WikiLeaks: The Afghan Tunnels The US Just Bombed — “They Were Built By The CIA”

By Jack Burns

As the Trump administration is flexing its military muscle, having stood up to Syria and its ally Russia, and while it’s now relishing in the news it has dropped the nation’s largest most-powerful non-nuclear bomb on a cave complex in eastern Afghanistan, one critic was quick to point out a little-known fact. WikiLeaks tweeted a simple but true statement concerning the origin of the cave complex the Americans are so proud to have reportedly destroyed. “Those tunnels the U.S is bombing in Afghanistan? They were built by the CIA,” WikiLeaks tweeted.

Linked to the tweet was a New York Times article from 2005, which described a similar cave complex in detail, and added a few additional details worth noting. “Tora Bora” as it’s known, contains “fortified caves” which are reported to contain, “miles of tunnels, bunkers and base camps, dug deeply into the steep rock walls.” The tunnels were built by the “C.I.A.”, with the help of the Bin Laden family, who constructed the complex.

Also jumping in on the mockery of the Trump administration is Edward Snowden, who tweeted, “The bomb dropped today in the middle of nowhere, Afghanistan, cost $314,000,000.” And in a follow up tweet, also said, “Those mujahedeen tunnel networks we’re bombing in Afghanistan? We paid for them.” He, too, linked his tweet to The NY Times article mentioned above. Apparently, the ant farm network of tunnels built by the CIA can now be destroyed by the American military in yet another pseudo-show-of-force meant to make the Trump administration seem tough on Syria, ISIS, and Al Qaeda.

It was said Bin Laden even helped to run the bulldozers at Tora Bora and knew the labyrinth of tunnels like the proverbial back of his hand. Financed by the intelligence agency to provide a headquarters and safe haven for the Mujahedeen, the Afghani fighting force was used to prevent the Russian takeover of Afghanistan during the Afghan War. After the Russians were defeated, the same Mujahedeen became known as Al-Qaeda, led by Osama Bin Laden.

After the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, Bin Laden became the United States’ most wanted man. Not surprisingly, he took up refuge inside Tora Bora, within its miles and miles of complex, well-fortified tunnels. Times writer, Mary Anne Weaver,

asked Masood Farivar, a former Khalis officer who had fought in Tora Bora during the jihad, to tell me why the caves were so important. “They’re rugged, formidable and isolated,” he said.

“If you know them, you can come and go with ease. But if you don’t, they’re a labyrinth that you can’t penetrate. They rise in some places to 14,000 feet, and for 10 years the Soviets pummeled them with everything they had, but to absolutely no avail. Another reason they’re so important is their proximity to the border and to Pakistan.”

One American military leader tasked with capturing or killing Bin Laden was General “Mad Dog” Mattis. Mattis is now the Trump Administration’s Secretary of Defense, and appears to have attempted to destroy at least a portion of Tora Bora’s system of tunnels with the drop of the MOAB bomb, known as the “Mother Of All Bombs.”

The aging general who’s now the nation’s most powerful military leader, with the exception of Trump as Commander-in-Chief, appears to be following through with a sixteen-year-old vendetta he may have been holding onto. The Times article from 2005 writes, “Brig. Gen. James N. Mattis…along with another officer with whom I spoke, was convinced that…he could have surrounded and sealed off bin Laden’s lair…He argued strongly that he should be permitted to proceed to the Tora Bora caves.”

However, according to Weaver, “The general was turned down,” and the decision not to take Bin Laden there at Tora Bora was one of the greatest military mistakes of the Bush Administration’s attempt to get him. Bin Laden escaped Tora Bora on December 16th, 2001.

It is also important to note that WikiLeaks’ tweet may or may not be 100 percent accurate. CNN reported the MOAB bomb was dropped on a tunnel complex about 12 miles from Tora Bora. However, those tunnels are likely all connected. CBS reported the airstrike destroyed several caves used by ISIS with its 11-ton ordnance. The news agency also interviewed a military expert who said the U.S. has at least 14 more MOAB missiles and may be prepared to lay waste to all such cave systems.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, the director of the CIA, Mike Pompeo, targeted WikiLeaks as a “non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like Russia.” The recently appointed director has apparently had enough of WikiLeaks’ activities, such as the March release of the CIA’s Vault 7.

Jack Burns is an educator, journalist, investigative reporter, and advocate of natural medicine. This article first appeared here at

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17 Comments on "WikiLeaks: The Afghan Tunnels The US Just Bombed — “They Were Built By The CIA”"

  1. A “non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like Russia.”

    Who to bomb?
    The abettors or the distributed computer network of wikileaks? – that is the question.
    Where to bomb? When to bomb? What bomb to use?
    My, what a quandary.

