The Establishment’s Plan to Divide: Donald Trump, Fake News, and Russia

trump-propaganda-russia-origBy Derrick Broze

Since the moment the polls closed on November 8, the Western establishment media and their partners in the State and Corporate classes have been working overtime to embed another propaganda-filled narrative deep into the minds of the American public. This operation involves President-elect Donald Trump, the recent fake news meme, and Russia. The goal of the operation? To further divide the American public between Statist, establishment-worshiping minions and principled, critically thinking truth seekers. Let’s take a look at the pieces of the puzzle.

Donald Trump

First, I should make it perfectly clear that I am not a supporter of Donald Trump, nor am I a supporter of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, or any other politician. As far as I am concerned these people are all a part of the problem. At best they are naive for thinking they can change the system from within; at worst they are actively shilling for the establishment to propagate division and support for the dying system.

Also, I do not buy the narrative that Donald Trump is an outsider who somehow duped both the corporate media and long-term politicos with his victory that nobody claims to have seen coming. Time and time again we have seen that anyone who aims to truly challenge the status-quo is not allowed to win. I say “allowed” because whether you are talking about easily hacked Diebold voting machines, the uselessness of the popular vote, the ever-increasing influence of money on politics, or the outright oligarchy that controls our world – your vote does not matter. Presidents are selected and not elected. For some reason a growing portion of the “alternative” media seems to have forgotten this.

Either way, Trump’s role seems to be that of the Great Divider. He has been brought on board to say absurd one-liners that can be repeated by the media ad nauseum and create a panic in the half of the population that believes he will launch World War 3. Meanwhile, Trump will betray his supporters by breaking campaign promises like every president before him. Instead, he will bring about more of the same old game we have seen played through the Obama, Bush, and Clinton regimes. Trump gets the privilege of running his mouth with controversial statements (whether he means them or not) while the media is happy to repeat everything he says.

Bottom Line: Trump is the establishment’s “anti-establishment” candidate. He is being used to create division while promoting a false resistance to the true establishment.

Fake News

If Trump is the establishment’s wolf in sheep’s clothing, the Fake News meme is the establishment’s tool for distraction and division. Since Trump was declared the winner, the corporate media (read: actual fake news) has pushed story after story claiming that government insiders have evidence that the Russians interfered with the U.S. elections by propagating fake news stories that favored Trump and attacked Hillary Clinton.

The Washington Post and other mouthpieces for the establishment ran with a report from the organization PropOrNot which claimed to identify websites that were spreading fake news and quite possibly working as Russian propagandists. The list contained Activist Post, Mint Press News, The Free Thought Project, The Anti Media, and many other independent media outlets. Essentially, the corporate media is repeating baseless accusations in an attempt to demonize both Donald Trump and his supposedly unexpected victory AND Russia.

This feeds back into the love/hate Trump loop, further dividing Americans. Those who hate Trump feel justified in their discontent and are happy to buy media lies about Russian interference in the election and fake news spread by uneducated Trump supporters. On the other side of the fence, Trump supporters feel justified in their distaste for the corporate media and their apparent “anti-Trump bias.” The media’s focus on Trump and repetition of unconfirmed rumors from unnamed government sources fuels the anti-establishment mood of the pro-Trump camp.

Again, I stress that from my analysis I have concluded that Trump is a part of the program. He is keeping the people divided and distracted while the American public fights about the veracity of their news, and the government searches for ways to begin regulating independent journalism while pretending to care about truth.

Bottom Line: The Fake News meme is being used to attack independent media that offers an alternative take to the party line. It also happens that the fake news meme serves as a way to divide Trump supporters and critics, as well as point a finger at Russia.


Throughout the election process the corporate media made references to Donald Trump’s apparent friendship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. As part of the never-ending Cold War era mentality, Americans are taught that all things Russian are evil and that any American who dares to support or cooperate with Russian officials may be a Russian agent, if not simply a bad American. The corporate media also repeated claims that Russia was behind the hacks of the Democratic National Convention that led to the leaking of emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta. Once WikiLeaks began releasing the Podesta Leaks and subsequently damaging Hillary Clinton’s reputation, the corporate media stated that the leaks were probably fake or compromised, and that Julian Assange was likely a Russian agent.

