US Senate Passes Bill Approving Mandatory Vaccinations for Veterans

mandatory_vaccineBy Janet Phelan

Fundamentally, biological warfare is sneaky. It involves a microbial sucker punch to its intended target, often accomplished in a manner in which the aggressor can claim clean hands, while his victim may suffer or die.

Biological warfare can take a number of forms. The question—how can you get a bacteriological or toxic agent on board without the target being alerted– has been asked and answered. In addition to using humans and animals as vectors, biological warfare agents can be airborne, waterborne, foodborne or put into pharmaceuticals.

Substantial concerns have been voiced concerning the potential for inserting bioweapons into vaccines. Indeed, given the history of known contaminated vaccines, this is hardly a matter of speculation. Polio vaccines have been found to contain cancer. A Merck rotavirus vaccine was found to be contaminated with a pig virus. Another Merck product, the Hepatitis B vaccine, was reported to have been laced with the AIDS virus. In addition, a tetanus vaccine distributed in the Third World was found to contain human chorionic gonadotrophin, an anti-fertility agent known to produce spontaneous abortions.

The correlation between the rise in vaccinations of children and autism has become an urban legend.

A Bill has just passed the US Senate, mandating that the US Department of Veteran Affairs ensure that all veterans receive immunizations (vaccines) per a draconian schedule. At this juncture, active military must receive over a dozen vaccines. This piece of legislation is therefore an effort to extend the vaccine mandate to those who have previously served their country.

Sec. 101 of Senate Bill 1203, named the 21st Century Veterans Benefits Delivery Act, states that the Department of Veterans Affairs will be tasked with the mandate to “ensure that veterans receiving medical services under chapter 17 of title 38, United States Code, receive each immunization on the recommended adult immunization schedule at the time such immunization is indicated on that schedule.”

The schedule referred to above is frankly staggering. Over ninety vaccines are listed.

The issues here are legion. First of all, an entire group of individuals, those who at one time were in military service, will lose their inherent right to opt out of receiving what is considered prophylactic treatment. According to Anita Stewart, who served in the Air Force and now hosts Wise Women Media radio show, “This could include experimental vaccines or vaccines that have not been tested.”

It is believed that those who refuse will, under this Bill, lose their medical benefits.

Second, there is the issue of the sheer numbers of allegedly preventative immunizations required on this schedule. As anyone who has come down with a case of the flu due to taking a flu shot might realize, the numbers of immunizations on the required schedule could be enough to sicken anyone.

And herein lurks the question of vaccine safety. Flu vaccines have been known to cause Guillain-Barre syndrome, which is a neurological disorder wherein a person’s own immune system attacks the nerve cells and can cause paralysis. Gulf War Syndrome, which may manifest with such symptoms as rash, severe fatigue, muscle and joint pain, headache, irritability, depression, gastrointestinal and respiratory disorders and neurological cognitive defects, is thought by some researchers to have been caused by “vaccine overload.” According to Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Professor Malcolm Hooper, US Gulf war soldiers received “at least 17 different vaccines, including live vaccines (polio and yellow fever as well as experimental vaccines that had not been approved (anthrax, botulinum toxoid) and were of doubtful efficacy.”

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Other researchers have attributed Gulf War Syndrome specifically to the anthrax vaccine given the troops.

In addition, a certain cluster of vaccines have been linked to type one diabetes. The H1N1 vaccine has been linked to miscarriages and stillbirths. According to this report, the H1N1 shot resulted in sixty times the rate of miscarriage associated with the seasonal flu vaccine.

H1N1 was also found to be linked to a spike in narcolepsy in children. According to this study, there was a four hundred percent increase in the incidence of narcolepsy in those under 20 years of age who received the swine flu vaccine.

It would literally be possible to go on for pages here. The pattern is clear. Vaccine safety is a realistic concern.

In light of the considerable scientific evidence that vaccines cause illness, one must ask what this piece of legislation hopes to attain. Writes Anita Stewart, “Forced mandates are nothing more than medical tyranny….Vaccines in most cases do not cure or protect us, but could make some of us sicker and definitely create a huge and continuing revenue stream for Big Pharma.”

There are no studies concerning the effects of these numbers of vaccines on adults. Equally, there are no studies concerning the “polypharmacy” effects of combining these vaccines. Given the increasing scrutiny of civil rights abuses in the US, coupled with escalating concerns about what appears to be covert US biological weapons activity in a number of different venues, one might expect that Senate Bill 1203 will result in an upsurge of protest.

Veterans have already served their country. To re-enlist them as lab rats diminishes both the concepts of freedom and democracy and also those who have served to protect these ideals.

Senate Bill 1203 was authored by US Senator Dean Heller, Republican from Nevada. It passed the US Senate on November 10, 2015 and now goes to the House of Representatives for consideration.

Janet C. Phelan, investigative journalist and human rights defender that has traveled pretty extensively over the Asian region, an author of a tell-all book EXILE, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.

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234 Comments on "US Senate Passes Bill Approving Mandatory Vaccinations for Veterans"

  1. So when the vet realizes that they are as good as dead no matter what, Senator Heller speculates that they will then choose to spend whatever they have left for a last gasp fling in LV?

  2. I truly expect this draconian concept will apply to Medicare. At that point I’ll have to tell my primary care doc to p!ss off. Last vaccine I received was just before I shipped out to Vietnam via air gun injection. Been healthy in spite of my govt.

    • Just tell the dr. that you got a shot at a drug store or the military base. They won’t bother checking. I would tell any dr. flu shots are useless, don’t prevent flu. Flu shots seem to be only ones pushed for medicare folks, shingles shots are iffy and not pushed medicare won’t pay either.

      • I’m sure we can scam our way around & out. But WHY should we have to resort to trickery & deception just because we are Vets? Most Vets place a amount of trust in their fellow Americans to elect & support good government by The People and for The People. Yeah, we volunteered, but we didn’t sign on to be MURDERED for some political whim or gruesome experimental lab rat.

        • In this digital world that we live in, there will be no scamming our way out of this. If you indeed get one, it will be documented in your electronic file, the same one that tells them everything you do. If they pass this, and you dont have it in your file, they will tell you either you take it, or your benefits are gone. It will be very simple. This makes me sick. They have declared veterans a greater threat to this country than anything else, and a Christian veteran is at the top of the list. This will be where we all have to draw our line. If I go to my VA dr, and they tell me that my healthcare will cease if I do not do this, I will stand up and leave and know that the end of life as we know it, is very close. And, if anyone really thinks it will only be the VA, it wont….. Anyone who receives anything from the govt, whether it is SS or whatever, will be forced to do it.

