students are to “Analyze the characteristics and the application of Agenda 21: México in the international context and the actions at a regional and local level.”

How is this program implemented exactly? Take a cue from the Bilderberg syndicate structure. The heads of academia, as with any other field, attend the World Economic Forum and so forth. It’s easy: go back to your institution and out of peer pressure or inside knowledge, implement the agenda!

The teachers that then go ahead and put it to use in the classroom, generally, have no idea of the true nature of the material they are teaching and merely superficially study the material themselves before passing it on to the unsuspecting populace.

The green culture has already been created by academia, via the policy making networks and institutes, government which has accepted this doctrine from the think tanks without question, manufactured media consent and ultimately the social pressure this all creates. To question is kooky! To defy is heresy!

It was only a few months back that the high priest of the Gaia religious cult, Al Gore, came to bless this country.[8] He reportedly received anywhere from tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars for issuance of the rite. The glitz and glamour of this celebrity bowled over the crowd. In a private after session, a brainwashed university student even asked His Highness, in very serious manner, as to how this would all improve the new world order. In fact, a month later, the international relations conference was titled, wouldn’t you believe it, “New World Order”!

Congress of International Relations — The New World Order: Reconfiguring “Scenarios”, “Settings”, or “the stage”

A Green World Religion

As documented in a recent series of reports, the sustainability doctrine is infesting all of higher education. “It emphasizes maximal conservation of resources and government regulation to the near exclusion of other approaches.”[9] Every single student must be knowledgable and engaged in sustainability.

The analysis there of the movement emphasized its economic and political imperatives. At one level this is largely accurate. The sustainability movement is heir to the disappointments of European socialists and ex-communists. It sprang into existence in 1987 with the report of the UN Commission on Environment and Development, chaired by Norwegian prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland. The connection to land-use planning, the commitment to extra-territorial regulation, and the readiness to by-pass democratic procedure are in the DNA of the sustainability movement. A great deal of its mischief, as in the persistently misleading pronouncements from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, stems from the grounding of the sustainability movement in attitudes far removed from American political and cultural traditions.

But the traction that the movement has gained in the United States doesn’t have much to do with spontaneous admiration for UNESCO bureaucrats or international elites who jet around the world promoting massive transfers of wealth to impoverished nations. Those  ideas eventually find welcome in the minds of students who have worked their way deep inside the concept that they are now ‘citizens of the world.’ The movement’s mass appeal lies elsewhere.

Sustainability is first of all an emotional summons—one that combines elemental fears with hopes of salvation. It draws heavily on Judeo-Christian imagery and a secularized, but not very deeply disguised, Christian narrative of a good creation corrupted by human sin and headed for disaster, which might be staved off through sufficient acts of penitence—like giving up the internal combustion engine, not to mention bottled water and cafeteria trays.

The religious narrative is interwoven with other strands of Western mythology. It isn’t hard to find Rousseau’s imaginary picture of man uncorrected by civilization filtering into the dreams of sustainatopians. The movement expresses a longing for lost innocence, for the “re-enchantment” of nature as one of its proponents puts it, and for an easily captured high ground on which alienation from mass consumerism can be played out as though it had positive content. Somehow we can feel better about ourselves if we believe the world is going to wrack and ruin because of the heedlessness and greed of others.

 And it thrives because it is a substitute religion that demands a manageable degree of expiation, self-sacrifice, and guilt.[10]

Not that any of this is anything new. The ancient agenda has always been, and will always be, the vie for total global domination. The only thing that changes is the excuse used to put fear into the population, in that they would go along.

The Darwinist eugenicist and brother of “Brave New World” Aldous, Julian Huxley, in a parting 1948 speech, told us we must look at our problems “as part of a single world problem, where the several nations must learn to make adjustments in the interest of the whole body of nations.” That he “thinks of such problems as over-population.” Furthermore, he stressed the need to develop “citizens of the One World of the human mind” as he welcomed the inauguration of a prominent Mexican politician as the next Director General of UNESCO, Jaime Torres Bodet.[11]
One key dilemma I come to over and over again is: if nation states have failed and are run by corrupt agents (as almost all are), what in the world makes them think that a single world state will function any better? It defies logic!

If you can hear this, you are the resistance. Please send out your stories, write of your experiences, put them in the comment sections. 

P.S. Is this still crazy talk for you? Well, don’t take it from me, here is Joe Deiss, a cog in the UN machine discussing the need for “global governance” and Agenda 21 (as part of the nation state takeover, timeline 2050) in dull, read-between-the-lines bureaucrat-o-speak. I am forced merely to link to the website as embedding YouTube material may soon mean you are a terrorist. 


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Find more excellent analysis please visit Global Governance Archive, an information war desk which seeks to aid researchers both new and old in sifting through the most important material on everything from economy to the architecture of global government which is now being built. 
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