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Bundy Ranch: The Agenda 21 "Shot" Heard Round The World

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Jeff Berwick
Activist Post

The United States government is NOT concerned about the desert tortoise. There is something much larger at stake...a much bigger reason to lead an armed insurrection against a family's property as we've seen at the Bundy Ranch. What's for sure is the Bundy Ranch showdown is not over. Harry Reid assures us something big will happen:

“It’s obvious that you can’t just walk away from this. And we can speculate all we want to speculate to what’s going to happen next,” Reid told KSNV-TV. “But I don’t think it’s going to be tomorrow that something is going to happen, but something will happen. We are a nation of laws, not of men and women.”

"We are a nation of laws. not of men women." What in the world does that mean!? For the laws, by the laws...I guess.

As Los Angeles Times writes, "The U.S. can't let Cliven Bundy win his range war." Why not?

Because control over land use in the United States is at stake; that is, the control of US territory by government and transnational corporations. It's called Agenda 21, and its implementation is in full-swing. The federal government already owns more than 40 percent of the land in nine different states. It will tell you Agenda 21 is for sustainability and smart growth - so that evil corporate persons don't destroy the planet - but, let's face it, the government is after what it is always after: to make a buck and gain control.

The recently deceased researcher, author and expert on UN's Agenda 21, Henry Lamb, wrote an article in 2003 called "Why the Government is Grabbing Our Land." He writes:

"By 1976, the United Nations was ready to articulate a general policy on land use. This policy is stated in the final report of the first U.N. Conference on Human Settlements (HABITAT I), held in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1976."

The preamble to the section on Land states:

“Land…cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market. Private land ownership is also a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth and therefore contributes to social injustice; if unchecked, it may become a major obstacle in the planning and implementation of development schemes. The provision of decent dwellings and healthy conditions for the people can only be achieved if land is used in the interests of society as a whole. Public control of land use is therefore indispensable….”

Here is what the US will look like under Agenda 21:

Notice that there is basically no space reserved for humans! The light blue is "Normal Use" zones. That's where you go. I've probably driven more of the US than most US citizens. Let me tell you something - there is a lot of space in the US! Especially in the west...

But so it goes. An end to private property in the US. The US federal government already owns half the land in the west. The federal government's control of so much land has led states to ask (ever so politely) for some of it back. In 2012 Utah passed a law asking the federal government to give up about 20 million acres of public lands, comprising most of the state, by the end of 2014. "Experts" say that would be "unconstitutional"... Forget that whole state's rights thing.

The 13 western states are home to 93 percent of federal land. Here's a rundown of the top states for federal land ownership:
Nevada: 84.5 percent
Alaska: 69.1 percent
Utah: 57.4 percent
Oregon: 53.1 percent
Idaho: 50.2 percent
Arizona: 48.1 percent
California: 45.3 percent
Wyoming: 42.4 percent
New Mexico: 41.8 percent
Seven western states have demanded that the federal government return public lands, according to a March report from the liberal Center for American Progress:

“In the past year, legislatures in seven western states—Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, and Idaho—have passed, introduced, or explored legislation demanding that the federal government turn over millions of acres of federal public lands to the states,” according to a report from the Center For American Progress.


Under the guise of protecting and restoring wilderness, Agenda 21 is really about socializing all land. This means kicking people off land they have owned for centuries. Where are they expected to go? Urban areas. They'll live like sardines while nations once considered poor live better off than most Americans.

The hundreds of armed federal agents who showed up at the Bundy Ranch on behalf of the United States Bureau of Land Management and the Federal Bureau of Investigation showed great restraint by not massacring what the media would call a bunch of right-wing gun nuts. They confiscated nearly 1,000 cattle they claimed trespassed on federal property and threatened the desert tortoise. In true US law enforcement fashion, they were sure to shoot a few of the cattle, but not before they buried a mass grave. Once armed Bundy supporters poured onto the ranch, however, the federal government backed off...for now, as Harry Reid makes clear.

Basically, the BLM is a criminal organization strongarming the Bundy's on behalf of mafioso racketeers. Cliven Bundy is only their latest target, and that's because he lives on the Gold Butte area of Nevada.

"It's not about the turtles. It's about water. There are developers working for military contractors that want that land and water for mining military grade minerals for industry...They want to sell the land by the highway for real estate development because it's close to I-15 and the Bundy's have been refusing to sell what they actually own directly for twenty years. Many buyers sent me out there with crazy offers for that land for many years," said Rusty Hill, a former land broker in the Gold Butte area.

It won't end with Cliven Bundy.

Texas officials are concerned that the Bureau of Land Management has its eyes on a massive land grab in northern Texas along the Oklahoma border. The issue caught the attention of Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, who wrote to BLM Director Neil Kornze stating the agency “appears to be threatening” the private property rights of “hard-working Texans.”

It's even gotten to the point where, in this particular case, police helicopters are pulling over people in the middle of nature to do stop and frisks and ask for their "papers please".


