Toxic Levels Of Barium And Aluminum Found In Several Mohave County Arizona Residents

Mohave County citizens, angered by outright toxic chemtrail operations, have had their blood tested for barium and aluminum with startling results.

Alex Thomas
The Intel Hub 

The existence of a large scale Geoengineering operation over the skies of America, and the world for that matter, has, at this point, been heavily documented.

In the last year alone the Chemtrail issue has been taken to a whole new level with millions of people demanding that governments around the world STOP spraying.

Mike Murphy has released the documentary, “What In The World Are They Spraying” which has brought the truth to millions of otherwise clueless citizens.

In late February, The Intel Hub released an article covering the connection between the supposed need to combat man made global warming and the large scale manipulation of our planet through aerosol spraying.

Now, citizens in Mohave County Arizona have had their blood tested for barium and aluminum and what they found should be an awakening for all the people of the world.

“Just three months after Golden Valley resident Gianluca Zanna encouraged others to get blood tests, more than a dozen people have tested positive for toxic levels of barium and aluminum,” wrote Bridget Lewison.

Gianluca Zanna, of who himself tested positive for high levels of barium, put together the tests which were taken by 17 different people.

A total of 13 people have tested at high levels with most testing at least 1,000 percent over the normal level.

Normal levels are between 2 and 10 mcg/L for barium according to Labcorp and Quest Labs.

“None of them works in an at-risk industrial environment, and most spend their time indoors,” said Zanna, who, along with his wife and another area resident, tested positive for toxic levels of barium earlier this year.

Three of the people tested also tested positive for toxic levels of aluminum. As Monsanto prepares its aluminum resistant seeds( patent # 7582809), the people of the world, who aren’t genetically engineered to handle aluminum, continue to get sick.

Zanna has sent the tests to local Arizona officials and is awaiting their response.

These tests directly coincide with the hundreds of rainwater tests that have already been documented and put together by which also show high levels of barium.

The people of the America and the world must demand our governments stop this toxic spraying operation before it has an irreversible long term effect.

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