          • paulette barrow | November 16, 2015 at 5:41 pm |

            I just said the very same thing,this is also how they will get people to take the chip,welcome to the beginning of THE NEW WORLD ORDER

          • I’m expecting chips to be in the injections.They will know where each person is at all times.The . U.N.. sanctioned every single person in the world be chipped by the year 2030 Obama signed on and this will begin the new World order. Vets are a worry to Obama,how to control them ,because they won’t bow down easily. People sat on their butts when many of us detailed how our destruction would come about,everyone laughed. Noone is laughing now.If we are lucky enough to have an election this next time,folks better get out and vote these dangerous evil people out if office,president and Congress.

          • I was just going to respond to someone else this very thing. Does anyone doubt that the chip will be one of the mandatory injections? They will tell every one of us vets that they are going completely digital, and it is required in order to keep getting care at the VA. I can see it now.

          • Say No to Crazy | November 17, 2015 at 6:00 am |

            The only shot you need is the Thorazine you’ve been skipping.

          • The voting machines are just as corrupted/fraudulent as the people that controls them.

          • Parque_Hundido | November 22, 2015 at 7:30 pm |

            Also, we will begin teaching satanism in your local schools. Since all the internet is pro gay, we’re using the proceeds to promote Satan and outlaw baby Jesus.

            You’re welcome.

          • The end times of the Bible says it will be the worst time in the history of our earth, so this is just a small part of how bad it will get. If you are a true Christian, then you know to stand up to injustice and the coming one world religious/political govt. Beast, headed by the Pope, and live according to God’s law, the 10 commandments, including the 4th commandment, resting and worshiping on the Sabbath, Saturday. The battle of Armageddon is those who worship the Beast, persecuting those who worship God the Creator, whose Seal is in the 4th commandment.. Oppression, tyranny, coming to those with the Seal of God. Oath keeping Veterans are a threat to this unlawful govt, so this is a way to weaken them, through illness, death, etc. Maybe soon shots for all those on welfare, food stamps, and SS… Control the people, control buying and selling by doing away with cash, so each transaction has to be approved. God says, fear not man, but fear him who can destroy your eternal soul.. Look up for your redemption draws near…

          • Your post sounds familiar…do you belong to Ben Carson’s denomination?

          • Actually, I belong to God’s denomination. God says everything is revealed in the Bible, and all we have to do is read and understand with the Holy Spirits help.. I’m just stating what the Bible says to me.. But yes, I am a 7th day Adventist by choice now, after understanding what Jesus and the Commandments say we are to live by, and believe. You either believe the Whole bible, or you don’t, and that includes the 4th commandment.. The same with the constitution, as you either believe it all applies, including the 1st and 2nd amendments, or you don’t, or a wedding vow to Not commit adultery.. There is no in-between..

          • I understand. I am still SDA, 5th generation, but also by choice. I studied the WORD, and have not left, although most of my generation has. It is not a convenient relationship when the ways of the world are so much easier and less controversial to follow…on the other hand, with the mindset I have now, it is so much easier for my conscience to walk that straight and narrow path to Righteousness.

          • I agree. Life is so much easier and less stressful when walking with a clear conscience, no guilt, God’s love of me as I am, and the hope of the world to come..

      • Natural News. Com does great expose’ on vaccines. Or Google “vaccines toxic”

      • Smitty Werben Jaegerman Jansen | November 16, 2015 at 9:33 am |

        That’s what I do.

      • My VA clinic always tries to give me the Flu shot and I tell them NO, so one time they said I had to get the Pneumonia Vaccination, because I have Asthma. Anything to try and poison us I guess SMDH.

      • Flu shots are part of population control.

  3. Soft kill. The VA Hospital has too many wanting in? Call Soilant Heller.

  4. everyone has rights OF THEIR OWN BODY the VA will be breaking another promise

  5. I guess I have lost my Veterans health care.
    Free persons have the freedom to say NO.

    • I am with you, I don’t take any vaccines. Took them when I was in the military, but it was only several.

    • Bill needs to pass the HOUSE. Call, write, email, rally, protest, sit-in or whatever necessary to stop this bill. Veterans need to organize now.

      • Veterans and everyday people like me need to say no,it will start with veterans and move to anyone who gets gov asst and ss bennies

        • Look for veteran organizations in your area. Google Vets4Vets and see if organization is anywhere near you. I know they are in Jacksonville, FL but I don’t know about other places. They are also on Face Book.

          • I’m not sure how Vets4Vets can help. The website was created to help veterans transition back into everyday life.

          • ANY veteran’s group can rally support no matter their primary mission statement.

      • You betcha. I might just send a few articles of interest to my Congressman along with my pleas to vote no. I am sure he is so tired of hearing from me. It would be far more effective if more Americans would consider speaking up to their elected representatives.

    • I absolutely agree with you. I will go without my VA health care too if it should pass in the congress.

      • I don’t believe they CAN remove our VA benefits. Remember that thick stack of papers – our contract – we were supposed to sign that we’d read it and agreed to it?? I sat there for 3 hours and DID read it. The V.A. health benefits were in it as I recall. They promised us that in our contract!

    • “Free persons have the freedom to say NO.”
      Or Fuq Off!!! 🙂
      I personally like that one better!!!

    • Well it would seem, once it is “legitimized” on vets the next will be medicare; in both cases it seems a big win with respect to not having to continue to pay out benefits for a percentage of those groups due to drop outs or possible deaths…so that is money that can be used on other programs. Once enshrined in these two major areas then all the “legalize” to allow the mandatory nature to be pressed onto the rest of the public without recourse will be a safe bet, as it were. 🙁

    • Smells to me like “Agenda 21”.

      • Or Agenda 2030.

        • It’s Order 66

          • Butch Sons | May 11, 2016 at 10:00 pm |

            add one more 6 and what do you have? 666 the Holy Bible tells about in the last days before Christ returns back to earth.

          • no 66 is not the same as 666. There is no almost. It either is or it isn’t it can’t be its almost. It’s like saying 3 which means the holy trinity add 3 its 6 and than add 2 more 6s it’s 666 as well.

