Coporate Media FAILS to Report Facts Of Giffords Shooting, FBI HAS Security Tapes

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The corporate media has attempted, with absolutely no evidence, to blame the Tucson shooting on right wing extremists and 9/11“truthers.” Instead of doing their job, these government talking heads have accepted the official story and worked tirelessly to spread the government line.

Media pundits have shamelessly used this horrendous attack to further restrict free speech and attack opponents of draconian measures such as the health care bill and the Patriot Act.

Many in the alternative media have questioned the motives of the shooter and the possibility that he was a mind control victim. Reports of another shooter and or a handler have made claims of mind control all the more credible.

One report on the day of the shooting claimed that a sheriff deputy told reporters that a rifle was found on the scene.
Pima County Sheriff’s Deputy Rich Kastigar told reporters that a rifle with an extended magazine was found at the scene of the shooting spree.

Whether or not this was simply a mistake remains to be seen due to the fact that the corporate media has FAILED to do their job and investigate all aspects of the shooting.

The FBI has yet to release the security tapes from the shooting but have stated that the video shows what has been reported.

The Daily Mail
Police investigating the Arizona gun massacre revealed today that the horrific shooting was caught on tape.

Chilling surveillance video taken from the Safeway supermarket parking lot captured the events of January 8 when accused gunman Jared Loughner, 22, opened fire, first at Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, and then indiscriminately into the crowd.

Giffords was holding a “Congress On Your Corner” event that had to be videotaped by at least one of her supporters. The idea that the only security video footage is from the Safeway cameras seems to be unrealistic at best.

How did the FBI confiscate video footage from fleeing citizens? Why hasn’t the public been shown the footage to ascertain what actually transpired?

Unfortunately, most people choose to accept the official line, mostly due to the fact that American citizens are conditioned to believe the government or be considered possible terrorists.

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