Israeli Art Students Going Door To Door In Utah County

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A stunning report out of ABC 4 News has highlighted yet another case of mysterious Israeli Art students. Residents in and around Utah County have received knocks on their door from people claiming to be Israeli Arts students trying to raise money for their local gallery. Instead of pitching their product, these supposed art students asked national security questions that would be sure to get the average citizen on numerous terror watch lists.

Sales people working neighborhoods in Northern Utah County have been asking some odd questions that have nothing to do with making the sale. Folks are reporting that they’re asking about the new National Security Agency’s data center that is being built at Camp Williams. ABC 4 News

What could an innocent art student possibly need to know about a secretive NSA data center? It is also worthy to note that this data center specializes in cybersecurity. Israel is the key suspect in the Stuxnet attacks that have been inflicted upon Iran.

This is very startling information. Mossad agents, playing the role of Israeli Art students, were involved in one the largest terror attacks in American History. The massive spy ring that was discovered before 9/11 clearly implicated Israeli agents in the 9/11 attacks.

Prior to 9/11, the FBI had discovered the presence of a massive spy ring inside the United States run by the government of Israel. This seems a harsh gratitude from a nation which obtains 10% of its annual budget from the American taxpayer, $3+ billion a year. Over the years, American taxpayers have been required to send Israel more than four times what the US spent to go to the moon….
Yet another Israeli telecom company is Odigo, which provides the core message passing system for all the “Instant Message” services. Two hours before the attacks on the World Trade Towers, Odigo employees received a warning. Odigo has an office 2 blocks from the former location of the World Trade Towers. What Really Happened

Israeli spies have targeted U.S. government agencies in the past. The most notable being the DEA. Elements of the Mossad and CIA are making billions off the sale of opium and have thwarted multiple attempts at exposing this drug ring. 

In January, 2001, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Office of Security Programs (IS), began to receive reports of Israeli art students attempting to penetrate several DEA Field Offices in the continental United States. Additionally, there have been reports of Israeli art students visiting the homes of numerous DEA employees. Cryptome

Israelis have been documented snooping around multiple DEA offices throughout the United States. That’s right, the U.S. funds the Israeli military and in return the money is used to fund spy rings within our own country.

The ABC 4 News article went on to state that local police have been notified and that federal agents were actively investigating these students for ties to organized crime and terrorism.

When contacted about these suspicious “salesman” Homeland Security announced that they were unaware of the students. How could DHS be unaware of possible terrorists going door to door asking questions about a NSA data center? This is the same agency that monitors anyone in America involved in any sort of political activity. Perhaps certain agents within The Department of Homeland Security are purposely ignoring the potential threat posed by the Israelis? Remember, DHS recently hired an Israeli company to track anti gas drilling activists in Pennsylvania.

Blogs and even church bulletins are buzzing. One such bulletin sent out to LDS women in Highland said, “This is a scam! These are not art students and federal law enforcement groups are actually investigating their ties to organized crime and terrorist groups.” The note went on, “Part of their mission here is to gain information on the new NSA installation coming to our area.” Door-to-door spies in Utah County?

Why is the corporate media not all over this story? Staged events such as the Christmas Day Bomber and Times Square Fizzler aired for hours upon hours but a possible Israeli terror ring that is already being investigated isn’t worthy of coverage?

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