      • What is that? Agenda 21?

        • I posted a factual answer 2 hours ago. It is not showing up. I checked and found that it is pending. I am not sure as to why the activist post would do such.

        • Google it

        • Google to banksterfables and scroll to agenda 21 for a decent review of it’s intent. Anytime you hear Sustainable anything political it’s an initiative of agenda 21, which was plotted at the 1992 first earth summit in Rio. Where they plotted the global warming scam and road to UN one world control. Over 1,600 Climatologists and physicists were locked out of the conventions and the plan was put forth predominately by the international socialist party with self-interests folks support. A Brazilian reporter ask the Prime Minister of Norway, who held one of the seats at the summit, if what they had done was according to the International Socialist agenda and she replied, “Of course.” Of course, that was not reported here in the States. Guess who led the American contingency – none other than Al Gore. So you know it’s all about getting the Carbon Credit Exchanges rolling, because he’d planned on making a lot of money on that new exchange.

      • You are absolutely right Joe. This is right in line with Agenda 21. One of the imperatives of the socialist/commies is to be rid of the elder vets. Many of the younger folks struggling to restore the Constitution and America are always telling me that the best support they have is the elder vets and that the elites are just waiting for all of us to die. They are trying to speed up the process.

        • Yes sir. I am still suffering more and more from the so-called anthrax shots we were secretly given at ARCENT in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. The same shots the minister of defense in England confirmed that we were ejected with right after the lab rats were injected and immediately died. No different than some illegal tests that were done to Vietnam Veterans. If it not has happened already, some of our new generation of troops will also become lab rats.

    • NO? Just NO? I will have a few more choice words for them than just NO.

      • When a person is standing next to you with a needle and about to inject a poison cocktail into your body, if you have no say in what goes into your very own body, then you are not a free person….. no matter what words are spoken.
        This is not the United States that I enlisted to serve.

  6. Mandatory vaccinations and wars make sense in terms of mega-scale satanic sacrifices. View “former satanist” or Jay Parker on You Tube to see what Senator Heller’s behavior is really all about.

  7. Its because they know the vets are with the people pumping them up with poisons they’ll be dead or to sick to resist

  8. Even now with a Corrupted Criminal Senate wanting nothing more than to kill their own servicemen and women just to keep the profits flowing to their pharmaceutical masters, the majority of the public still cheer, cry, and look up to these absolute monsters and traitors.

    America. It’s no wonder the rest of the world thinks we are the dumbest people on the planet.

    The Zombie Nation of Corporations!

  9. This Administration is trying to “Soft Kill” the Veterans.
    Screw them!
    I refuse to take any Vaccines!!!

  10. Who would want medical benefits that mandate f*ckery like this. I want Heller in line getting these vaccines on my schedule, or f*ck him.

  11. This is huge! Very huge! Probably a lot bigger then anyone realizes!

    How to take the U.S. Out of the picture! Force vaccinations to our entire military! Now either intentionally, or via torrorists, or one of our nemises (china, russia, half the world), our entire military can be teken out with a simple shot! That will give the “shot heard around the world” a whole new meaning! I know we are all stupid, but seriously, forced vaccinations of the military. From a single source, we could now be easily destroyed! No longer needs to be a nuclear war, just a biological contaminate in a vaccine!

  12. Guess this will take care of their sh!tty Veteran’s Administration problem. Nothing like killing off all those that need the medical medical benefits the VA is supposed to provide. I can see where any military retiree will have their receiving their retirement checks tied to providing proof of vaccination before they can get pain just like in ’76 for the first trial swine flu vac that put an entire aircraft carrier ship’s crew out of commission for a week.

    • correction: “get paid”…used to have to stand in line to get paid by disbursing. Before one would either get paid “cash” or receive their paychecks, the corpsman would be standing right there with a airgun injecting whatever garbage of the month was. It was dreaded by most senior enlisted because they knew their men would be sick for several days afterwards.

  13. Well, they’re making it easy! if we won’t wake up now, we never will….

  14. Trained Veterans Lose their benefits? Dying because of it? If I was one of the politicians responsible I would be very nervous.

  15. Soon this will be tied to any one receiving a SSI check, those using ‘entitlement” EBT cards, drawing unemployment & ANY type of government payment program. They have USED ( “used” like toilet paper) the Vets as guinea pigs for decades & hoped their test subjects would died off with their findings of “inconclusive”. Being called a “disgruntled” Vet when Vets take the fight to them as a excuse to kill Vets is P/C horse apples to justify their own psychosis.

    • yes thats exactly how they will do it. It boggles my mind all we can do is sit back and watch all the junk being done, voting doesnt help, the sheeple are way in over our heads.

  16. Losing “health care benefits”, ie the Veterans Administration’s lack of sickness care. Sounds like the best idea yet! All vets should refuse vaccinations and watch the VA cave or self destruct……..either way they will be better off. The VA is socialized medicine at its worst and this plan will undoubtedly be pushed on to Medicare and Obamacare “beneficiaries” sooner or later. Time for MASSIVE PUSHBACK just as parents are doing with “mandatory childhood vaccinations.” Vaccinations are all about Big Pharma profit while destroying the health of those receiving them.

  17. How about the ones who signed the bill. … no wait how about every single one of em in DC show the people how effective the vaccines are and line up one by one and take the shots 1st as well as everyone in their own family Hmmm? What do ya think? Oh but before the mandatory vaccination program let’s drug test em 1st…. just saying!

  18. Knowing truth, your truth, will set you free…

    In sharing you will likely find freedom and the serenity of this level of acceptance.

    The acceptance of something this horrible will -as you know the hideous actions- render it ,this type of inhumane exposure and something will happen..??? What?

    you will find…………………….. your understanding it is yours find it.


  19. vaccines are a cover for the eugenics movement to destroy mankind using vaccines that are unproven and not safe there intended to destroy the human immune system you simply do not need them they have never been shown to work or prevent the disease they claim to prevent? show me the clinical lab results. infact the flue shot causes the flue and over 50% of folks who get the flue were fully vaccinated? its a hoax do your research the military cant be trusted they did a stand down on 9/11 and are complicit in many murders on us and foreign citizens simply caz they can get away with it above the law to big to jail?