However, the big push to connect Trump to Russia has come in the days since the election. First, on December 9, The Washington Post claimed that a CIA analysis has proven that Russia did indeed interfere with the U.S. election in order to help Trump get to the White House. As of the writing of this article, U.S. officials are now reporting that Putin himself directed the hack against the DNC. Again, none of these claims have been independently verified, but they have led to more calls for investigations and a possible change of vote by the Electoral College.

The alleged interference from Russia has also helped pass legislation specifically aimed at combating foreign propaganda. Or at least that’s what the corporate deadstream media would have you believe. The Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act was recently passed as part of the yearly military budget known as the National Defense Authorization Act. If the NDAA sounds familiar it’s likely because it is the same bill that President Obama signed in 2012 authorizing indefinite detention of American citizens who are suspected of “terrorism.”

The Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act claims that its priority is “developing a whole-of-government strategy for countering foreign propaganda and disinformation. The bill would increase the authority, resources, and mandate of the Global Engagement Center to include state actors like Russia and China in addition to violent extremists.”  The bill also aims to “counter foreign disinformation operations and proactively advance fact-based narratives that support U.S. allies and interests.”

Despite the deceptive language, it is clear that the establishment wants to delegitimize any independent media or opposition as simply puppets of Russia or other foreign governments. The parasite classes are then able to keep the population divided and fighting over whether or not Trump is a legitimate president or an agent of the Russians.

Bottom Line: The establishment political class, media, and corporate partners are working overtime to convince the American public that WikiLeaks, Donald Trump, and the independent media are simply pawns of the Russian government.

Conclusion: By spreading the fake news meme the elitists behind the American power centers are able to attack  growing independent media icons by painting them as propagators of false Russian propaganda. The media is also using this fake news meme and Russian prop to accuse Trump of being an illegitimate president, further playing into the “Trump is an outsider” narrative. All of this is being done with the goal of keeping the domestic front as divided as possible while selling the brainwashed masses into another war. Coincidentally, all of this non-sense is taking place while the corporate media spreads lies about Syria and Russia.

Trump is the Great Divider, playing his role to keep the people fighting while the parasite classes take down independent media and sell the American public into a proxy war with Russia. Will you allow this game of deceit and misdirection to lead you down a path of ignorance, jingoism, and death?

Derrick Broze is an investigative journalist and liberty activist. He is the Lead Investigative Reporter for and the founder of the Follow him on Twitter. Derrick is the author of three books: The Conscious Resistance: Reflections on Anarchy and Spirituality and Finding Freedom in an Age of Confusion, Vol. 1 and Finding Freedom in an Age of Confusion, Vol. 2

Derrick is available for interviews. Please contact

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56 Comments on "The Establishment’s Plan to Divide: Donald Trump, Fake News, and Russia"

  1. More likely the writer of this article is a great divider. It never made it’s case and your theory is so full of holes that none of the dots were connected.

    • It is all scripted like the author states. If you are too ignorant to research and comprehend this, O well…

      • Ok, I do agree to a great amount that much of our situation does seem scripted. Yet, what does the author want the reader to do with all this info when he asks in his closing statement, “Will you allow this game of deceit and misdirection to lead you down a path of ignorance, jingoism, and death?” Really?!? Will you allow it!? What does he think we the people are to do about it? We are already divided and it is not in 2 but in many factions. There is no “we” in “we the people”. So does the author expect us to be fools and traitors and march on the government in mass revolt? I don’t think so. Vote for a different party than what we have in the past? No, I don’t think so. There is not much we can do about it. I have tried to discuss the notion of practicing civil disobedience against our government institution and strikes against big money powers, but as soon as you bring that idea up you get labeled as a “revolutionary”, a nut case, a terrorist. People hear “civil disobedience” and immediately and wrongly equate it with “violence”. They may have a point because it seems any time that we do act in peaceful protest and civil disobedience, the establishment infiltrates with anarchists and thugs and that allows the establishment to call out their paramilitary police goons to crack heads and arrest people. Free speech is not permitted unless you have a permit from the government and then they corral you into cages called, “Free Speech Zones” that are far removed from those who the protests are directed. It’s a big fascist joke. Will we allow it? Yeah, we will allow it because we have no other positive and realistic alternative to it. Which is exactly why Trump was elected president. We really had no other way to stick it to “the man” as they used to say.

