Police enter home on trumped charges, and execute puppies

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Jason Douglass

Police violence during routine domestic visits are on the rise. Elderly citizens have been ‘tazed’ while attending their grandchildren’s quinceaneras and pets have been nonchalantly put down for barking while their masters are savagely beaten for demanding Constitutional rights.

In yet another example of this type of police brutality, officers serving a DWI warrant the day before the defendant was scheduled to appear at a court hearing regarding the charge entered the multifamily dwelling and immediately shot and killed the residents’ three dogs, two of which were puppies only a few months old. Three bullets were fired into each of the canine’s heads, execution style. One was cowering under a table in an act of submission when he was neutralized.


After overstepping their [police] bounds, local media began reporting the warrant was related to a drug trafficking charge. Trumping up charges is a common tactic to garner community support for police brutality. The truth of the matter in this case is that the infraction was nothing more than misdemeanor possession of a personal amount of marijuana. Since there was no evidence beyond simple possession of the controlled substance, there was no reason for this type of extreme situation. In fact, the entire case was to be decided the very next morning, legally in a court of law.

But in a case like this, we can clearly see the reasons for extreme laws regarding minor league controlled substances like marijuana. These laws are a means to allow police jurisdiction over common citizens and to effectively strip them of their pesky rights.

Agencies like the Drug Task Force run by the Huntington Police Department are flushed with cash from the ‘war on drugs’ and desperate to justify their steep expenditures. Agencies can identify anyone as being a potential drug trafficker for simple possession. But here in the ‘land of the free and home of the brave’ this isn’t supposed to be the case.

Police need clear evidence in order to escalate a charge from misdemeanor possession to drug trafficking. Most major cities have completely decriminalized marijuana and have officially stopped targeting users who possess minor amounts of the substance altogether. Since the subject in question was only in possession of about 3 grams of marijuana which had been rolled into a blunt, it was clear this was meant for personal consumption and not intended for sale.

With an average cost of $10,400 for this type of raid, one has to consider the fiscal validity of an operation like this. Taxpayers’ hard earned money is being squandered to bring petty crimes to justice in hopes they will turn into a better collar.

Between the ‘war on drugs’ and the ‘war on terror’ our rights are being eroded. In the name of catching drug dealers and terrorists we are giving up our most cherished rights. What is the real crime perpetrated here and who should be brought to justice? Illegal police tactics need to be investigated and if they are found to be unlawful the guilty parties should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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