“$52 to $56 Silver by Mid-year” Update

Fractal Silver Chart
Lorimer Wilson
Back on February 18th I wrote an editorial showing that Silver could rocket up to $52 to $56 by mid-year.  At the time of the writing Silver was sitting a little above $32 on the price chart.  The original chart work was based off of the fractal chart work I do with Silver from previous fractal time periods.  So far the rise in Silver appears to be right on track for our expected targets to be approached into mid-year.  I will post a link to the original article, below, for your perusal.
Silver has entered the more parabolic path of this historic PM Bull very much like it did back in the late 70s.  If you want to get a general idea of how far Silver still had to run, you can look at the original article link, above, where I posted a long-term chart of Silver back to the 70s.  On the 70s chart of Silver in that article, I placed a circle on the analogous place for Silver in the 70s compared to where Silver was on the chart when I wrote the original public article. 
To some extent, Silver is like the canary in the coal mine when it comes to the Vth Wave advance of the Precious Metals Bull.  The price of Silver acted the same way in the 1970s PM Bull Market since it takes a lot less speculative money to drive the price of Silver parabolic than it does for Gold.  Don’t forget the many times when Silver has led a charge in the PM sector to new highs only to be left like Wiley Coyote running into thin air off of a cliff. 
Obviously, something is different “this time.”  This time Silver has run wild on the upside, and Gold is following in its footsteps.   In fact, smaller investors can help to contribute to the advance into Wave V for Silver since it is easier for them to accumulate a larger amount of Silver with its lower price.  This is one point in a market cycle where what many call “Smart Money” can be out-run by smaller investors.
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