Tuesday, April 15, 2014

FBI Visiting Gun Shops to Investigate "People talking about Big Government"

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

In keeping with the tradition of the FBI’s position on gun rights, it appears the Bureau is working overdrive to monitor and harass gun owners and the gun shops that sell to them.

While government surveillance of gun purchases and gun owners is nothing new, a recent visit by an FBI Counterterrorism agent to a Columbia, South Carolina gun shop has only reinforced the knowledge that the U.S. government is growing more and more concerned by the prospect of a well-armed populace – particularly one that prefers to live without constant government interference in their personal lives.

While the narrative surrounding “counterterrorism” operations used to eviscerate civil liberties after 9/11 was initially based upon the threat of Muslim fundamentalists, that narrative has clearly shifted to a focus on gun owning, law-abiding American citizens - both those who are politically active and those who are blissfully ignorant of current events.

For many, this shift of focus has been quite the surprise. Thus, when the Columbia, South Carolina gun shop in question was approached by an FBI counterterrorism agent on Monday, April 14, the individuals who spoke with him were somewhat alarmed to realize that the agent's concern was not fundamentalist Muslims but Americans who promote small government.

According to an individual who was present during the visit (this person will remain anonymous for obvious reasons), the agent pulled up in a regular vehicle in plain clothes and took a look around the shop as if he were considering a purchase before approaching the staff and announcing that he was with the FBI Counterterrorism unit.

“Never in a million years would I have thought this guy was a fed,” said the witness. “He was in a completely normal vehicle. Regular clothes. Everything. I would have thought this guy was just some downhome country boy.”

After showing proper identification, the agent told the shop owners that he was tasked with all the gun shops in the general area and that he was charged with investigating “suspicious purchases” in accordance with counterterrorism operations.

The suspicious purchases he mentioned, however, were completely normal transactions. This included, paying with cash, purchasing long guns, and other similarly innocuous behavior.

However, what surprised the owners the most was his statement regarding what he was most interested in tracking.

According to the witness, the agent stated, “If you see some Middle Eastern guy come in. You don’t have to be so worried about that. What we’re really looking for are people talking about being sovereign such as sovereign citizens or people talking about Big Government.”

The agent also mentioned that he had a spreadsheet of all the gun shops in the area.

After this brief chat, the agent left a flyer with the shop that listed some of the more generic and normal behaviors which they were expected to view as suspicious.

Some of these trigger behaviors are:
  • Payment in cash or someone else’s credit card.
  • Reluctant or unwilling to produce valid I.D.
  • Large purchases or unusual inquiries into buying in bulk
  • Lack of knowledge involved in firearms or product usage
  • Hints at illegal or misuse of explosives
  • New or unknown customers
  • Nervousness or evasiveness
In the end, while the visit to a local gun shop by an FBI Counterterrorism agent is no surprise, it should serve as a stark reminder that the U.S. government is vastly concerned about a well-armed populace. Gun rights have been gradually eroded in the United States for decades but the assault on gun rights has been ratcheted up to a new level by the Obama administration.

Still, those expecting a public declaration of total gun illegality and martial law confiscation will be wringing their hands in anticipation for a very long time. Of course, while they wring their hands and anticipate the declaration of outright war against gun owners, their guns are being slowly stripped from their hands in an incremental fashion. Slight rule changes and isolated confiscations will continue to take place over time until the public has been properly acclimated to them as a fact of life, at which point the public’s line in the sand will be moved slightly forward once more. Again, the line will be crossed, but only slightly. Eventually, Americans will wake up to find themselves completely disarmed and neutered in a land in which they once believed they were free. At that point, with a completely defenseless population, the thin veneer of freedom will be lifted.

It is time for gun owners and gun rights activists to go on the political offensive. In 2014, it is no longer a legitimate mode of activism to be content to defend your already attenuated freedoms. It is time to make demands. It is time to throw compromise out the window.

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Anonymous said...

What point is there in going on the political offensive? Politicians are so totally offensive as to be universally untrustworthy. Which party do you want passing laws banning "scary" weapons? Romney did it in Massachusetts and Clinton did it on the national level.

Trust yourself, be aware, the Constitution haters are everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Very well said and important reminder, Brandon, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Don't vote for either political party vote for independent people at the grassroots level that have a strict common sense code to make other people more free under the Constitution without any ideological benefits to the rich corporate elites.

Anonymous said...

I own guns, and I stocked up on ammo, because I firmly believe things are happening! The government is stocking up, and that is all the reason I need to do so as well! Every time I hear about the government doing something crazy, I feel the urge to get more!

If they were dumb enough to come and talk to me, I would tell them that the very fact they are talking to me is reason enough! However, there's a million more reasons:

1. We now have a fine example out of Nevada that proves we can not afford to be unarmed! The Nevada / Bundy ranch fiasco proves government can't be trusted at any level. Imagine a U.S. without the second amendment, you would be licking boots as one agent of the corrupt government after another come by to force you to do what ever they want!

