After Saudis Beheaded 47 People, Belgium Now Refusing to Sell them Arms, Germany May Follow

saudi-belgiumBy Matt Agorist

On Saturday, the Saudi Arabian government beheaded 47 people, one of whom was prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, a senior opposition figure. He and the others were all killed for their charges of “undermining the national security” of the kingdom.

Immediately following the beheadings, countries across the globe–except for the United States– denounced the barbaric move.

Rightfully outraged with the beheadings, Shiite Muslims in Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon and Bahrain angrily condemned the executions, and Iranian protesters stormed the Saudi embassy in Tehran.

These inhumane acts of murder on the part of the Saudis have forced the hands of those who sell them weapons; and on Monday, Germany became the first country to question their arms trade deal.

“We must now review whether in the future we should take a more critical stance” on selling arms to Saudi Arabia, German Vice Chancellor, Sigmar Gabriel said Monday.

While Germany has said they will review their decision, Belgium just took it a step further on Tuesday, by immediately declining Saudi Arabia’s request for military equipment supplies.

“We have rejected the request [for military equipment supplies to Saudi Arabia],” Geert Bourgeois told the Flemish Parliament, as quoted by the RTBF broadcaster. “If there is a possibility that the weapons may be used for internal repression, I refuse.”

The moves by Germany to advocate for a review, and Belgium to renounce the selling of weapons to such a repressive regime are heartening and should be a model for all those involved in arming a country who beheads more people than ISIS.

Of course, the US is not about to give up their largest weapons export contract, even if the weapons are used to oppress entire nations and murder their children.

Immediately after the beheadings, House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce took to CNN to blame the Saudis’ executions on Iranians.

As Daniel McAdams reports for the Ron Paul Institute, Royce falsely claimed that the Iranian military invaded Yemen. But that is demonstrably untrue. It was the Saudis who invaded Yemen.

It seems that the Saudi influence over the United States is far and wide, even spreading to the presidential candidates, who all courtsey to “our Saudi ally” by pledging their blind support of the terrorist regime.

It’s no coincidence that President Obama was showered with $1.3 million in gifts from the Saudi King last year. Obama is responsible for forging the largest weapons sale in American history, all of which went to Saudi Arabia.

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  • Herman

    I see nothing wrong with the beheading. We should do the same with the terrorists we have that have been convicted in this Country. Like the one who shot that cop in Philly. There is no doubt that he is guilty, so be-head him. That way he will never do anything like that again.

    • James Hunter

      Will you also behead the bad cops who got away for killing innocent or not dangerous, or not life threatening US citizens, especially the Black citizens?

      • blue579

        What’s good for the goose… On the other hand, maybe no executions period given how screwed up our courts are – watched the documentary The Thin Blue Line when I was a kid. Anyway, a bad cop would suffer more from a long jail sentence than a quick exit.

      • Herman

        I would also behead anyone who is sentenced to life without parole. If there is no question of his or her guilt, why keep them alive?

  • nimbii

    Riot insurance for the EU?

  • blue579

    That’s nothing compared to how many people Big Pharma kills every year. Iran executes far more people than the Saudis, over 1000 in 2015, 743 in 2014 – most said to be for “drug crimes” but also some convictions were religious minorities “fighting against religion”, and “corruption on the earth”.

    There’s a surplus of bad actors in every nation. KSA is getting the limelight now to set up a narrative of a rift between the west / US and the Saudis to make Saudi de-pegging from the dollar seem like an organic situation, and, predictably, the UN Nanny and Global community will have to quell the widespread bickering.

    • James Hunter

      Iran’s executions are nothing compared to the many millions the US has killed abroad…

      • blue579

        True and the Bankster’s minions want to disarm the public while they keep their hollow points. State sanctioned genocide in Communist China and Russia brutally ended the lives of another ~ 60 – 80 million. Big Pharma and geoengineering = soft kill. It’s all about perspective, while Germany and Belgium follow the staged script laid out in the global elites’ Foreign Policy journal and hinted at in the “28 pages” being dangled by some in congress suggesting the Saudis were the rogue masterminds and perps behind 9/11.

    • Veri Tas

      The US executed ‘only’ 28 people during 2015. Guess the Arab countries top the list.

  • Veri Tas

    Until the NWO tells them to do otherwise.

    • Kid

      nothing to do with the new world order missy. so dont lie.

  • Paschn

    Hmm, refusing to do business with monsters? What a concept United States! Perhaps this will show D.C. how a decent nation should work?

  • Z54

    Shame on amerika.

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