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Are Gas Shortages Coming to America?

By Daisy Luther Gas shortages could be coming to America…and quickly. An unexpected fuel crisis has hit Canada. According to a Canadian blogger and author, not one, but two, fuel tankers were inexplicably delayed last week, and shortages ensued alarmingly quickly, with numerous gas stations running completely out of fuel within a matter of days.…


How to Prepare for a Cyber Attack

By Daisy Luther There is a lot of debate on whether Wednesday’s computer issues that shut down the New York Stock Exchange, the Wall Street Journal, and United Airlines were just a very strange coincidence (very strange) or a deliberate cyber attack. This isn’t the first possible cyber attack on the United States this year.…


There’s Something in the Water in Utah: E Coli

By Daisy Luther For the second time in as many months, Utah is facing a municipal water crisis. Back in April, the community of Nibley was unable to use the water from the taps due to a chemical spill. This time, the city of Syracuse, Utah has issued a boil order due to E. Coli and…


Case Study in Collapse Propaganda: Venezuela is Now Rationing Electricity

By Daisy Luther Denial might be a river in Venezuela. For the past year, the government has been trying to sugar coat the economic demise of the country, and they’re continuing the propaganda with the new electricity rationing program that they’ve instituted. If you think it’s because of the socialist government’s financial collapse, you’re being…


In Defense of California: Stop Wishing We’d Fall into the Ocean and Die

By Daisy Luther California. Home of restrictive gun laws.  Liberal enclaves like Los Angeles and Hollywood. That terrible, four-year drought. Feinstein and Pelosi. Not great qualities for a state, I have to admit. I can’t tell you how many times people have blithely suggested that I move. Or that they hold close the fervent wish…


Ethics Professor Says It’s “Quite Reasonable” to Kill Disabled Babies via Obamacare

By Daisy Luther Has anyone else noticed that most professors of ethics aren’t exactly…ummm…ethical? At least the ones who get quoted, anyway. A professor at the highly esteemed Princeton University doesn’t want his Obamacare premiums to increase because of caring for severely disabled babies. Dr. Pete Singer, who teaches ethics (but perhaps needs a little refresher…


Elmo Is a Corporate Whore

Daisy Luther Activist Post Everyone loves Elmo, that cute furry little muppet spokesperson for the pre-school set. But there’s a deep, dark secret behind his adorable visage. I hate to break it to you, but Elmo is a whore. He’s being pimped out. Harsh, right?  Well, prostitution is the act of selling oneself for money.  And Elmo…


Should You Trust Your Bank? 43% of Americans Don’t. Here’s Why.

Daisy Luther Activist Post If you read between the lines on a recent report from American Express, it looks like more Americans are veering away from the traditional bank savings accounts: A majority consumers say they’ll keep their savings at a local bank (57% vs. 55% in 2014) but more than half of those who…


The 10 Daily Habits of Frugal People

Daisy Luther Activist Post There’s a big movement towards frugality afoot these days. It probably has something to do with our declining economy, record unemployment levels, and the increasing price of food, but only the wisest families are paying attention to these things. The rest of the folks are blithely going on as they always…

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