How Is This SC Mom Legally Selling Strain of Medical Marijuana?

Somewhere in an unknown South Carolina location, Janel Ralph is preparing a new company called Palmetto Synergistic Research, specializing in CBD (cannabidiol) oil from cannabis. She optimistically anticipates full-scale production and sales in 6 months. Her CBD oil contains 2,000 milligrams of CBD (20mg per ml). She calls her 100% organic supplement that uses the premium part of the Cannabis Sativa L plant an essential oil. This entrepreneur mom is truly forging the way in South Carolina. 

The Carolinas have the door mostly shut on medical marijuana and its decriminalization. However, South Carolina does have some vague allowances for hemp production and from it, CBD oil with .3% or less of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is heavily studied in its own right for its medicinal benefits; however, it remains vastly illegal due to its psychoactive quality and illicit classification.

Non-psychoactive CBD oil maintains the remedial cannabidiol benefits, which makes it ideal to use with children. Janel used CBD oil for her daughter Harmony’s seizures. When she kept running out of options to find it (most parents go to the black market), and her daughter regressed without it, she became determined to legally become a producer. There are also companies selling fake or low-quality options as she would discover.

She told WBTV news:

So I said, ‘Forget this. I’m done. I’m doing it myself’. I was just so frustrated. We’re talking about a hemp product. Let’s be real. This is CBD oil. CBD oil! It’s not a product high in THC. And yet, I couldn’t find it to give to my daughter. I was constantly begging people out in areas where it’s legal to find what they could and give it to us. Like some ‘Mommy Network.’ And it just got to the point where I was the one who needed this for my child, so I realized either I do it myself or sit back and be taken advantage of.”

“You can’t get high on what I’m making.” she said. But she cannot disclose her location, her legal name or what she produces to others because there would immediately be criminal activity onsite due to illicit and misguided perceptions. Even law enforcement and the Agricultural Department do not know the guidelines for licensed hemp production, unfortunately. Fears remain. With so many holes in the law, the shrugging shoulders from officials and no specifics – how was she to start production?

From WBTV news:

Throughout her research, Ralph realized South Carolina had cut-and-pasted much of its hemp oil bill from Kentucky’s hemp oil bill, which is a little more specific. So Ralph went to Kentucky, found a grower there who was “licensed” through the Agriculture Department in Kentucky, made him ten percent part business owner with her, and has now been able to tell South Carolina legislature – in multiple appearances before state representatives – she is following the law.

Ralph sank everything – heart and soul – into the production that will take place in both a 25,000 square-foot greenhouse and 2,500 square-foot processing facility. Whenever she sees her daughter and realizes how much other people and their children need the oil, she realizes it was worth it all. She already has 65 customers and the oil is sold at two stores.

Visit her company website! 

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Young girl improves after taking CBD oil, South Carolina’s weird laws and interview with Janel Ralph. Note – the oil is not genetically engineered!

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7 Comments on "How Is This SC Mom Legally Selling Strain of Medical Marijuana?"

  1. I need her address. I have glaucoma.

  2. This is a confusing article. If she is growing/processing Cannabis Sativa that is NOT the medicinal type; Indica is the one with the higher levels of CBD. Both are patently illegal in the Carolinas. Later in the article you say she is growning HEMP oil with high levels of CBD . Industrial hemp does have little or no THC but there are scores of folks online selling “legal” CBD oil made from the stems, stalks & leaves of indutrial hemp that CLAIM to have medicinal levels of CBD & legal in 50 states that are a CROCK. They are costly & wasting the money of desperate folks because they do not work.Most websites have received warning letters from FDA for making false claims for treating disease.
    While REAL Cannabis oil may cure cancer [see Phoenix Tears website] it MUST contain THC in order to work; making it illegal. Even in legal states you are not allowed to make hashish or concentrated cannabis oil. That said, the drug companies can’t patent it so it will remain illegal till more states are bankrupt & forced to legalize it.
    Interestingly, even though it has been accepted for decades that MJ is helpful for cancer patients, gluacoma, and other uses; the only pending law on the books in SC is to legalize for epilepsy. Yet most states are fast tracking laws to force EVERYONE to take toxic vaccines. US govt collects $2.25 on every trivalent vaccine given [supposedly for the VAERS vaccine injury fund]; but they have only paid out 3B in 30 years. Where did the other 80B go? They won’t tell us, but hey what a great way to raise more revenue for the US Treasury to squander on wars of foreign aggression.

  3. While the for profit corporation Doing Business As: USA, Inc. has already patented cannabis for medicinal use.

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