Seattle King5 and Covers Simulation Showing Radiation On West Coast

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Multiple mainstream media outlets have picked up the Norwegian Air Institutes simulation showing radiation on the west coast. This is a major development that shows that The Intel Hub (among many other wonderful alternative news outlets) was days ahead of the curve in reporting a simulation by credible scientists.

While the scientist who was quoted downplayed the possibility of radiation hitting Washington, the article does admit that the group of scientists who put together the simulation ARE credible.

“The animation was put together by scientists at the Norwegian Institute for Air Research. It’s a credible group that studies atmospheric patterns. had University of Washington atmospheric science professor Dr. Dan Jaffe take a look at it. He’s considered one of the best at understanding trans-Pacific air patterns,” reported King 5.

The article that appeared on labeled those who do not believe the governments radiation readings as conspiracy theorists.

“Conspiracy theorists believe the public isn’t being told the truth about the actual radiation risk and computer models like this prove that. They see those down-playing the risk as part of some giant government cover up.”

The sad reality is that their is an extremely high probability that the government is down playing the risks, in fact every single government ever involved with a major radiation release has hid the true dangers of the disaster from the public.

Here at The Intel Hub we have reported on the Japanese nuclear disaster from day one, and will continue to report real, uncensored facts.

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