Biometric Security Now Reality: Coming Soon to Android

Alicia Gomez
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Biometric security has long been desired on our phones to provide the most secure way to protect your phone from unwanted intrusion. BluePlanet Apps, maker of RoboPrint and dTor, has been developing this app for quite some and is nearly ready for a Beta release.

At the Apps World Conference, BluePlanet Apps CEO Jason Braverman presented BioLock to an audience including Samsung, who he says are interested in having it on their phones. BioLock is a truly futuristic concept brought to life by scanning either your iris, recognizing your face, or using a password to unlock your phone.

The app uses Army-grade algorithms for face modeling when doing facial recognition and even has blink detection and pupil dilation to prevent someone from merely using a photo of you.

Without you physically there to scan your face or iris, no one can have access to your phone. Perhaps you do not need to lock down your phone completely but just prohibit access to specific apps, for example, your text messages. Whenever entering the app, Biolock is activated before opening.

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