“We Need Pan-European FBI to Counter Terror” – Ex-Brussels Region Chief

Night view of Europe with visible city lights

Night view of Europe with visible city lights

By Cassius Methyl

Yesterday on RT, Belgian politician Francois-Xavier de Donnea called for a “pan-European FBI,” a central European authority to deal with the threat of terror.

The blatant utilization of this crisis to make political ends meet was made evident by the laughably disproportionate dislike-to-like ratio on the video.

pan-european-1The glaringly disproportionate dislike-to-like ratio on the YouTube video should be a positive sign for the weary, waning gullibility of the general public.

However, maybe this dislike ratio is only indicative of the individuals paying enough attention to click on the video.

Perhaps this illustrates a growing divide between the sharp and the indoctrinated.

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In any case, the truth has a viral nature and propaganda has a dull, limited one, so share this with as many people as possible and let the well thought out, multi-layered reality outshine the dull, one dimensional national security narrative.

For additional perspective, here’s a recent piece from esteemed alternative media producer James Corbett.

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  • ddearborn


    One small step for the ruling elite. One giant step for One world Order

  • HENK-2

    “We Need Pan-European FBI to Counter Terror”

    No we do not.

    We want our borders back, our culture, our Nation.

    Traitors like you take the 30 shekels.

    But your day will come.

    Or rather, OUR day.

    We will show you as much mercy as you have compassion i.e. ZERO.

    Lamp posts are not forbidden yet.

    Amazons of blood will flow for you and your ilk.

  • Telmar Minaje

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