  20. These tools and their draconian mandates will never stop, they will not stop…………ever! Unless “convinced” to……….

  21. my hsbnd is retired, doesnt take shots. Now he will be forced? Im Medicare and TriCare, and i will tell you i will go off my Blood Pressure and they can stick this where their sun dont shine. When i read about forced Vaccinations,i said only way they can is take away your Ins and sounds like yup i was right. The House better not pass this, people we need to REVOLT

    • Sad to say that I don’t have faith in anyone revolting. Americans keep voting & the entitlement crowd keeps getting the “saviors” elected. Boils down to a war without bullets. When these new generationals start whining & rioting/trashing America just to get attention to their “plight” while ignoring reality, we are DOOMED. The list of governmental atrocities being inflicted on the Americans that have fought, bled & died for this country grow daily while sniveling snots demand their “allowance”.

      • you are so right, im 66 and if you told me the US would be in the shape we are 10 yrs ago i would have said oh long ways off. I have Grandkids and worry about their non future, i will be like my Grandma who died at 98 but saw so many things in her life, now thats me watching the US destroy itself. We all blame Obama but hes the Puppet who works for the NWO, who runs all Govt. Rubio is one who infiltrated the T Party.

    • Bill still needs to pass the HOUSE. Call, write, email, rally, protest, sit-in or whatever necessary to stop this bill. Vets need to organize now.

  22. I am always hearing about how veterans have fought to protect our freedom, but have found little evidence for that assertion. Now I see that they have not even protected their own freedom.

  23. Neurological afflictions have increased geometrically in the last twenty years, and Autism is the one seen most often in children. Few adults do not have one of the many forms of herpes, and acquiring it from a partner who was a carrier is only one method. The following article provides a great deal of insight into the linking pathogen in neurosystemic diseases. The pathogen has been in usage by the US government since 1945.

    They have kicked the Veterans under the Bus.
    Call your Senator, give them an ear full!!!

  25. Did you get a flu shot yet, this Fall ? Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby says, “don´t”.

  26. Maybe someone is able to tell me something or why even? Some many years back I had been on well fare for just a short period of time while between jobs and I still needed to eat and pay some bills. Well I have never been in the military and so I was never a veteran. One day I was looking at my data that the State had on me online and to my surprise it had me listed as a veteran. I NEVER said that about myself and I NEVER entered that information in about myself because it simply isn’t true. I’ve never even been through boot camp. So maybe someone is able to tell me who or how my status changed and made me appear that I was a veteran when I wasn’t? So folks working for the State or special interest criminals who grab and change data online about people………they just might want to hold off enforcing mandatory vaccines for veterans. Because the one who is said to have been a veteran from the US armed services might not be. Plus mandatory vaccinations violate every Americans 4th amendment right!

    Miranda vs. Arizona,384 US 436 p.442 “Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved,there can be NO rule making or legislation which would abrogate them.”

    Here in the State of Maine under criminal code 17 all any Mainer has to do is say,”terminate criminal trespass” to anyone who could do them harm to their body. And then it says right in that criminal code that,”lethal use of force is justified” against the oppressor if they don’t back down/off or leave you and your body and or land since the body came from the land or dirt also.

    So good luck enforcing that one up here where anyone is awake and who knows their God given inalienable rights that including that a person doesn’t have to have needles stuck into them or have chemicals,poisons and or toxins put into their body and or directly into the persons bloodstream/lifeline ordered, enforced and or carried out by the derelict,incompetent,criminal,fraudulent Eugenic Establishment State and or any Establishment State government and or color of law posing as any of that and even medical and or healthcare,VA included.

    • Could just be a mistake. I showed up with my newborn daughter to register her birth and get her birth certificate. The official was looking at me strangely, and asked if I had anyone with me to support me. No, why? Turns out they had my daughter registered as a stillbirth! Cock-ups do happen!

    • Does this mean that an American white employer can mandate all foreign looking, or Muslim looking employees have to take those shots too, to protect all the other employees?

      • Not at all. No one get’s mandated anything EVER! And profiling is only done by fools and fools tech who like to keep losing at everything in life and before Creator God Almighty.

        GOD made it crystal clear that the blessing and the curse is before everybody! He also made it PERFECTLY CLEAR that everyone is to be given freewill at least until it harms any other person or property. When harm comes to person or property by someone mandating and insisting on something (like forced vaccinations). Then that person,place and thing loses ALL authority,all jurisdiction and has NO right on continuing said evil sinful damaging practice!!!

    • Only if you CONSENT to ” their ” EVILS are you bound to them!

      • The Church of Satan and the Lucifarian Illuminati evil folks use various kinds of Krazy-Glue’s physically,spiritually,politically,Biologically,metaphysically and socially in attempts to bind us all to the evil and sin that they constantly do. And it’s FAR easier to get stuck and bound to any and all of their Horsesh!t destructive and debilitating nonsense craziness then it is to be free,rid of them and that device they use immorally,unethically and illegally so one gets unbound with no strings attached from that and them.

        So what lala land are you from? I think you’re mostly talking about EVILS from a tax code standpoint needing peoples CONSENT aren’t you?

  27. If they try to give you any vaccine DEMAND they sit and explain every line of the medical warning slip TO YOUR COMPLETE SATISFACTION.
    After about ten hours of reading and explaining the medical terms and conditions …… If everyone does you will jam the system and break it down.

  28. Veterans need to get organized and stop this bill. It’s NOT law yet. It still needs to pass the HOUSE. Organized now. Write, email, call, protest, rally or whatever to stop this draconian bill. The question is WHO OWNS YOUR BODY? You or the gov’t?

  29. I do not trust vaccines anymore. They lie about what’s in it and there is reports people still get the flu or come down with the disease itself.

  30. Sen Heller needs to become a lab rat for testing mandatory vaccinations.

  31. I’ve lost respect for the senate! Singling out veterans like this. What total tyranny to begin with!

  32. This is one main reason I will ** NOT ** use the VA for anything any more. – – you can’t trust them or the GRVERNMENT as far as you can toss them . //////////////////////////////////////////////////

  33. ANTHONY_THE_CHRISTIAN | November 15, 2015 at 6:06 pm |


  34. ANTHONY_THE_CHRISTIAN | November 15, 2015 at 6:06 pm |


  35. It’s time we stopped using the term “vaccines” because they aren’t that and never really were, they’re eugenic cocktails.

