‘Vitriolic Rhetoric’ vs. Government’s Aggression

Scott Lazarowitz
Lew Rockwell

Following the shootings in Arizona by a lunatic, there were calls to “tone down the rhetoric” politically, with references to the past year’s “vitriolic” anger and activism expressed by many among the Tea Party movement and by those who generally oppose the federal government’s agenda. There have been criticisms of “violent metaphors,” such as those used by Sarah Palin who was “targeting” various candidates in the November 2010 elections, with bull’s-eyes drawn on maps of targeted districts, and so on. Some have criticized the current bill to repeal ObamaCare, because of the repeal bill’s title, “Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act,” because it has the word “killing” in the title, and the bill’s critics remind us just how ridiculous and nutty today’s political correctness has become.

So, “Tone down the rhetoric,” they say. This reminds me of those annoying commercials with James Lehman, the child behavioral therapist whose product attempts to help people deal with their “backtalking” and “defiant” kids. His books and CDs teach parents how to control their kids’ behavior. (Apparently, some people like the product and some don’t.) And this is exactly how the elitists in Washington sound, the ones who don’t want to hear the “defiance” and “backtalking” of the people who are opposed to one intrusion after another by the government into our private lives and businesses. We are being disobedient to the feds’ authority, and they and their apologists don’t like it.

Well, I have news for them: They are the ones who have been disobedient, and it is up to “We the People” to control the bureaucrats’ aggressive acts of legislation, their bills and laws, policies and unconstitutional programs and procedures that are constantly limiting our freedom, speech, commerce and associations. It is our representatives in Washington who have been defiant of the Americans’ will, such as how the DC elitists rammed the ObamaCare bill through with no discussion and no debate, despite many Americans being opposed to that legislation. That was the epitome of how spoiled rotten and “disobedient” the bureaucrats in Washington have become!

The little dictators in Washington give more dictatorial orders than most 20th Century fascists had done. Americans need to exercise their inalienable rights of free speech to protest, as long as it’s peaceful. In general, people who love and cherish Liberty are peaceful, and don’t believe that using aggression is the way to solve problems. In contrast, it is those Washington elitists, whose very intrusions require the use of physical aggression by their enforcers to carry out their agenda, who are the truly violent ones. They are not peaceful. And many of these elitists do not like the people’s defiance of their aggressive rules and dictates, and they are the ones who become vitriolic in response to the “defiance and disobedience” of people who want their freedom restored.

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