Ice age Britons ate each other and made cups from skulls

A gruesome discovery in the Cheddar Gorge suggests that ancient Britons indulged in cannibalism and even drank from the skulls of their victims.


Richard Alleyne

Scientists have discovered the remains of three humans – including a child-of-three – that appear to have been killed for food, their bodies butchered and then eaten.

The bones showed precision cuts to extract the maximum amount of meat and the skulls had been carved into cups and bowls for drinking and eating.

The fragments – which are 14,700 years old- are thought to be the oldest examples in the world of skull cups and the first evidence of ritual killing in Britain.

What is particularly horrific is that at the time, humans knew how to bury their dead and so were not savages meaning the remains are most likely the result of premeditated cannibalism.

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