The Rise Of The Anti Establishment Trump by Larken Rose

By Luke Rudkowski

In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews the leading Anarchist philosopher and thinker Larken Rose on the rise of Donald Trump. We go over the changing political landscape with the rise of anti establishment candidates in 2016 and the effects it will have. Larken gives us his philosophy, point of view and predictions on a more free and anarchistic way of life.


  • gweneth

    Well for better or for worse – he’s my guy. I can only hope he has the drive and energy to throw out the dirt and poke the all seeing eye out.

    • marlene

      He’s my guy too – for better.

    • Brett

      You have to be joking, Gweneth? Its all theater on a grand scale. The proponents of the NWO are not going to let anyone undo what has been going on for years and years. Mr Trump and others have a platform because someone ‘allows’ it. It is all smoke and mirrors to give the people the idea that a fair and just democracy exists and so too, freedom of speech. Wrong! Having said that, watching it all unfold from here in Australia, its one of the best shows the election has put on for some time. Also, it would not surprise me if Mr Trump became President. Remember though, that wont happen unless people in high places allow it to happen. The NWO wont be stopped regardless of the elected President. And, if the elected President decides to do the right thing, as JFK did, BANG!

  • Paul Panza

    DT is not anti-establishment in the 60’s since of the term; the guy wears a tie for christs sake and is a capitalist and business man. He just represents his own agenda which is elitist. Businessmen/merchants are people who would lie to their parents to sell them something. The Electoral College is not going to give him the election and don.t forget that a Republican corporation owns and operates the electronic voting machines. The ballot is just more studio wrestling, which is entertainment for the masses of publicly educated sheeple. Great Awakening or anti-establishment consciousness is about leaving these obsolete constructs behind.

    • marlene

      Wrong. TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT 2016

  • marlene

    Anyone who compares Donald Trump to a libertarian or mao is a fool! No, I cannot watch the rest of this video and suspect who’s behind it.

  • Yvonne Forsman

    Trump does not equal Cuban socialism but Bernie Sanders may.

    • Brett

      Sanders is a zionist. Not sure if you want that running your nation, Yvonne?

      • Yvonne Forsman

        Not really.

  • John Cook

    Larken Rose (and other ‘anarchists’) is what Lenin called a ‘Useful Idiot’ – anarchism sounds great but it has Fundamental flaws that make it a total dead end. It can’t possibly work – and any attempt to implement it would result in an indescribably bad situation. You can’t change human nature – yet so many idealistic schemes depend on that change. Larkin Rose gets away with it because he always relies on criticising the State (which is like shooting fish in a barrel) without Ever offering a valid, believable, practical alternative.

    • sLiCk_ViCk_1

      Instead of worrying about an alternative, you first need to understand and accept that the system is a complete failure. People need to come to terms with the fact that the president holds basically zero power, and that in the grand scheme of things he’s nothing more than a public relations rep for the USA Corporation.

      People are always saying “you have no alternative” as if all they’re looking for is leadership; someone to follow. It’s pathetic, really. History proves that politicians do not represent the people in even the slightest fashion, yet people continue to bow to them as some sort of savior. Western Society, among others, has been throroughly indoctrinated to NOT think for themselves. The public side of politics is all about psychology, nothing more

      • John Cook

        I fully agree.

      • Brett

        Totally agree also! Well said…

  • Charlie

    What has been, has not worked. We are on the verge of complete collapse. Just look who the puppet masters are afraid of, and vote accordingly. And look at his kids. This speaks volumes of the true nature of “Trump”. Also- the actual “anti-establishment” from the 60’s are the ones in power now.

  • Pyra Gorgon

    Trump is a villain. DO NOT TRUST VILLAINS.

  • Richard Wilcox

    By the way, Trump also says “get rid of Common Core” which as I understand it is the worst sort of Statist brainwashing/education. It is essentially a communist agenda inflicted on children to teach them they have no constitutional rights and that LGBTQ is now the norm. Race and culture are unPC and we are all just “workers” (part time jobs, that is). Viva Karl Marx.

    Trump says “get rid of it” and I agree with him. He says make education local with “love”. Teaching and education definitely involve love, love of learning, the love and respect the teacher has for the students, which cannot occur in an imposed totalitarian education system like Common Core.

    If Larken Rose is going to attack Trump, he ought to study some of Trump’s actual positions. Here is a good anecdote to all the MSM bias against Trump:

    The Untruth About Donald Trump

  • Beedee50

    Larken Rose is one of the most honest, insightful people I know of. He is all about people being free, and unindoctrinating the masses who believe that a person or group of people have the right to rule over the rest of us. That is a lie, and that is what he is trying to pry from our brains.

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