    Perhaps the vets who refuse and lose their medical benefits will find alternative care outside the federally compromised allopathic system and actually get better. From all the griping about the VA, losing it would not be the end of the world and can actually be a new beginning of self-care and healing for many people who seek and find alternative therapies.

  36. Hmmm

    No problem, they can start injecting me right after the last member of Congress and the entire White House staff from the President on down has taken theirs. Naturally verification via independent drug testing to ensure they actually took them all would also be required. Wow what a great way to neutralize veterans ability to carry out their sworn oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. For many the choice will be a slow death either way, if history is any guide. Insidious doesn’t begin to describe the treachery and pure evil of this bill.

  37. We will be losing a lot of troops and many more will be disabled.

  38. Immune systems will be shut down and people will die from many illls, most people will not conect the dots.

  39. In other words the VA was not killing the vets fast enough, now using vaccines they can speed up the death rate.

  40. This government has lost our trust. Therefore, there is no reason for anyone to accept any vaccine.

  41. The bill was passed by unanimous consent so no individual votes were counted…so we don’t get to know who voted for this. Understand…this means all veterans would have to receive 90 vaccines to continue to receive their benefits! This is mass murder, straight up. It is time to completely stop cooperating with this “government.”

  42. I take no vaccines and urge all others to not take them. I stopped my wife from giving my daughter those HPV shots, and we are very grateful. The government doesn’t give a damn about our health. It’s all about serving their god, which is money.

  43. I will call my senator tomorrow and find out the details of this bill.

  44. “unanimous consent” — not a single no vote not to kill us Vets.

  45. Forced vaccinations are against our basic human rights. I am a Veteran and I will not allow anyone to inject me with these toxins. I can’t believe our country has come to this! We are supposed to have the right to choose what we put into our bodies. The government doesn’t give a damn about our bodies, it’s all about Big Pharma and how much money our so called representatives have received in contributions from them. Follow the money. We are supposed to have the right to refuse based on religious, philosophical, or medical reasons and having vaccines forced upon us is going against our First, Fourth, Ninth, Tenth and Fourteenth Amendments of the Constitution. When the sheeple wake up and rise up against this medical tyranny and revolt, Will Martial Law then be declared? Our once great country is unrecognizable. Everyone needs to call, write, contact all our representatives and fight this bill!

  46. Forced vaccinations are against our basic human rights. I am a Veteran and I will not allow anyone to inject me with these toxins. I can’t believe our country has come to this! We are supposed to have the right to choose what we put into our bodies. The government doesn’t give a damn about our bodies, it’s all about Big Pharma and how much money our so called representatives have received in contributions from them. Follow the money. We are supposed to have the right to refuse based on religious, philosophical, or medical reasons and having vaccines forced upon us is going against our First, Fourth, Ninth, Tenth and Fourteenth Amendments of the Constitution. When the sheeple wake up and rise up against this medical tyranny and revolt, Will Martial Law then be declared? Our once great country is unrecognizable. Everyone needs to call, write, contact all our representatives and fight this bill!

  47. Where did you find the 90 vaccinations? I would like to know what they are planning to poison me with. Where is that source? Do you have a link?

  48. they are pushing for civil unrest/civil war in so many ways it makes me sick…….

  49. Smitty Werben Jaegerman Jansen | November 16, 2015 at 9:32 am |

    Everyone in my unit that got the Anthrax Vaccine now has:
    1) Type 2 Diabetes that turns into Type 1 Diabetes,
    2) Raynaud’s Syndrome.

    And that was just ONE vaccine.

  50. Liberty & Justice For All | November 16, 2015 at 10:16 am |

    We need to remove EVERY politician that votes for measures like this.

  51. So now they can take what was promised if you refuse what was not mandated when you signed up?
    Either they soft kill you or take what they promised, either way a win for Obama (who hates the military).

  52. This is part of a bigger plan. The idea of everyone having a chip… forced vaccines with the threat of losing benefits earned (I have a feeling that a really good legal team could defeat that threat… part of our contract was the guarantee of care for injuries sustained while on active duty, dropping our care would be a breech of contract) is one way to start the process.

    As others have noted, once implemented and the details worked out, medicare would be next, then all persons employed by the government and so on. It could also be a way to control the population and begin the forced reduction the globalists want (read Agenda 21) in order to move their plans forward.

    There are numerous not good for us scenarios that can be made from this… it’s time we put the kibosh on it now.

  53. I thought it said only active duty troops would get them, not Veterans, and they can’t take away Veteran’s Health Care. If you earned it, you get it. A little misleading this article about that fact.

  54. If I see any veteran being manhandled to take an unwanted vaccination, I will come to his aid. FBI and NSA, you can interpret that any way you like. If more people will take this same stand, this oppression will not take place.

  55. I could possibly understand getting immunizations if I was traveling to those countries, but perhaps it is time for the government to be more concerned about the invasion of the United States by the Criminal Invaders from around the world who are bring these
    diseases into our Country. First person in line should be the OCCUPER OF THE
    in Chief of the US Military he is supposed to set us an example.

  56. this legislation was written by Dean Heller, Republican, Nevada, for the purpose of HELPING us and getting better healthcare in a timely fashion. It has passed the senate and is on to the house, and it has a 19% chance of passing. Please do not believe the paranoid rhetoric and anti-vaccers! Get the truth, and be an informed citizen.

  57. I will go without health care if forced to get immunizations. Flu shots make me literally sick.

  58. Why would these vets need to be vaccinated — What are you giving them—-is it your plan to help kill them faster. When you pinpoint the Vets I want to know what is the angle for this. Because when it comes to our vet with this Gov. I don’t put anything past them. They are so full of corruption and destruction —— you don’t want them to interfere in killing the rest of the country and advance your NWO. isn’t that right you sewer rats.!!!!

  59. Is it time for America to stand up YET. Or are you going to just die. Your Senators need there homes marched upon, not your capital, not Washington. It is time to stop this dictatorship.

  60. It is an action that benefits the pharmaceutical companies. They cannot sell products that really heal people. Most will need more shots and more shots, etc. This shows that there is no separation between corporations and the Congress when it comes to protecting their business and its continuing creation of non -beneficial drugs for their benefit. I wonder how much those who voted for this bill were paid in whatever means they choose? It further proves to me that we have no real government of, by or for the People.
    The other element that this helps is the plans of the Illuminati to reduce the population of 7+billon people by 6 billion as tney have promoted. Wars, abortions, prescriptions, surguries, chemicals in the air, and foods laced with weed killer from Monsanto driven products. Fear driven actions like their saying that if we have no money to buy food, that there will be chaos. There would also be a loss of sales by the markets and the manufacturers. Do you really think that it would sit well with them not making profits? Fear is their goal. We have to overcome that and do what is best for ourselves. Think before panicking!

