Global Crash JPMorgan Campaign – BUY SILVER!

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The Crash JPMorgan – Buy Silver Campaign that was initiated by Max Keiser is still underway and going strong. What seems to be lacking is a more broadened effort to transfer paper assets to physical assets. People the world over are waking up to the Fiat Paper Schemes of the Central Banks and their fraud of wealth.

Efforts to bring the world into complete destruction are moving right along and to the average person, there doesn’t seems to be any way to combat this. What those skeptics and ordinary people need is a wakeup call to what is going on. Who will inform them about the Federal Reserve being a Central Bank which is neither Federal nor a Bank – it is a privately owned Cartel of Banking Families.

The Real Agenda being played out is World De-Population
What evidence does one need except to realize that the entire Fractional Reserve Money System is Digital – Electronic. These Trillions of dollars of Debt are fictional – calculated – much like a derivative in Calculus. Derivatives are a Financial Weapon designed to destroy Empire. These so called Derivatives were not allowed to be traded, until the banks through their operatives, were able to remove Glass Steagall protections which kept separate Commercial and Private Investments of Individuals Investors and Corporate Entities.

What needs to happen is a return to Glass Stegall to protect and separate Private Investment from Speculative Assets – two of which is the Credit Default Swaps and Mortgage Backed Securities. This is the only way to protect and shelter your private assets from the bankers financial control and manipulation.

What is about to take place is a GLOBAL CRASH JPMORGAN – BUY SILVER Campaign. The general media has been completely silent about the initial Campaign – Why?

Why would the Main Stream Media be completely silent on something like this? Zero Hedge has published many articles and RussiaToday has covered this movement extensively.

IS IT POSSIBLE that something Evil lurks behind the curtain? Could it be that the POWER and MONEY are instructing the media to keep quite on this story? Could there be a virtual blackout of one of the most significant unified efforts to protect personal assets in history?
If your answer to this questions is yes, then you might be on the right track.

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