        • Your reaction is what I think they want…a feeling of helplessness. You are right about the dividing, that is how they make us lose cohesive focus on the problems at hand. The only way I see to solve this is by grassroots contacts providing proof of beyond criminal acts by our governing swine. Also, quit spending money unless you have to. Buy only local and pay cash. Trash the cable and TV. Hit them where it hurts the most in Fiat cash. The persona you give off when revealing the many evils inherent in our ruling thugs really helps your case if done right. Let them mock all they want, because you are doing the right thing. Deny all fear…

      • The author is an idiot whose article doesnt belong at Activist Post

      • If it is all scripted, then why are the globalists tearing their hair out with one hugely failing lie after another?

        You are yet another anti-Trump troll in here. Camp FEMA for you.

        • You still think Unicorns exist I see. Here’s hoping you someday will realize the controllers know you better than you know yourself. Until you can see that fact, rabbit hole here you come…

    • Really???….just look at Trump’s picks for his cabinet and follow his failure to enact his campaign promises. ….you will figure it out eventually.

      Good luck

  2. Sadly, I feel that you may be correct about Trump (although I wish you were wrong) Thanks for a well-written article.

  3. I agree with this article except for one large error, that US citizens have been taught to demonize Russia.
    In fact, Gallup polls show that from 1990 to about 2002, Russia had high favorabilty with the US public, averaging over 60% with peaks of 66%. Clearly, the Cold War demonization campaigne had been reversed.

    As late as 2011, the approval rating was slightly over 50%….the decine has happened in the past few years, with the annexation of Crimea and resulting Western propaganda.

    A WSJ/ABC poll in May 2016 found that Putin had more approval than either Clinton or Trump.
    “Putin came in with a fairly low 38 percent of respondents holding a “very negative” view of him. Hillary Clinton came in just ahead of the dictator with 41 percent, while the presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump came in with a total of 44 percent.”

    Trump is the great divider as only 5% of Dems, 26% of Independents, and 64% of Repubs approve of him. Most people despise him and his lies. If only we had a democracy……….

    Other than this error in US public views, this article strikes deep into the heart of the Deep State.

  4. Starting from the premise that Donald Trump was “brought on board” to be a candidate, this author gives away his agenda of further proliferating a nivelizing and congenitally limiting the potential of an aspirant of true reform and good, the idea of which his ilk can’t abide. Let’s wait and see a bit before emplacing a ceiling!

    • And what specifically gives you the belief that Trump is different? That our rulers have just changed their morality? Your naivety contributes to this problem going on longer and getting bigger. You cannot get a valid candidate in a corrupted system…

      • Exactly so. If he constituted a genuine threat to their aspirations he would get “depressed”. Granted, it’s hard to depress a billionaire, but its possible.

        The one good thing about having an imaginary adversary like Hillary is that you can’t exaggerate her shortcomings. I’m sure we’ve just scratched the surface.

        We are not in control of this and, for that reason, we will never be able to change it from “within”. The best we can do is have them sufficiently afraid of us to limit themselves. That hasn’t been the case since right after WWII.

      • I agree completely. ..the elite are working at least two levels above, what most people believe is really going on. Trump has played his part well and his picks for his cabinet tell you who he really is.

        Then there’s his failure to live up to his promise to jail Hilarity Klingon, among other diluted promises.

        The think tanks aren’t just for looks….no people, they help tptb formulate these masquerades.

        • “Then there’s his failure to live up to his promise to jail Hilarity Klingon, among other diluted promises.”