  61. VA wont be alone. 1st them. Then itll be medicare… then all welfare. Then anyone with any healthcare insurance.. mark my words it will spread all across all classes of people.. just that theyve always used our Veterans as scapegoats and ginnea pigs after drafted or joined.. its the old adage.. how do you kill a frog??? Put him in a cold pot of water and gradually turn up the heat!! By the time he realizes hes dead meat hes too weak to jump out. Then its curtains for the froggy!!! Exactly what theyre trying to pull amd have been since the polio vacs. Then in the 60s we went to our local school gymnasiums where we were handed the polio sugar cube polio Booster vaccinations. Seems after i got that sugar cube i was chronically sick for years n years.. with infection after infection.. it had to have blown out my immune system!!! Go figure!!! And that was back in the good ol days im 59 now. By the grace of God!!!

    • Trullly God save our country!!! My father was a Marine 1st div. Ww2 Guadal canal..oldest viet nam era.. next oldest brother air force Ou tapao thailand (air force) B 52 ground chief .. during Tet offensive.. God bless our veterans!!! Tho i did not serve. Our fathers and brothers and sons n daughters deserve much better!!! God bless!

  62. This will affect all who get any gov asst including ss that people have paid into,this is how they will get people to take the chip also

  63. Now we veterans know why homeland security ordered billions of hollow point rounds. I bet those thousands of plastic coffins were purchased for this.

  64. another way to get rid of us, I’m not doing it, they can kiss by butt

  65. Wonder how many of these so called Senators were paid off?

  66. You want to stick a needle in this Marine, bring plenty of body bags !

  67. “Cold, dead fingers” … anyone?

  68. The Commander in Chief should get the first injections!

  69. I don’t even have the choice to maintain my pain meds, was told they are taking me off my pain meds, even thou I need them to handle the pain

  70. i support MANDATORY NEUTERING for all politicians

  71. I'm ready when you all are | November 16, 2015 at 6:37 pm |

    Let me know if I can be part of any protest concerning this B.S. What better way to get rid of those who would be on the front line fighting tyranny. Sneak attack through a needle.

  72. This could easily be so much more. Veterans posses the capability to oppose Obama’s tyranny. He wants guns gone but he also needs the trained fighters gone. Having veterans gone will reduce the cost of military retirement, VA medical costs and Tricare/midicare costs. It is a win-win for government and a lose-lose for citizens.

  73. The government has run out of money for veteran benefits, so killing them off by giving them the vaccines is the best way to cut costs.

  74. Boy!!! Am I glad I’m not a Veteran when someone can take away my freedom to choose what to do with my body. No disrespect intended to Vets. But I guess they will be after SSI beneficiaries next..

  75. We do not have Martial Law. Just keep telling yourself that. It doesn’t help, but unless you are ready for armed revolution, what else is available. Politicians are already bought and paid for.

  76. I refused DNA testing when in the Guard for over 21 years and will refuse these as a retiree!

  77. I guess I need some help. I cannot find anything in the Bill, including sec 101 of that bill that relates to what this story is telling us. Anybody have any further information please let me know.

  78. If they can stick a needle in me while dodging bullets then I may have no choice, but they better send an army of doctors.

  79. Just another branch of the death panels and Medicare, Medicaid and those receiving welfare will be next. We are all undesirable after we start having health, wealth or political correctness problems.

  80. I say senators first!!! If they are so safe, those people ought to get them first, then the military and make sure military doctors oversee the procedures.

  81. Unless we all rise up at once as a massive group, nothing will be accomplished. Rally the troops at your American Legions and VFWs. There must be some lawyers among the ranks. The internet is your expressway.

  82. How the blazes do they expect to force this draconian mandate upon ME? Somebody is gonna have a fight on their hands! They stuck me enough when I was active duty and I didn’t like it. Now I am retired from all that “We’re gonna force this down your throat, like it or not.” stuff and NO ONE is gonna force me to do anything I don’t agree to do.

  83. Titers should be done before revaccination of any kind. Many vaccinations that people receive can give long term if not lifetime immunity. There is no need to revaccinate if immunity is already there. Ask to have a titer done before revaccination and insist on seeing the lab report yourself or have it sent to you. Take the hint from our veterinary studies…we are over vaccinating both humans and pets.

  84. A between the lines message appears clear. Police and their immediate families are to be given a “pass” on vaccinations. If they are seen taking shots, the hypos will contain only distilled water. Obviously you can’t have your enforcers harmed if they are to assist in forcing vaccines on the rest of the public. But there are others who have “passes” including doctors, judges, legislators, people on rich lists, social register types and members of by invitation only organizations. All those types comprise maybe two percent of the public however. In case you can’t evade being hit, lay in a supply of calcium D-glucarate, reduced L-glutathione, selenium, cilantro and chlorella. Take the first three together 20 minutes before getting “hit” and again 20 minutes afterwards, then take the last two items three hours later. Repeat the first three items six hours after the coercive event and again the next AM. There’s a good chance these will neutralize over 90% of the poisons in the vaccines. Dose on lemon juice in plain water on empty stomach (no sweeteners) several times the next day, it purifies the liver and boosts healthy enzymes. Use some alpha lipoic acid and milk thistle a few hours afterwards. Spend some time reading about these items so as to be convinced. Screw Big Pharma, Big Hospitals and Big Medicine.

  85. I’m not sure the author understands how VA medical care works. You can absolutely tell the VA to shove their vaccines where it doesn’t shine if you don’t want them, no matter what some legislation says. Do you think the stormtroopers are going to hold you down while your primary care doctors stabs you with needles?

    • (sigh) People, go read the bill (S.1203, Sec 101) and someone, anyone, point out where it says that vaccines are mandatory, OR that if you refuse them you lose your medical care.

  86. Read the bill for yourself. The Chicken Littles here are all worked up because the author cannot read/comprehend the legislation as written.

  87. This government is no better than the gestapo. They are nothing but arrogant elitists that do not respond to the peoples demands. Time to throw them ALL out. Please call your reps and DEMAND that they stop this treachery. Remind them who they work for.