If you are an American landowner, the time might be coming in which you must make a choice. Leave or fight the federal government?


Because if people don't fight they will be driven off their land in the US in the coming years and decades under the auspices of "sustainability." How you fight is up to you, whether it be non-cooperation (stop paying taxes, etc) or spreading info on things like Agenda 21 so people will wake up. Or taking the path Cliven Bundy's supporters took, which seems to have worked (again, for now).

But if you stay, there will be an army of zombies chomping at the bit to watch the US government pull another WACO, except this time with drones, on you:

It might be a good idea to leave the US altogether and go to a lesser police state with a freer countryside. Get a second passport while you're at it so you can truly shed all your chains of the US.

Or you can stay. If living in the roach motel that is the US suits you, then you'll likely also be pleased to know about a coming calorie counter and the option to only eat meat on your birthday. Think I am crazy? Then YOU'VE been conditioned for "Planned-opolis." Congratulations. I will let some NGOs explain:

Anarcho-Capitalist. Libertarian. Freedom fighter against mankind’s two biggest enemies, the State and the Central Banks. Jeff Berwick is the founder of The Dollar Vigilante, CEO of TDV Media & Services and host of the popular video podcast, Anarchast.

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Anonymous said...

Well, at least mainstream media found a way to corrupt the words of Mr. Bundy and make him into a racist. Noting that the family unit of African-Americans has deteriorated through the existence of welfare is not any more racist than saying gun laws in places where they are the most strict have been created so that minorities are unable to defend themselves (predominantly against those who commit the most heinous of crimes- their own race).

Anonymous said...

"New York Times admits it published fabricated evidence about Iraq, Syria, and Ukraine".

You mean the fecally encrusted mouthpiece of feckless statist whores lied?

What if the story they floated about Cliven Bundy's comments is more progressive/commie spew?

Anonymous said...

The typical Jeff Berwick sales pitch... "Better leave the U.S. while you still can... and I can help you... for a large sum of money". Never mind the fact that once chaos starts here, it will be a domino effect around the world.

Anonymous said...

Bundy publiclly admitted that what was said he said he said. He's a Mormon with 13 children who doesn't feel he has to pay rent for the use of land. He gets to pocket his entire proceeds without paying for grazing rights. If industry set up shop and didn't pay rent, the courts would require rent payments. What stinks is how the US government used force to remove him and his cattle from land and then brutalized his family. That's what we didn't like. The government can easily lien this man's bank accounts and any proceeds payable to him at auction or other sale of the livestock. There was no need to go about it in the way they did, especially with the snipers. Shades of Waco, Texas and Ruby Ridge.

Hide Behind said...

Americanism of the past at its best show quality came alive once again upon ""Bundy Ranch" in Nowheres Nevada. Where the possee of upright and uptight pissed off people joined togethrr to face fown the Evil Empires cattle rustling, land stealing lowlife.
From the first flatbed and pickup trucks loads of supporters and then came more trucks hauling horses and tack.
The Rancher had no worry about if newcomers were reinforcements for the Governments Bar Barf Contract cowboys, As flags were flying and soon many a saddled horses, some with filled rifle scaboards, were on Parade, flags waving, as they faced the Empires cattle rustling and land stealing forces.
They at first eere largely outnumbrref and most asduredl out gunnedand then cameba rush of newcomers with lisence plates from all ovrr Amrrica and they were flying two flags The USband the Gadsen" Do not Tread on Me" tellow backgrpund with an american rattlesnake upon it.
These newcomers arribed singly and in small groups and each new atrival asked it they could be of service.
Now the new men erte of mostlyba different mannrr thsn the ranvhers friends because tjey eere holding damn near tjrsame firepower and the let it be shown they were ready to bavk words with deeds.
Oh yes that last dayvad mem and women walkedvorbrode horse back streight into the Empires guns was a stiring sight of Smerica at its old time best.
An old companion and no pussy by any means was there and he says as he held crosshairs upon a fat BLM Rangers head , he was prayng that none of government Bastards would fire at those who facef them.
He said he broke concentration ( unprofessional) So that he could get a memorable view of civilians and militia if SHTF.
As tjose who know hebhad more than one targe ranged. 3 in fact, and when the stand down came he felt that feeling one grts after surviving combat of close dort and gavr a prayrr og thanls.
Meanwhile 300million childish assholes were bitching about a rancher stealing money from then by not paying grazing rights
LET us hope that no one dies before Bundy is removed because of stupidity and childish 300 million assholes .
We know Bundy will pay thats a given, I just hope the gpod men that rushed to uphold a n honorable cause, do not pay the ultimate fee.

Anonymous said...

Hell, don't come to's worse up here. Ever hear of the death by a thousand cuts...make that a million cuts. Until North Americans call all this what it is.. TREASON and act accordingly, starting with 100 million person marches to demand a divorce of our respective countries from the UN, it will get much, much worse. And the nay-sayers laughed because they thought the Apocalypse didn't happen :)

Anonymous said...