          How is he supposed to do that when he hasn’t even been sworn in yet? Has he somehow instantly become King Of The World?

          You are nothing but an anti-Trump troll.

      • In essence, that is what I was saying above.

    • The Globalists became weak-kneed after they brazenly assassinated JFK and placed a POTUS puppet in office every election since? They lost heart after pulling off 9/11? Sandy Hook? Middle east wars, extrajudicial executions, Gulf oil spill….murdering Webb, Hastings, and dozens of microbiologists and natural health docs..etc., etc., etc.

      Some people seem to have forgotten the story of the toad and the scorpion.

      • I never heard any story of a toad and a scorpion. Why don’t you share it with us.

        Let me guess: the toads are Hillary Clinton and George Soros, and the scorpion is Israel.

        Human beings are not animals, especially not rather low ones like frogs or scorpions, so your analogy is not applicable.

        The internet trolling budgets will begin to be axed here in a few more weeks. I suggest that you trolls start looking for constructive work or just leave the USA before you end up in Camp FEMA for about 7-11 years.

        I don’t mean maybe.

        • Never heard of metaphors or allegories? LOL Why don’t you develop some intellectual curiosity and look it up? But since you don’t know what I’m talking about, on any level, maybe TPTB will decide they have enough lobotomized Orcs and will give you a *special* vaccination before they give one to me. Hahaha.

        • Type the words “toad and scorpion” into your little browser window and there you will find what is known in literary circles as an allegory a/k/a a parable. It’s a story with a moral, in this case it’s about the basic nature of these two species. The toad carries a scorpion across the water on its back. When they reach the shore, the scorpion stings the toad. When the toad asks why, the scorpion says, “It’s my nature.” As you can see, you missed the whole point and your wild guess is wrong; the story has no bearing on Soros or Hillary…. although it could be said that Soros looks very toad-like and Hillary acts like a scorpion.

        • So, you never heard of the story but you’ll assume and insult regardless, eh? If you had taken the time to look up the story you would have found it quick enlightening and spot on not only in regards to the article but your own comment.
          And you accuse OP of being a troll… un-freaking-believable. People with your mentality and IQ are the reason the States is in so much trouble. Just go back to playing Facebook games as your attempt to join the conversation as an equal has failed miserably. lol

    • freewheelinfranklin543 | December 17, 2016 at 12:35 pm |

      He has appointed people from Goldman Sachs and people who worked for Soros to his administration. Wake up and smell the coffee. Smells more like garbage to me.

    • I am not completely giving up on Trump–but I am concerned with his Cabinet appointments and Kissinger’s quasi-endorsement, for starters.

  5. I think that’s a great and clear analysis of reality. It is always hard for most to come to grips with. I too would like things to be different. I think a mature person must simply look at things and recognize them for what they are, not what we wish they would be.

    i o not have any heros. Certainly none in politics. Trump is hardly an “outsider”. I have my doubts about him “winning” either. There are no “winners” in a rigged system and, believe me, this one is rigged.

    The fact that he appears on the scene when he does makes me suspicious that there is a reason for that. Could it be that Hillary was even too much for the Cabal? Trust me, I’m not expecting great things. if anything good comes of this, fine. The simple thought that we won’t be looking at her for four years is satisfaction enough.

    He may be on to something with the idea of using this as a ploy for further elimination of free speech. They hate liberty and are working round the clock to destroy any semblance of it. What this cycle SHOULD have shown the unaware is that there are no “parties”. There is just a dialectic and they need to get themselves free of it.

    Letting these scum define our options and limitations is a serious mistake.

  6. This author cannot bring himself to say Mt. Trump is a trooper. I colors shallow every other thing he has to say. So many out there with points of greater or lesser interest who just cannot man up to say the the Donald is at least fighting the good fight–and with God’s will, may deliver us from evil.

