How To Revive the Flu Scare

WHO director Margaret Chan admitting last year’s flu pandemic was “not as serious as anticipated”

Zen Gardner

I can’t read anything about these sudden flu outbreaks without thinking they’re staged. Good thing is I’m not alone. Last year’s hoax was fully exposed, including documented links to big Pharma collusion, and overall flu levels were reportedly even lower than normal.

Nice try.

The WHO, HPA, FDA and other insidious corrupt organizations have been itching to shoot the world up with their toxic depopulation vaccines, and nothing scares an unwary public more than the word “pandemic”–which is now programmed to pop into their little mind screens as soon as the word “flu” is spoken.

Pandemic fear mongering makes good theatre, too. Even the elite like to play along with their own schemes

The situation now is, they blew this whole scam so badly last year, I’m afraid they’re going to come out with much more deadly strains to make their point and push their program through.

They still have the sleeping majority of the world’s masses under their pathetic mind control scheme so they know it will eventually work. And what better time than during what’s projected to be the most severe winter Europe’s had in centuries.

Here’s from today’s UK Independent:

Doctors shocked by spread of swine flu – and its severity

H1N1 virus returns, already claiming lives of 10 British adults with early signs that illness has spread to other European countries

Starts in pretty strong, wouldn’t you say? And “oh my God, not only are doctors shocked, but the health editor is reporting this! Oh my! It must be true! If he’s alarmed, we should ALL be alarmed!”

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