Read up, or should I say, Harry Reid up? This is about BLM land grabs, and investments, w/ the purchase price of land not shown on records. Harry Reid's family is involved. Bundy's land rights are just in the way.

Anonymous said...

The federal government is NOT ALLOWED TO OWN LAND other than the 10 square miles that is Washington D.C. and the land the state willingly sell to them for stories, arsenals, etc. THAT'S IT!!! Some people need to read their fake constitutions. They think, just because a law or bill is passed, it is actually law. The BLM is a direct violation of the constitution, and therefore, null and void. Not only that, they have NO legal authority to use force without deferring to local law enforcement. It's the law!!!

David A. Laibow said...

One difference between Jeff Berwick and myself is that if I help you obtain information about leaving the United States for a more congenial country, I won't charge you a dime. You'll have to do the heavy lifting yourself, which is your responsibilty anyway. I love it here in central Luzon, the Philippines, but it isn't for everyone (best for retirees and entrepreneurs, not so good for people who want to be lifelong employees, because there's no American-style employment discrimination laws, and what little law there is is stacked in favor of Philippine citizens, not foreigners). But this is a great place in many, many ways.
My advice is to leave the United States as quickly as you can. I've just written an essay on why sensible Americans should get out of the U.S. as quickly as they can, and I'll send it free to those who contact me at "caballafamily[at]".
I admire Jeff Berwick as an entrepreneur. If his stock in trade is helping people get out from under a failing government/economy/culture, why shouldn't he make a buck from doing so? I think that Berwick should relocate to the Philippines and keep doing what he's doing, before the doors slam shut once and for all. Here in the Philippines, we celebrate and welcome the entrepreneurial spirit!!!
I'm Dave Laibow, and you can contact me any time at "caballafamily[at]".

tomas rader said...

Marx would love useful idiots like werlman and lecha ... contemplating also zio drones just like marx.

Anonymous said...

getting out of the usa may seem inviting, especially to those now living in a nice peaceful area of the world. however, i don't see this as just a usa problem, i see this as a WORLD problem. if you look around, you can see there are similar or worse issues everywhere in the world. even if some of us would like to leave to find greener pastures, some of us are financially or even physically incapable of doing so. i just hope that if all true citizens leave they aren't annihilated in another part of the world trying to escape the inevitable.

Anonymous said...

You will never own your land or your home. If you don't pay your taxes which are going higher every day, the government will take it away from you.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear the grunts of "Bundy Welfare Cowboy Ranch," poster, and C.J, Werleman's twisted grunt - at least we know where they are, and where they do NOT stand. Traitors! Your ignorance on land stewards and who owns what really amazes me. I didn't want to believe that the average Joe Blow Amerika was so damned dumbed-down!

James Bennett said...

Good, relevant piece. Thank you.

Hide Behind said...

I concider myself lucky to of had the opportunity to knew many a man who were caught between what was and what will be, mainly because they were real , and not plastic replicas who are no more than sperm suckers and depositorys.
Once while still a youth I knew men of last century that had lived and survived depression and terrible wars, who worked hard as they and family lead Honorable lives.
GOD how those men could work, laugh and love; and yes many of them died while doing so.
I watched farmers get driven off their lands because they followed government experts advice
as to how and what to plant only to go into debt when that advice was wrong and their credit
was then called in by those same advisors and lenders that broke them.
The pimpled generation that could never of been more than a pimple on a real mans ass that with all their education gave thw whole frigging country into the hands of Corporate polluters and Despoilrrsbof all natural good.
T he bright genius that killed with thalidamine and vaccines of mercury and medines that cure one part but kill the whole bodyThe experts that now help logg lands nto barren gullied non productive weak timbered.
Thenexperts who save our fish by killing off the old genetic runs to be more effecient at hatcherys and now their super fish are factory white meated except for dyes in food and they die by billions of TB and an ocean so polluted and irradiated by experts now named Death.
Oh yes take your fn old silver or you government salarys and paycheckes and go hide find your sperm filled cubby holes.
We the traitors will stay and fight; Oh it is not the smart thing to do but it is the right thing to do.
What the hell if it gets too fn deep after SHTF we can join the pacifist n their self imposed slavery of compromize.
I watched loggers who had same work ethics and worked hard every day until one day someone back eastmsuking on mother or father told them to stop.
They made plastic ID cards that said Environmental experts; Experts of all types and much like the white men who knew how Native Amrricans should live they began to kill off the last of those who knew how to realy live
We got more fn experts in the US than rest of world combined and yet the fn nation is a barren wasteland where in ordrr to earn w living you follow the sperm to its source.
We have spendings of hundreds of billions a year to support scientist and educators experts all their diplomas say so, and they turn up as slugs within systems that have but one product and that is death.
And the get pissed if some of those they are killing complain and they lie about the science to keep their ordered place in society.
The no sweat nice clean and pefumed and bubble bathed skins artficial lovers like nobodys.
Then when a true ndividual stands upon ole principls they call them traitors.
I think I will like being called traitor, better than being a common slug.

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