EPA WhistleBlower – Public Can’t Handle the Truth Regarding Corexit9500

Alex Thomas
The Intel Hub

According to Hugh Kaufman, the public just can’t handle the truth when it comes to the poisoning of the Gulf Coast. Kaufman, who played a major role in exposing the EPA cover up of the air quality at ground zero, stated that  dispersants mixed with oil in the water are EXTREMELY toxic!

Kaufman not only echoed our claims that Corexit9500 should never have been used, he went as far as to state we will be dealing with the effects of this toxin for decades to come. Apparently, the decision to use Corexit was a political one, made my appointees outside of the EPA. That’s right, the use of Corexit was approved by Obama political appointees with little to no thought into the repercussions of their decision.
Bloomberg, among others has reported that the oil is dissipating and will most likely not travel up the east coast. This is absolute garbage, Corexit9500 has pushed the oil below the surface and has obviously been used to cover up the true extent of the disaster.
Hugh Kaufman went on to state that we have seen evidence of dolphins bleeding from their orifices. This is absolutely disgusting. We have literally poisoned the wildlife and people of the Gulf and most of the corporate controlled media have done everything possible to cover up what can only be described as chemical rape.

We have now poisoned thousands of miles of the Gulf Coast – Hugh Kaufman on MSNBC – July 28th
This is just one more piece of evidence that indicates criminal neglect on the part of British Petroleum and the EPA


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