April 1st Special: Because They Are All Fools — The Faces of Evil That Rule The World

Zen Gardner

I’ve tripled the number of new Evil Faces and images since the first Gallery was published in December of ’10.  Couldn’t help it.
Enjoy the updates. I intersperse the new ones and added more characterizations to pepper it up with surprises as the oldies set the tone. Enjoy. Don’t let it frighten you, laugh at these would-be controllers and don’t participate in their schemes. 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. With the human face it’s even more revealing, especially the eyes.

Politicians and many other public figures, if you’ve ever seen a professional one up close, have almost a waxen stiffness and sheen to their phony, memorized expressions. Most public and power characters need to be caught off guard to reveal their true nature, but it’s not necessary. Usually it’s in plain sight. To the intuitive, it’s always clear.

The eyes are the ‘windows of their souls’, while their expressions can also intermittently give away their true nature. But certainly, “actions speak louder than words.”

Here’s a quick selection of some current, and past, leaders, power brokers and influential people of questionable intent and deeds. My comments only serve to single out my impressions and not tell you what to think. This is my casual speculation, for your consideration and to provoke re-evaluation.
Look for the light in many of their eyes–it’s not there.

You might see something else though, something very troubling. Much of this is the opposition to humanity, conscious or unconsciously.

(Check back regularly, this gallery is STILL growing and will continue to!…..Zen)

Here we go…hold on…


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