The Revolution Will Not Appear in Your Twitter Feed

By Luke Rudkowski

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks about the shocking and sad news with Twitter’s new algorithm and trust and safety council that will be used to censor any critical voices on the once free platform. We go over some of the real reasons this is happening and how this will lead to the destruction of Twitter.


  • Cypher

    Recently Twitter accounts have been locked out for trying to post links to a new translated documentary about the real goings on in Ukraine and the West’s involvement.

  • Brett

    Has anyone noticed if you can share stuff from AP anymore? I dont seem to be able too. It says its been posted but it doesnt appear? Facebook still allows my sharing from this AP though

  • Andross

    This isn’t news to any who have any common sense and posess actual awareness. All forms of social media are just different flavors of conformity and enjoyed by those with no sense of self preservation.

    • Brett

      Sadly, you are right. And i have known it for a while but here I am. I have been asking myself for a while why have we been able to get away with it this long? The answer is obvious. Thanks, mate

      • Jim Thompson

        It’s not obvious to me! How has social media remained this uncensored for so long?

        • Brett

          I think it works for seeing who we are and what our plans might be. They know there is plenty of discontent among us and we shouldn’t kid ourselves that they haven’t been watching us for some time now. they have cut us some slack to ‘bring’ us out into the open.

          • Jim Thompson

            I see. I post a lot on youtube, but perhaps it’s better to educate and speak out than to be quiet and self-preserving, because even though it’s more dangerous, freedom doesn’t come by not putting your money where your mouth is and facing that danger. Do you think?

          • Brett

            I agree 100%, Jim! To do nothing is not an option for us. Remember, ‘bad things continue to happen when good people do nothing’. Cant remember who said that, buts its true. We are on the front line and in now in their sites. the fema camps are waiting…

  • Jeff Z

    Social media is nothing more than an extension of the Corporate’s thought police monitoring their property’s behavior. That and “smart phones” that dumb people cant put down……its a regular E-lobotomy.

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