Congress Sells Out American People Again, Reaches Deal To Extend Patriot Act Four More Years

Alex Thomas, The Intel Hub

Congress, unfazed by their worst approval rating in history, has just reached a deal to extend the Patriot Act four more years.

Key provisions to this unconstitutional attack on America were set to expire on May 27th. The provisions that were set to expire included roving wiretaps and the surveillance of so called lone wolf terrorists.

“Sens. Reid and McConnell have introduced a clean, four-year extension of the Patriot Act, one of the critical tools the intelligence community has to keep America safe. The Senate will consider this legislation next week,” said Michael Brumas, a McConnell spokesman, Politico reported.

This extension has once again been rammed down the American people’s throats without so much as a committee debate.The

The Patriot Act, a bill that was promised to never be used against the American people, has been used countless times against innocent civilians. One of the more prominent cases of the Patriot Act being used directly against American citizens was the case of former CIA asset Susan Lindauer.

Susan, whose knowledge of pre 9/11 warnings could have taken down the Bush administration, was charged as an Iraq agent when she tried to go public.

Lindauer ended up in a military prison where she watched government officials continually claim that we had no idea the 9/11 attacks were coming when she had evidence of the exact opposite.

The Patriot Act is absolutely unconstitutional and its extension should send a clear message to the American people that Congress DOES agree on at least one thing; the unlawful surveillance and detention of American citizens all in the name of security.

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