Biden-White House Agrees with GOP: Assange is “High Tech Terrorist”

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Vice President Joe Biden confirmed on Meet the Press this Sunday that he and the White House agree with Mitch McConnell’s assessment that Julian Assange is a “high tech terrorist” claiming that the leaks have “done damage” to diplomatic relations.

Biden also said the the Justice Department is pursuing legal action against Assange.  He claimed Assange would be committing a crime if he “conspired” to obtain the leaked information.

It is now apparent that the Democratic White House and the Republican leadership have taken the same stance on exposing the lies of the State, especially as they pertain to war.  The White House has already taken steps to prevent State Department and Pentagon employees from accessing and commenting on the leaked cables.

Given the harsh bipartisan tone targeting WikiLeaks, it seems that the righteous calls for protecting free speech and an open press will be cast as the lunatic “fringe.”  It proves the false left-right political power center is preparing to go to draconian lengths to suppress the truth of their imperial lies.

PS: How fitting that this clip from NBC is brought to us by Boeing.

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