2. Why is the government at all levels so serious about arming them selves against the American people, all the while trying to disarm the American people. That should send chills down everyone's spine!

3. The U.S. governments interests clearly no longer have anything to do with the peoples interests.

4. Free speech zones (they clearly disposed of the Constitution as they were wiping).

5. The right to own and bear arms (they try to spin this in every way possible and clearly disposed of the Constitution as they were wiping).

6. Nevada (last year) also proves that the 3rd Amendment will be ignored at will as police took over someone's house!

7. 4th Amendment - must be a joke to them, as they pretty much all ignore it!

8. 5th Amendment - They now take pretty much anything they want to, including you (NDAA).

9. 6th Amendment - another joke to the U.S. government as they habitually ignore our rights and lie and deceive and depend on secret courts and testimony along with anonymous witnesses!

10. There's no need for me to keep going! You can read any part of the Constitution or bill of rights and know the government is ignoring it!

Anonymous said...

You realize they are looking for ggod useful idiots to use in the hope they will do something insane so they can look like the hero,,,and of course are never complicit...Folks,,,they are making FOOLS OUT OF US

Anonymous said...

Clearly, the repeated hoax crisis shootings need to be more widely exposed. This militia of former cops and soldiers that vowed to protect the Bundy's from furth assault was impressive. Whether the Bundy's owe rents for grazing public lands or not, some Americans want peaceful means for fairly enforcing laws! Let's keep up the vigilance!

Anonymous said...

So the FBI agent comes into the gunshop...
One thing he would not do, unless he was working on a case and had to question someone, related to the case, is identify himself. Imagine you are working the counter, and some yo-yo comes up to you flashing his badge. Do you know who he is? Would you know real ID from counterfeit? I surely wouldn't. I would tell him the following: Nice to have you visit my shop. Come back again for all your shooting needs. If they (FBI) want to talk to me, they can make an appointment. That is the proper thing to do so that everyone knows what's up, and we don't have wannabe's roaming about trying to start something by making unsolicited stops and spreading this dystopian crap about catching Americans who know that what poses as government is a criminal cabal

Anonymous said...

I live in the Columbia area. Which gun shop was this? Where are the quotes from names sources? Where are the names, dates, times, quoted interviewees, etc. ? I don't doubt this might happen, but I am skeptical. It may be a fabrication until I see some real journalism.

Anonymous said...

The Feds are forgetting a very important point.
When they show up to ask questions, THEY now have been identified.

Anonymous said...

The sleazy FBI terrorist scumbags would do very well to BACK DOWN. Failure to do so could be fatal. Go crawl in your little hole and hide, you chicken shit cowards.

Anonymous said...

When speaking of the enemy to a country, which is worse- American traitors killing Americans, or an invasion from aliens from space killing Americans? The result will be the same, however, it is harder to stomach knowing your neighbors (Made up of Gov agents) are the ones.

Debora Binegar Howk said...

I will stand up for my rights! not anonymous

Anonymous said...

The very fact that they are "concerned" about people talking about big government, is the very reason that we ARE concerned about big government. I am a sovereign, and we are liberating ourselves from the tyranny, and that's why they are freaking out. Being a sovereign takes us out of their reach.

rrambo said...

Uh Oh!! I may have someone in mind for the FBI to check out according to their "list" of "What is considered suspicious?"

1) Payment in cash or someone else's credit card/money - The government using the taxpayers' money.

2) Reluctant or unwilling to furnish proper valid ID - Obama aka Barry Soetoro.

Read More at http://www.theramboreport.com/2014/04/fbi-visiting-gun-shops-to-investigate.html

Hide Behind said...

I think we have had enough damage done to US by gun owners political movements.; Twenty -five years of blind as a rat flag waving war flags and just plain fn ignorance beyond gun issue they joined in totally f'n this nation.
This last attempt to prove they were relevent in American society was a fluke, they were playing macho war games between beers , when some non-militia dumb as an fn rock to real
politics cow farmer got pissed about losing his right to free range cattle decided to resist.
The farmer playing to the hilt the rugged cowboy Am
ericana and his situation gave an opportunity for militia getting free publicity, and issues of situation; not a damn thing got settled and not over yet.

WE NEED OLD 70'sbliberal conservative American Militia and not some red necked pecker headed idiots spouting dogmas with no actual plans to present public with an alternative goverent.

Anonymous said...

HB you'll full of shit.

reckahn said...

This is a result of the Bundy Ranch encounter.

Anonymous said...

I think the FBI special agent displays a lot of suspicious unamerican activity and ought to be put on a watch list.

Anonymous said...

I think there ought to be more federal and state investigations into prick heads, like seen on the news, toting guns where they don't have authority. Sitting on bridges etc acting like their going to kill someone. The only thing this writer is doing is stirring up crap. Let's not forget, the rancher was told to move his cattle. He wanted free water and grazing privledges for his cattle while he makes a profit on the cattle. He makes the profit and us taxpayers suffer.

Anonymous said...

People need to stop talking and actually DO something before it's too late!

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