  7. The DNC email “hack” was a deliberate DNC email “leak” carried out by the DNC, in order to accuse ‘the Russians and Trump’ of “influencing” the presidential election after the elections. This was simply a plan B to steal the elections from republican Trump. When Trump expressed worries about ‘election fraud’ (since the dead and the illegal vote as well in the USA) before the elections, he received very harsh comments by Clinton about undermining the democracy for “not having faith in the election process”. The election statistics that show the percentage of voters versus non-voters seemingly prove Trump’s worries. Now that Clinton lost, the DNC and Clinton accuse Trump of influencing the election illegally, even involve “the Russians” (not a word written/spoken by the MSM about the foreigners who donated money to Clinton’s political campaign, a well established FACT). All of a sudden, the democrats are “worried” about their self-leaked emails that might have influenced the election results. This is a SCAM accusation intended to intimidate the ‘electoral college’ that is lead by the nose by zionist Nancy Pelosi’s daughter (another zionist).

    • No. The DNC leak by Seth Rich was 100% a result of the egregious primary election rigging against Bernie Sanders.

      The Wikileaks leak was done by Craig Murray, former UK ambassador to Kyrgizstan.

      The Democrats and their zionist masters are not smart enough to think up such a rigged scam. All of their false flags were detected and have been thoroughly picked apart.

  8. Thank you, glad someone still sees the truth and not into kissing Trump’s can and thinking he’s an “outsider”.

  9. Or his margin of victory was so large that the fix was insufficient for her win. Regardless, anyone is preferable to clinton. He has already done more positive things than she would have, def con 3 went to 5…kinda big. More than a few companies have promised to create jobs and stay in the country. I know that doesn’t matter to you but it may to them. He publicly called out most of the criminals in this country which no-one else in his position ever has. I will wait and see a tad prior to excoriating him. I have never in my life seen a candidate like him…lets hope for the best

  10. I have read it. Also, this whole thing is beyond bizarre…

  11. This article is clearly part of the psyop against Trump.

    I have noted the author’s name.

    I also note that the internet backbone trolls are hard at work today attempting to prevent comment posting by slowing down the Disgust posting software.

  12. He is just trying to discredit Trump and sow division. Ignore him. He is fake news at its worst.

  13. Inflitrated by fake MSM media personnel.

  14. it’s self defeating when one attempts speculation about what “will” happen in the future based on a string of logic, built on premises which are contrived in a probability broach. At least, Mr. Broze should wait until the end of April before posting an article such as this. I realize, no matter what GOP or dem gets (s)elected, he isn’t going to see his Anarcho-capitalist “nirvanaLand” be handed to him on a silver platter, so we can expect complaints. But assigning some sort of evil, con-artist label to Trump at this point is foolish.

  15. I remain optimistic. Trump is holding his enemies even closer.
    The fat lady hasn’t even started preparing. Give the guy a few years and then write about these fake polls and manure spreaders.
    Russia is of course the big bad boogie bear designed specifically to create fear and derisiveness.
    By any means necessary is the mantra of the Alinsky crowd.
    Sour grapes from the Hildebeest and the fake news on the boob tube spews forth the script given them.
    Comey (fbi) won’t press charges against the Clintons I’m sure he doesn’t care what the CIA spews.
    Not sure why these agencies exist.
    They are not sure which side is which.
    Ron Paul had the election stolen away from him by these same domestic enemies.
    When the no-name potus was selected the right did not go chanting and pointing fingers.
    They goat worshipers are scared on account of Brexit, Italy exit and Trump. The matrix is falling apart.
    Sacrifice the goat(s).

  16. So far, Trump has fooled everyone. The Republicans rejected him, but could not come up with a better candidate that would take on the current problems of the U.S., so he won the primary. The press didn’t like him, so he took on the press – pointing out how many lies the press puts out and how much they favored Hillary. They also thought that he would lose – by a large margin. The press was once again wrong! Every time the press gets a chance to make fun of Trump – they do it. It is a new sport with the press – even more fun than picking on Russia. The only person that “got Trump on board” was Trump. And he will weather the stupid “Russia hacked our election” attempt at getting electors to change their votes. He will be our next president. Like him or not, get used to it!

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