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Database Shows What Military Equipment Your Local Police Department Has Been Stockpiling

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Mac Slavo
Activist Post

There’s no doubt that domestic law enforcement agencies on every level have been ramping up their militarization efforts in recent years. In fact, it’s gotten so bad that it has prompted Senator Rand Paul to call for a demilitarization of domestic police departments. “The images and scenes we continue to see in Ferguson resemble war more than traditional police action,” notes Paul in a recent article.

We know that the Department of Homeland Security has been buying up billions of rounds of ammunition, military grade rifles, armored vehicles, riot gear and a host of other supplies. But local police stockpiles have remained fairly hidden from the public, save for the brief peeks we get during mass policing actions like those in Ferguson, Missouri over the last week.

But if you’re interested in what your local county has been stockpiling compliments of The Department of Homeland Security, a database from the military’s Defense Logistics Agency can help.

The Law Enforcement Support Office, under the 1033 program authorized by the National Defense Authorization Act, helps local police departments obtain military equipment for use in their cities. As reported by The Detroit Free Press, over 8,000 participating agencies have taken advantage of LESO offerings from the U.S. military and DHS since the program’s inception:
This law allows for the office to transfer excess Department of Defense property to law enforcement agencies across the United States and its territories.

Since its inception, the 1033 program has transferred more than $5.1 billion worth of property.

In 2013 alone, $449,309,003.71 worth of property was transferred to law enforcement.

Simply choose your State and your County and you’ll have complete access to see how well militarized your local and county police departments are.


You may or may not be surprised to find everything from mine-resistant vehicles and grenade launchers to night vision goggles and high-powered assault rifles.

As an example of the heavy militarization efforts of domestic law enforcement agencies, The Detroit Free Press utilized the LESO database to see what Michigan police have been up to in recent years:
A Free Press review of items transferred from the military since 2006 shows Michigan law enforcement agencies have received 17 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles or MRAPs, built to counter roadside bombs; 1,795 M16 rifles (5.56mm), the U.S. military’s combat weapon of choice; 696 M14 rifles (7.62 mm); 530 bayonet and scabbards; 165 utility trucks; 32 12-gauge, riot-type shotguns; nine grenade launchers; and three observation helicopters.
James Quinn of The Burning Platform did a similar investigation into his local area and found that cops in his county of Montgomery, Pennsylvania now have a $733,000 mine resistant vehicle and a $245,000 armored personnel carrier. “I sure hope they will be able to clear all the land mines in my upper class suburban county,” notes Quinn.

The U.S. government has long been war-gaming large-scale economic collapse scenarios and civil unrest simulations, leaving many Americans wondering if they know something we don’t.

Use the LESO database above to find out what they’ve been stockpiling and what you can expect to see in your local neighborhood if the worst happens.

You can read more from Mac Slavo at his site, where this first appeared.  

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mfr said...

I agree. I have 2 sons who will never have a normal life thanks to these criminals. How am I going to get some justice?

Undecider said...

If you had taken the time to read the drug fact sheet (insert) that all vaccines come with, you would never have allowed any vaccines. They plainly state who should and who should not accept the vaccination. In short, only strong and healthy adults can tolerate the shot. Even then, it's chancy. Infants, elderly and pregnant, never unless it's a life and death situation. Though, the vaccine can cause death under such circumstances.

Never trust the "government" literature.

Undecider said...

You can't really incapacitate the government that has a printing press for money. You can only get a large settlement.

Cat411 said...

That's a damn shame, mfr. It should never have happened. I hope you are able to find justice somehow, and get at least enough to pay for their lifetime medical care and what they might've earned as adults over their lifetimes.

Cat411 said...

I don't recall ever receiving, or even being offered, a drug fact sheet prior to getting a vaccine myself, or having my son vaccinated.

mfr said...

I don't recall that either. Also, I'm in a brainwashed society, everyone trusted those in charge at the time, and assumed the doctors and government were there to protect us, not destroy us. Was that really not a reasonable assumption, not knowing any different?

Tom said...

Watch this short video to see what mercury does to growing neurons:
It looks like someone taking a blowtorch to a wire and burning off the insulation. Once you've seen this, you'll wonder how anyone could ever have contemplated injecting a vaccine with mercury in it into a baby with a rapidly growing brain. This is nothing short of criminally insane.

RJ O'Guillory said...

...I love it at Wal-Mart when you use the pharmacy and they are selling you a drug...they have this miniature little black writing (almost script)...of all the information you are supposed to stop-n-take the time to read it... while you have two dozen people in line behind you (?) One day I think I'll just stand there and read every single line of the information sheet...I wonder what would happen if every customer did that before they signed and paid for their drugs?
RJ O'Guillory
Author -
Webster Groves - The Life of an Insane Family

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