Is the Oil Spill Staged?

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“We are not the enemy here.”—Anderson Cooper, CNN reporter (referring to the media blackout surrounding the oil spill)
Let me say up front that, personally, I don’t believe that the oil spill disaster was staged (although I believe that much of the clean-up may well be). So why do I bring up the possibility? Because we are being lied to by both the federal government and BP, and at this point all possible explanations for the oil spill need to remain on the table.
On the face of it, asking if the Gulf oil spill is a staged event may seem to be absurd—what about all the oil washing up on the beaches; what about the deaths from the rig explosion; what about all the money being spent on the clean-up, and so on…?
“What about all the money…?” Indeed—what about it?
Good old avarice is one of the main reasons why the oil spill may have been staged. “Big people” stand poised to make trillions off of the collapse of our oil-driven culture. (Link)
Another reason for a staged oil spill is population control—i.e. culling “the small people.” You know—us. (Link)
If you don’t think that mass murder is considered a viable option by the NWO-Far Left folks, then you need to wake up and smell the roses—or rather, the Zyklon B.

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