  88. You coooooonts ain’t injecting nothing in me! I will take the needle from your pathetic loser hands and inject it in your eyeball!

  89. What a load of hysteria and bullschit. Ignoring all the lunatic paranoia and anti-vaxxer stupidity in thisarticle, nothing in the bill makes it “mandatory” for veterans to be immunized. The only thing it does is prevent the VA from cutting costs by delaying flu and tetanus shots that veterans VOLUNTARILY obtain at VA health care centers.

  90. They have got to be out of there freakin minds??? obummer is at it again. this must be his new way of killing off our military and veterans. Don’t take the shots.

  91. They aren’t using them as lab rats, they are getting rid of them before they turn on them in a much deserved revolution.

  92. Let’s see. Most returning veterans have figured out the lies about the current war on terror (the Islamic bogeyman) & they are also the best trained at the use of military weapons. 2 reasons for the government to knock them off or render them permanently sick with whatever the pharmaceutical corporations have deemed as vaccines. Under the guise of health benefits. You can’t make this stuff up. Why don’t doctors vaccinate their own kids?

  93. If Veterans are forced to get vaccination shots, then Congress should be forced to get vaccination shots also all Government Employees should be forced to get Vaccination Shots or lose their Medical. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

  94. Free country, huh?

  95. This is just like what Hitler did during WW11.Exterminate the biggest threat to your communist plan first.Then go for the weakest most helpless people The old ,handy capped ,etc.This is real Communism .The Government fears the vets because they are true Americans not puppets.

  96. I demand all Politicians have to get them too. Why not. They get free health care


  98. Nowhere does it say mandatory. At least I don’t see it, can you? More fear mongering. Janet needs to get her facts straight. The title of her article scared the crap out of me.

    Expansion and improvement of health care benefits101.

    Improved access to appropriate immunizations for veterans(a)

    Inclusion of recommended adult immunizations as medical services(1)

    Covered benefit

    Subparagraph (F) of section 1701(9) of title 38, United States Code, is amended to read as follows:(F)

    immunizations against infectious diseases, including each immunization on the recommended adult immunization schedule at the time such immunization is indicated on that schedule;


    Recommended adult immunization schedule defined

    Section 1701 of such title is amended by adding after paragraph (9) the following new paragraph:(10)

    The term recommended adult immunization schedule means the schedule established (and periodically reviewed and, as appropriate, revised) by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices established by the Secretary of Health and Human Services and delegated to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


    Inclusion of recommended adult immunizations in annual report

    Section 1704(1)(A) of such title is amended—(1)

    in clause (i), by striking and at the end;(2)

    in clause (ii), by striking the period at the end and inserting ; and; and(3)

    by inserting after clause (ii) the following new clause:(iii)

    to provide veterans each immunization on the recommended adult immunization schedule at the time such immunization is indicated on that schedule.


    Report to Congress(1)

    In general

    Not later than two years after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs shall submit to the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs of the Senate and the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs of the House of Representatives a report on the development and implementation by the Department of Veterans Affairs of quality measures and metrics, including targets for compliance, to ensure that veterans receiving medical services under chapter 17 of title 38, United States Code, receive each immunization on the recommended adult immunization schedule at the time such immunization is indicated on that schedule.(2)

    Recommended adult immunization schedule defined

    In this subsection, the term recommended adult immunization schedule has the meaning given that term in section 1701(10) of title 38, United States Code, as added by subsection (a)(2).

  99. Let’s see now- vaccinations to be given in batches, type of vacc unknown, quantity unknown, frequency unknown and no byes for intolerances of the vaccines? Congress had better redefine Service Connection disabilty to include this new wrinkle. Guess no one has connected the dots yet- why do you think so many diseases have become PRESUMPTIVE TO SERVICE?

  100. I left the military after 8 years as the vacs each year put me in the hospital for 2 weeks in chronic pain!! I will NOT go thru that again!!

  101. I would only consider it if it mandated ALL DHS and other Fed alphabet soup gangs to receive them as well. What is the point (we know what the REAL point is) but what is their argument for veterans to have these mandatory vaccines? Im pretty sure that a bill calling for mandatory vaccines for Congress would die in committee. Where the F*** do these people get off? We are no longer being ruled by anything other than a criminal enterprise mascarading as our representatives. They do NOTHING that we want or desire, NOTHING. These clowns are not a legitimate govt any longer. This is an issue where the States need to intercede on Veterans behalf and of other citizens, this is going to set precedent if its approved.

  102. Thanks for the brief, I hadn’t heard of this before. I guess I need to get out more often…or something.

    • Google…. or use a search engine of your choice for The Power Hour with Joyce Riley the sign up for Joyce Rileys Monday thru Friday daily email news letter. In each email near the top you will find 3 links to each hour of her radio show with a description of each hour just below those links. Click a link and listen. You will learn much and enjoy doing so.

  103. I suspect that the majority of my fellow vets will refuse this. Once we’re thrown onto the trash heap again and left to fend for ourselves in the rest of the deadly American “Medical System”, perhaps THEN the rest of the populace will see things a bit more clearly. Big Pharma is selling poisons and calling it medicine and people dying from it, however slowly in most cases. These vaccines will leave an unmistakable trail of sick, injured and corpses for all to see, though! All of those doctors being killed off for figuring out how to treat and CURE cancer and other things will be another unmistakable signpost – but only IF the information can be gotten out to the public!

  104. Reality check. Veterans do have a right to re fuse vaccination without affecting access to the vahcs. As a staff nurse ihad many vets refuse flu shots. I just documented refusal and that was the end of it.

  105. A great opportunity to say to all the Vets, thank you for fighting for my freedoms so I can say NO! Thank You!

  106. Call every Veteran that you know & get them to call their representatives. I have mobilized my elderly vets from two states and they are mobilizing their friends. These are POWs ,Korean & Vietnam vets who have the time to do this & are furious. If you tell 100 people online & they forward this info there will be millions of calls & emails very quickly.

  107. Lol!! People on your own side don’t even know what it is, and they receive misinformation from a conspiracy theorist, while thanking them for the education. Priceless! Hey Mister Vice, read the real Agenda 21 at UNEP dot org. Google it.

  108. Veterans pose a significant risk to government safety. These vaccines might contain a mass apathy agent? Thereby rendering veterans docile.

