Monday, March 17, 2014

Raw Footage: Massive SWAT Raid on CT College Over Plastic Sword


Students face death squad over plastic sword at Connecticut Junior College

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Anonymous said...

don't you all feel so much safer?

Anonymous said...

The tax payers of CT must be thrilled to know how their hard-earned money is being used to enforce a police state.

Anonymous said...

The plastic sword was just a pathetic excuse to run a training exercise on these young people in a college dorm setting. I can't believe the cops got through it without dying of embarrassment.

The cops knew most of these kids would be too uncertain of their rights to resist, and they were right. Hence we see a perfectly staged practice session, right down to the officer "guides" on the landing for each flight of stairs, directing the forcibly evacuated students.

Good training for the cops on how to intimidate and control innocents, and good training for the kids on how to "comply" with "authority" and not "resist." I hope these kids review this on youtube and take a hard look at what happened and how they were manipulated and abused. I hope they finally get angry about the unlawful intrusion into their lives. Maybe next time they'll understand what is being done to them and will refuse to cooperate.

Gotta admit tho, I laughed out loud when that woman cop, who clearly was really into the exercise, told the kid to "admit it" or he would get in trouble. His totally rational response to that craziness was "Admit what?" Indeed. Wish we knew what she said after that.

Anonymous said...

We have example after example of these nazis running in and pointing their rifles in peoples faces. You're telling me they went room to room pointing shotguns in everyone's faces, and no one is outraged!

Well, I know now that they can do anything they want! They can roll troops and tanks on every block in this country and people will simply go "oh well, as long as they aren't rolling through my house"!

Anonymous said...

And, now they put their importance above college kids! I'll bet above children as well! The next time a elementary school kid brings a butter knife to school, SWAT raid! Next time the middle school boy brings a squirt gun, SWAT raid! And they will point their guns in their faces, because they think they and their "brothers in uniform" are more important! But, they aren't! They have become what they fear most! Ironically, they have become the NAZI!

William Burke said...

Did these cops just get out of Special Education class, or what?

Clearly, they feel no embarrassment over doing anything and everything they're told to do. Chust followink orders!

Hide Behind said...

I would cry but I cannot, for what we seen here is no more than what for 60 years real conservative and liberals warned would be the norm unless the fascist elements within government were constantly watched for and weeded out when they appeared.
Had no bearing back then if Democrat or Republican all the viscious facist elements combined against those who opposed military adventurism.
They bought off the intelligent but unscrupulous leaderships of both party and began the weeding out of honorable and honest men from military and political party leaderships and replaced teachers with dumb and dumber by each year instructors .
Police are where and doing what they want to be and do.
Whatever gave anyone the idea that an american cop was not just as much a worthless bastard as any corrupt police or military foces of dictatorships is proof of how well teachers indoctrinations worked.
I do not believe the average college student has the brains or common sense much above an ant so they will do quite well in our Cowardly New World Orderings.

Anonymous said...

Ja, der fuhrer, Adolf himself vood be prout of dees sturmsoldaten.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope these death squads can bring security and calm to Ukraine as well as to this college campus, once they are deployed there. The two environments are frighteningly similar. Plastic swords are a clear and present danger; as the recent upheavals in Kiev have starkly shown; and I applaud whoever it was who "saw something, and said something" to initiate the MRAP-based assault. Does anyone realise the damage a plastic sword can do?
Especially if you swallow it?
If the people in Ukraine are shown what the IMF and its NATO enforcement arm could mean for their collective security, they'll be queuing up to get on board, and Crimea will give up any idea that the Russians are there to "rescue them from tyranny".
God bless America, from sea to shining sea an example to the rest of the world, an oasis of peace in unstable times.

Chris said...

I am a veteran and have been in law enforcement for over thirty years, this sickens me, it should be absolutely repulsive to every American in this country. This is not going to end well, remember Ct. is also the state that wants to confiscate legally owned firearms, if I didn't know better it is beginning to look like the authorities are doing their damndest to start an insurection. Be careful of what you ask for, you just might get it!

Arthur Webb said...

It's sad, sickening and revolting that the state employs with tax payers money bunches of militarised morons to accommodate the non-American illegal ex rent-boy Obama's agenda of destroying any semblance of freedom for the American public.

Tom Charles said...

What are you talking about Anonymous? Russians never said anything about going into Crimea to "rescue them from tyranny." Come to think of it, they were asked to appear by Yanokovich AND over 10,000 Russian troops were already there--on their own military base. Some invasion there, right? Not a single shot fired and oh, yea, those people of Crimea? AFTER the "invasion" voted overwhelmingly to become part of the Soviet Republic. And America is an example of peace and prosperity from sea to shining sea? What drug are you on? Perhaps you're unaware of the work of Blum or Bacevich or Brewer or Perkins or Tillman or Griffin or Klein. Or did you forget about our 900 military bases around the world? Iraq? Afghanistan? Kosovo? Libya? Those countries are greatly improved after our (or our engineered) invasions? Come to think of it, it was $5 BILLION from the U.S.A. (and European partners), that made the "overthrow" of the democratically elected gov't of Ukraine happen. But notice how our amazingly blatant fingerprints (on this matter), are sanitized from the media? And I guess YOU didn't know these facts either. My wife is from Ukraine. And I've been studying this issue (of foreign intervention of the U;S.A. elsewhere), for over thirty years. Hopefully, I know something about the topic.

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