Mass Extinction Events – Are We Next?

Dr. Mark Sircus

Feeling secure with life these days? If you are secure like granite then you should possibly have your head examined and confess all your sins because insecurity is one of the facts of life. After all we might be knocking on the gates of heaven at any moment if we are good little boys and girls; life for any of us could end in the next day.

There are no guarantees in life but one. But to talk about the one solid framework of life one has to get religious, one has to talk about God or what I like to call the light of pure consciousness. No matter what, we can count on the backbone of the universe to shine 24/7 no matter what we are doing or where we are, and that is why it says to seek first the kingdom of heaven because if you do, you discover the eternal light that never fails.

The heart chakra is the security center and its color is green and even our skin turns pale greenish when flashes of insecurity and jealousy envelop us. Insecurity is such an uncomfortable feeling, so much so that people would rather just shut down this emotional/feelings center and not be bothered with all the pain. Often the more someone has the more insecure they actually become because the fear of loss grows as we gather power and wealth.

It is not easy to open up a discussion about humanity’s chances of coming through the next decade or two. There is a high probability event on the horizon that puts billions of souls on the path to the gates that lead from this earth to somewhere else, but global warming is not included in our future destiny, yet President Barack Obama said he will look for ways to control global warming pollution anyway.

This is no exaggeration and we need to realize that right at this moment, as we are still comfortable and secure, a cool billion people or more are already in dire straits. There are that many people who are very hungry and starving for the very elements of life, starving for water, food, and shelter. A significant percentage of humanity is already at death’s door. Even in the richest country on the planet, over 40 million are on food stamps.

The drop from July is significant, and very steep, losing more than half of the temperature anomaly since then. The southern hemisphere has dropped the most. Very threatening to global temperatures is the tremendous recent increase in volcanic activity around the world.

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