2016 Starts off With a Cliff Dive in Comex Silver Ounces!

By The Wealth Watchman

The Wealth Watchman breaks down how available physical silver is drying up at the COMEX at a blistering pace, while at the same time the stock market is crashing. What does this mean for you?

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  • gawain

    I t means I am a ‘sophisticated’ trader – lol – just got lucky and switched to gold and silver.

  • mind biz

    So, what was the point he was making?
    This is what I heard: Somebody is buying lots of silver and demand is outstripping supply but the prices are still low…I think. Then he said something about somebody ‘bashing’ prices (Is that the Americnese for lowering or raising prices?) and then there was a bit about all of us being vigilant about alarm bells or something.
    Did I miss the point or didn’t he make it very clearly?

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