    What a truly funny hissy-fit by Pompeo.
    See – I resisted the pun. Well done me.

    I have an opinion, too.

    I don’t believe wikileaks is rotten-to-the-core enough to qualify as an intelligence ‘service’.
    Early days yet. Give ’em a a few decades to be utterly corrupted – then we’ll check their score-sheet.


    • You might want to check out the research of Dr. Michel Chossudovsky of Global Research and investigative journalist and Libertarian author/writer Lila Rajiva, going back to Assange’s initial entry onto the world stage. For instance, Assange formally requested Freedom House to serve as a Wikileaks advisory board member. Freedom House happens to be a US Govt / CIA front.

      Also, Assange is hostile to 9/11 Truth, e.g. telling a Belfast Telegraph reporter in 2010 he “gets annoyed at false conspiracies such as 9/11”.

      Henry Makow reported the details of Assange being raised in an Australian cult called The White Brotherhood also known as The Family directly tied to San­ti­nike­tan Park Asso­ci­a­tion, a private psychiatric hospital connected to the CIA’s MK Ultra program LSD experiments in the 1960’s-1980’s receiving CIA-Sandoz LSD-25

      • Thanks – but no need as I’ve tripped over most of what you mention over the years including in the local press.
        I used the word ‘utterly’ for a purpose. Let’s clear that up – wikileaks so far hasn’t presented as an arm of any GovCo/Corporado thereby appearing not be part of the Five Eyes scam.
        Some material released may well originate from this source but we’ll likely never know how that was done.

        Perhaps you missed the point.
        I wasn’t defending Assange – just illustrating a comparison, since Pompeo’s mob have points on the board aplenty.

        Besides, why would I stop pointing and laughing at Pompeo just because Assange may be sus? Like many others, I’m part of the jury that’s still out on the matter.
        If he is bent in the manner you allude to, Pompeo’s petulance turns instantly to bullshit.
        Which is of course even more amusing.


        • Thanks.

          Yep, I’m already on that page, Pompeo’s petulance is BS, theater of the absurd. That’s the only choice on the Matrix menu these days.

          Nothing like a front row seat.

          Best of luck in Australia.

          • Going to need it. Apparently our GovCo imbeciles are picking fights with China.
            That’ll go well.
            Meanwhile, we’re testing some more social engineering for your lot.
            That’s what we do, ya know, but being wrapped in electrical tape is not at all comfortable.
            Don’t know what happens next:-)

          • Testing social engineering? Please muck it up. I thought that’s what China is for, the testing grounds.
            Speaking of China, watch out for China-style Social Credit Scores!
            “Don’t know what happens next”
            Unfortunately, I do! 😉 Or pretty darn close…. “batting a thousand” so far in 15 years of analyzing the clusterf–k.
            Take care, and throw ’em some good curve balls, OK? Thank you!

  2. What evil ZioNazi ANIMAL, Tru*p is! ‘bin Laden/Al-Qaedas’ are no ‘Mujahideens’ or Islamic fighters: but are CIA/MOSSAD creation through & through just as IS/ISIS/ISIL are! And thus; I believe Assan*e is a two-face double agent.

    As usual, non-Whitey lands and its defenceless human beings are testing ground all the bombs by these racist and inhuman Luciferian ZioNazi animals. Soon enough, we’ll have another Hiroshima in our non-Whitey world!

  3. Typical. The sad truth is that the US government is often behind both sides in a war. For example, who armed the Nazis? We did!! Provable. Who gave the Soviets all that technology that allowed them to be such a threat? We did!! Why is this? Because the globalists can achieve their goal of a one world global fascist dictatorship without a badly weakened US and one of the ways to do this is to weaken us through endless conflicts.

  4. Were the Tunnels destroyed in Afghanistan by the MOAB built from U.S. Taxpayer $ or CIA Black Budget $ from their Illegal Drug Running Operation?

  5. The propaganda about former general Matthis, suggesting he was turned down by the Bush administration, and could have “found” Osama bin Laden is simply Bush-CIA, continued nonsense. Osama bin Laden was a US CIA officer, whose whereabouts was always known. George H. W. Bush arranged to hire him in the 1970s. Details at veteranstoday_

  6. Non Western world, especially the Muslim world right now; is the testing site for all the ZioNazi evil bombs and chemical weapons! What’s next – another Hiroshima-like Nuclear bomb testing?!!

  7. Great and important information, with potentially even greater info in some of the Links in the preceding comments!

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