  109. Agenda 21 also includes depopulation. The so-called “right to die” in “Obamacare” isn’t always voluntary, for instance. The economy is on the edge and just needs a trigger – there are several ready to go whenever they’re ready. The remaining military (augmented by Russian and U.N. military) is conditioned (read “mind controlled) except for the top ranks in it for the power and potential money and percs will do what they’re told save for a relative handful. As far as I can see the aim is to balkanize the U.S., kill off the vast majority of Americans with chemtrails, radiation from unmitigated sunlight and gamma to RF, Big Pharma poisons, glyphosate and GMOs, vaccines, and plain old starvation. U.S. “medicine” is a sad joke – like “education”. Food packages are smaller and getting more expensive – and more diluted (look up coffee and see what’s used to “extend” it!). People who were getting by okay aren’t anymore; they’re running out of money a low on food halfway through the month. Congress is totally corrupt and blackmailed save for one or two. “Unresponsive” is the mildest word I can think of. Perhaps one of the worst things is that those who will be actuating all of these fatal plans have no clue after we’re dead, or most of us are, the “elites” and the rest will have no use for those who kill is off, and they will be occupying all the unused FEMA “coffins” – or the ashes going up the FEMA Camp incinerator smokestacks. What an ignominious end for America.

    Obama has spat in the faces of everyone who believed in him and voted for him. He doesn’t just disregard the Constitution – he LOATHES IT! Those who are ready for a “Last Stand” will have it, but it won’t even slow down the destruction and mass murder we’ve been set up for. Absolutely every part of the ecosphere has been poisoned! It’s incredible! We’re losing 200 species PER DAY – gone forever. And it’s been done by corporations masquerading as our legitimate government! Meanwhile Americans plod on, noticing nothing, doing nothing.

  110. Another nail in the coffin of our medical freedom. Their strategy is piecemeal hoping no one notices. Pretty soon it’s the private sector.

  111. white illegals europeans are FinisheD’ in stolen native indians lands! now come here! time to take your vaccine!HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA””HAHAAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA””’

  112. I believe that there will be some dead force vaxers over this if it passes into law.

  113. Make sick those who are trained in combat and who could physically oppose tyranny.

  114. After much effort, including reading Senate Bill 1203, I have come to the conclusion that the author of this article is WRONG. There is nothing about vaccines being mandatory in the bill.

  115. It takes it away too

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  117. Oh and read the WHOLE bill before you decide to try and kill it off.

    21st Century Veterans Benefits Delivery Act

    Revises or adds requirements for the submission of veterans’ claims for benefits administered through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), including by:

    modifying the Transition Assistance Program to enable online participation;

    requiring claim decisions to explain the benefits of filing claim appeals within 180 days; and

    requiring hearings before the Board of Veterans’ Appeals to be conducted, as the Board considers appropriate or upon appellant request, in person or through picture and voice transmission by electronic or other means.

    Expresses the sense of Congress that the Department of Defense (DOD) should establish a process by which a veterans service organization representative may be present at any portion of the program relating to the submittal of VA claims for: (1) compensation for service-connected disability or death, or (2) dependecy or indemnity compensation for service-connected death.

    Revises or adds requirements for the practices of VA regional offices, including by requiring:

    the Government Accountability Office to complete an audit of Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) regional offices,

    management training for veterans service center managers,

    VA to ensure that systemic operations evaluations include an analysis of communications between regional offices and veterans service organizations and congressional caseworkers,

    extension of the authority for the performance of medical disability examinations by contract physicians,

    the VA Inspector General to conduct a review of the practices of regional offices regarding the use of suspense dates during the disability claim assessment process,

    VA to submit semiannual reports on progress in implementing the Veterans Benefits Management System,

    VA to submit an annual report on VBA capacity to process benefits claims,

    VA to report on plans to reduce the inventory of claims for dependency and indemnity compensation and pension claims,

    VA to include in each Monday Morning Workload Report the number of claims for benefits that have been received by a regional office and that are pending a decision, and

    VA reports entitled “Appeals Pending” and “Appeals Workload By Station” to be made available to the public on a VA website.

    Requires DOD, the Social Security Administration, and the National Archives and Records Administration to appoint liaisons with VA to expedite the provision of information required to process VA benefits claims.

    Requires DOD and VA to jointly submit a report that sets forth a time line with milestones for achieving interoperability between DOD’s and VA’s electronic health records systems.

  118. Jct: Makes one envious of those in Third World nations without any Government Health Care! Har har har har har har. As more and more poisonons proofs come out, they’re making it mandatory!

  119. Oe reason I quit going to VA was their insistence I be ” Up to date” on my immunizations even after retiring and because of some of the questions they were asking when doing a patient assessment. It is none of their GD business if I have weapons in my house

  120. Just FYI – “ascent” means to rise, to go up, like a balloon. “Assent” means to agree, TO “bare” (your “tale barer”) means to uncover, to bare something or someone. You wanted “tale bearer” – a bearer is one who carries something. Also “there” and “their” are not the same. “There” refers to a specific place, as in “It’s over there.” You used it like “they’re” – a contraction of “they are”.

    Just thought I’d point those out.

  121. Forced vaccinations? Try Forced Micro Chips? Forced Blood Withdrawal. It only takes a generation to forget. I suppose we could overthrow the Government or are they too big to fail? This has to do with New World Order and Globalization…but most of all…who stays and who goes. A Master Race cometh.

  122. vaccinate all politicians on a weekly schedule , see what happens to inbreds and the muslim president .

  123. Jct: What are you going to do when they come for you? They won’t have to, they’ll cut your funding and you’ll submit.

  124. The author should have listed a quote of the text from the bill that says mandatory vaccination. They should have given the section and paragraph number. It seems others cannot find the part of the bill that says this, and I don’t have time to dig through the bill to find what may not be there.

    This looks to be a case of sloppy journalism. Shame! It could even be a case of outright lying. That would be a far larger shame.

  125. My Husband and I went to his primary care doctor at the VA in April and she wanted him to have 2 vaccines. 1 for the flu and 1 for pneumonia. Also tried to get him to have a colostomy. VA wasn’t cleaning their instruments properly and Veterans got Aids Hepatitis C.
    A nurse tried to get blood from him by using the same needle 3 times. The 3rd time she started moving the needle around while poking him to get the vain.
    Do you think he would would want a vaccination after all of that.

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